Turkey Vows Not to Quit Army Post Surrounded by Syria’s Army

The Foreign Minister did not specify what they intend for the troops to eat

Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Friday that Turkish troops will not quit a military observation post in northwestern Syria where they are surrounded by government forces.

“We are there, not because we can’t leave but because we don’t want to leave,” he told a news conference in Lebanon, denying that Turkish troops had been “cut off” by a government advance into the jihadist-ruled Idlib region.

Earlier, Syrian regime forces overran a string of towns and villages in the north of Hama province, including the town of Morek, where the Turkish observation post is located, Syria’s state news agency SANA said.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that “regime forces have surrounded the Turkish observation post in Morek” after the advance.

Cavusoglu acknowledged that “there are clashes in the Idlib region”.

“Regime forces are conducting activities around our observation post,” he said , adding that the issue was being discussed with Damascus allies Russia and Iran.

But “our observation point there is not cut-off and nobody can isolate our forces and our soldiers,” he added.


Rebel-backer Turkey has carried out two cross-border offensives into Syria, where its forces have been deployed for nearly two years.

The observation post in Morek is one of 12 the Turkish army set up along the front line between government forces and the jihadists and their rebel allies last year.

The troops’ mission was to oversee the establishment of a buffer zone agreed by Ankara and Moscow in September.

But the jihadists failed to pull back from the zone as agreed and in April, government and Russian forces resumed intense bombardment of the region.

“The regime’s forces have deployed in Morek and throughout the northern part of Hama province, without attacking the observation post,” Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.

“For the (Turkish) soldiers there is no way out” except through territories now held by the regime and its Russian ally, according to the Observatory.

Source: France24

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3 months ago

OK, now I understand the idiot language being used in the article…the source is (zio) “France24″….
“regime forces” (wtf) why not just state- “Syrian Army”, SAA, Syrian AF… but NO, f n French. I see their (France’s) regime forces terrorizing and killing its OWN citizens…
Then there is the absolute brain-dead, idiotic term “rebel”…that one makes me retch and has since the beginning of this demonic slaughter. “rebel” no doubt a Madison Avenue/CIA “marketing term” for the Western masses to accept ANOTHER demonic USUKEUUN slaughter, raping and pillaging of a sovereign state .
Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s statements are just idiotic, so much for listening to what “it” has to spew in the future. This clown is actually the FM…
So much for intelligence in the 21st century.
AFP and France24 writing style is just pathetic.
Coming up…”smoked Turkey” sandwiches.

Mary E
3 months ago

OH REALLY!? I think this guy has alot more confidence in – something – than he should safely have. No one can isolate them? Is he kidding? The Turks are surrounded by government forces and do the Turks really think that when they run out of food, ammunition and water to drink (think hydration for your troops!) that the Syrian forces will just let them walk away and say bye for now….I do not think that is in the cards for the Turks..overconfidence can get you killed!

John C Carleton
John C Carleton
3 months ago

They will eat other perhaps?
They be saying, lets have a Turkey sandwich.