Turkish Hand Suspected as 2nd Syrian Army Helicopter Shot Down in Days

Erdogan threatened something like this days ago

Inside days of Erdogan stating on February 12: “Aircraft that have been bombing civilians in Idlib will no longer fly as freely,” two Syrians helicopters have come down on February 11 and 15.

Syria has lost over 100 aircraft in the war since 2012 to various causes so this isn’t exactly unprecedented but the last time the rebels shot down a Syrian aircraft was in August 2019 when a Su-22 fighter-bomber was brought down, possibly by automatic cannon. The last rebel success against Syrian aircraft before that was the forcing down of a Mi-8 helicopter a year earlier in September 2018.

All taken into account it seems very likely that the Turks have either recently started handing over shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles to the rebels, or have been shooting at Syrian aircraft themselves. 

The latter option would be a more direct form of aggression but would allow Turkey to retain more control.

Either way, the question is what happens should a Russian aircraft be shot down with the loss of a crewman?




In another first, the Turks have started handing over armored personnel carriers to the rebels. That has not been a wild success. The rebels have already lost 3 or 4 in a failed counter-attack on Syrian army positions.



Syrian MP:

  1. B Wilson says

    Islam is the broom of israel.
    Note they fight each other to further the greater 🖕srael project.

  2. Frank Williams says

    So Erdogan is whoring around with both the jUSA and kosher puppet Puntang…looks like the Turkish leader will come out of the thing with a sore arse.

  3. Undecider says

    This would come to an end immediately if the favors were returned.

  4. Vera Gottlieb says

    I think Erdogan is playing with a fire he won’t be able to extinguish.

  5. Mikhail Garchenko says

    I agree with Mr. Shehabi… It would be good to give some RPG-29 to the villagers too… 😉
    It´s time to put a very sound slap in the ugly face of this “new pretending sultan”, as the Iranians did with the “pindos”.

  6. CHUCKMAN says

    I am sure Russia is looking at these two events carefully and considering options.

    They certainly have serious implications.

    Perhaps Putin will telephone Erdogan for a better fix on what has happened.

  7. jm74 says

    The impression ones receives is that Russia won’t do a thing regarding Turkey. Maybe Syria should tell Russia, Iran and China to put more effort and support into defeating Turkey and the US in Syria otherwise they may just as well hand over Syria to them and then China, Russia and Iran can kiss their Silk Road Project good bye.

    1. XRGRSF says

      EXACTLY !!

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