Turkey’s NATO Military Is Now Al-Qaeda’s Artillery Corps

Syrian-Russian offensive into AQ-held Idlib advances against Turkish artillery support

We have the first visual confirmations that artillery pieces Turkey moved into Syria’s Idlib are indeed firing at the Syrian army.

This means that in pushing back al-Qaeda the Syrian army now has to contend with Turkish artillery fire, and rebel counter-attacks are supported by Turkish cannon and rocket fire.

Mind you the volley of Turkish fire that has been visually confirmed is nowhere near the level that was brought to bear against the Kurdish YPG in the Turkish invasion of Syria’s majority-Kurdish Afrin enclave, when whole batteries and regiments were put to work. Perhaps implying it is more for show — whether meant to impress Moscow, the Syrian army, the rebels, or the public at home — and less for effect.

Thus while Erdogan has technically become a bombardier for al-Qaeda he hasn’t entered the war with both feet yet. My guess is he’s hoping this performance will pause the Syrian-Russian offensive rather than looking to get drawn into combat and a retaliatory spiral with them.

Meanwhile, keep in mind that Al-Qaeda’s domination of rebels who remain in Idlib has never been stronger. Roughly speaking 80 percent of the rebels in Idlib are part of the HTS coalition forged by Syrian al-Qaeda, about 20 percent are part of the non-AQ National Front for Liberation. Nonetheless, they fight shoulder to shoulder, covering each other’s flanks.

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  2. hoyeru says

    We hve known for year that the West(USA, Eu, etc), Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia are behind financing, helping, arming, protecting ISIS and Ali Queda. Now we have the formal proof. So what is Putin/Syria/Iran waiting for? Present this at the UN so all the world can see. Otherwise, Putin and iran should pack up and go home.

    1. Greenstone says

      Funny man

    2. Séamus Ó Néill says

      Would this be the same UN, with its headquarters in New York, the same UN that the US government illegally denies visas for visiting delegates, the same UN that keeps quiet about everything unless directed by the same US government. The solution to ISIS, or whatever name they currently operate under, is to round them up, lock, stock and barrel and ship them all, everyone single one, to America’s shores. Let them loose there in the “land of the free” where there creators live….see how the yanks like living with their latest vile creation !

      1. Mary E says

        That is the best idea I have ‘heard’ yet!!
        So far, the US has stayed clear of wars that it has caused…but it is past time that they get whats coming to them…in spades…let them experience
        the torture, fear and death of the people of the Middle East who have been the victims of the Evil Empire for decades!

      2. Ranchman says

        You’re talking about unleashing these islamic savages on the American People, who are not responsible for what our politicians have done over there. All against our will, btw…But that’s cool, bring ’em on. We “Yanks” would LOVE to play Cowboys & Muslim Terrorists. I’ll give ya one guess who wins.

        1. Séamus Ó Néill says

          Balderdash ! No government can stand or survive against the will of its people……but the American people have not said NO, they quietly give tacit agreement, because they do think they’re exceptional, superior in some perverse way, they do think that they’ve a right to plunder and rape other countries and murder the populations at will….( currently standing at around 30 million from the beginning of this century ). You allude to ” Islamic savages “, but take a look America, it, and Israel, have become the most amoral, satanic countries on earth. if butchering countless millions is not savagery, i don’t know what is !

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