Turkey to Transport Syrian Mercenaries to Afghanistan — Syrian Opposition Report

Are ex-Syrian rebel mercs more acceptable to the Taliban, or are Syrian bodybags more acceptable to Turkey?

After Libya, and Azerbaijan, now Afghanistan?

SOHR activists have reported a deal reached between the Turkish intelligence and leaders of its Syrian factions leasers either in Afrin or other areas under the control of the Turkish forces in Syria to move them to Afghanistan in Kabul, likewise similar transferring process to Libya and Nagorno.

However, the process would be different this time as the Turkish intelligence will recruit those mercenaries via Turkish security companies with official contracts. It is worth noting that the process would start in September under the supervision of the Turkish intelligence because the Syrian faction’s members don’t trust their leaders. The main task of those mercenaries will be protecting Kabul airport, governmental institutions and headquarters and the international forces.

The sources added that the Turkish side wants to play with the international law by registering those mercenaries as working in security companies to legalize their presence in Kabul to preserve a good image in front of the international society.

On the other hand, those mercenaries wouldn’t take part in any military operation against Taliban and they will work with monthly salaries varied from 2,000 to 3,000 US dollars. [That if Libya is anything to go by they won’t see for months.] But, the issue of transferring the mercenaries to Kabul is still under consideration till the moment and hasn’t reached the level of execution or even preparation.

Source: SOHR

  1. kkk says

    Zionist mafia runs the show

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Hmm.. IMO the Taliban will welcome them as “liberators” ???
      Anyhow I wish them Mazel Tov, because IMO they will need lots of Tovs …

  2. jha says

    “syrian mercenaries” – so are the USIS guys just going to abandon their efforts to overthrow the legitimate Assad government of Syria ?

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