Turkey Seeks US Military Backing for an Air Offensive in Syria

Has asked for a deployment of Patriot missiles and USAF fighters to guard the rear of a Turkish push for skies over Idlib

Its Syria adventure in Idlib not going very well Turkey wants the US to up its rhetorical support to actual support. The US encouraged Erdogan to wade deeper into Idlib knowing this will hurt his Russia relations, but now Erdogan wants the US to back him up in the real world, not just on Twitter:

Turkey has asked the U.S. to deploy two Patriot missile-defense batteries on its southern border to free it to punish any future attacks by Russian-backed Syrian troops, according to a senior Turkish official in Ankara.

“The U.S. has in the past sent air defense batteries to us,” Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar told CNN-Turk television in an interview aired late Thursday. “In the same way, there may be a Patriot battery support,” from the U.S., Akar said during the interview recorded earlier Thursday. If there is similar support from European allies, Turkey would consider it, Akar said.

The disclosure was almost immediately followed on Thursday by a spasm of violence left two Turkish soldiers dead and five wounded in Idlib, underscoring the risks as two regional powerbrokers assert their influence in northwestern Syria.

The Turkish problem in Idlib is that Russia controls the skies. As we have seen in the Turkish-rebel push for Nairab which ended in a defeat that is a very big problem indeed.

An offensive vs the Syrian army while being pounded by Russian aviation, and with having nothing in the air itself to challenge the Russian bombers or support its ground forces, is a difficult proposition.

So Turkey’s idea is to enlist the Americans to its cause, get the US to deploy its Patriot anti-aircraft missiles to its border opposite of Idlib, as well as fly fighter patrols:

“Turkey is determined to use force to ensure a cease-fire in Idlib,” [defense minister] Akar said. “Russia should not intervene in Turkey’s actions in Idlib, Turkey has no intention to face off with Russia.”

The official, who’s familiar with Turkey’s policy in Syria, said Ankara could use F-16 warplanes to strike units loyal to Assad in Idlib if the Patriots were deployed in Hatay on Turkey’s border to provide protection.

The Turkish idea apparent from Defense Minister’s words:  “Russia should not intervene in Turkey’s actions in Idlib, Turkey has no intention to face off with Russia,” is that the presence of the Americans would deter the Russians and cause them to stand down, allowing the Turks a free hand against the Syrian army (on the behalf of al-Qaeda I remind you).

Or perhaps with the US guarding their rear, they may even entertain going against the Russians hoping they can involve the Americans in the fight.

This is a crazy, desperate and reckless scheme. Or in other words, it’s just another day in the office for nincompoop Erdogan.

I’m not sure even Pompeo, when he was egging Turkey on, had in mind baiting a US war with Russia. His idea was for Turkey and Russia to fight, not for the US to pick Turkey’s chestnuts out of the fire.

So far the prospects for US support Turkey asked for do not look promising:

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  2. cechas vodobenikov says

    apparently the turks r like amerikans—stupid and untrustworthy

  3. tapatio says

    Could it be past time to eradicate every Turk inside Syria? Absolutely!

  4. stevek9 says

    Asking for Patriot missile systems now, is so pathetic I don’t know where to start. I thought Trump could act like a petulant 5-year-old child, but Erdogan has him beat by a mile. I think Russia had better re-think the whole S-400 thing, unless they are unable to target Russian planes.

  5. XRGRSF says

    Why does Turkey need the patriot missile system when Turkey has the S-400?

    1. tapatio says

      Maybe because the Orange Troglodyte is a major stockholder in Raytheon? Also, because an order for Patriots would tickle the wallets of a lot of Bilderberg’s shabos Goys on Capitol Hill.

    2. stevek9 says

      Those things are not operational and wont’ be for a while. If Erdogan does something really stupid, Russia will probably not supply the missiles … I don’t think those have been delivered. Putin might be thinking he should have his head examined, for selling these to Turkey. They are asking for Patriots … to shoot down Russian planes. Soon, they can use Russian anti-aircraft systems … to shoot down Russian planes (unless there is a built-in ‘off’ switch).

  6. Mary E says

    With hothead Erdogan and hotheads US State Dept and president involved in the ongoing war in Syria (all for the US to get oil and have another base in the Middle East
    and Turkey to get more territory for itself), the US will most likely ‘cave’ and send some of their planes and missiles and people into Syria to ‘assist’ Turkey. Russia is and has been all along, the cool and reasonable head, but if they are tested….the other two will just have to take the consequences. Buck up for the ride, Us and Turkey! It’ll be over before you know what hit you!

  7. russ says

    I don’t think the Patriot air defense system could take out a quality cruise missile if said missile was towing an advertising banner like a Piper Cub plane flying over California beaches…

    1. tapatio says

      Russia is deploying hyper-sonic cruise missiles. I don’t think the US has any defense against them.

  8. CHUCKMAN says

    Syria is just so tragic.

    Such a beautiful and historic place.

    All that death and desolation. All the lies.

    1. tapatio says

      Of the few Middle Eastern countries I’ve visited, Syria was the most beautiful, friendliest and most relaxed – back in the early ’90s under Bashar’s father, Hafez. I understand that Bashar is even more progressive.

    2. stevek9 says

      Damascus and Aleppo are estimated to have been inhabited for 14,000 years. Hopefully ours will not be the age that destroys them.

      1. tapatio says

        True, they are at least as old as Jerusalem.

  9. rightiswrong rightiswrong says

    Why don’t the Turks use their S400?

    Or does Erdogan need the S400 to protect him against the next coup!

    Erdogan would want to wake up, and kiss Russian behind for saving him from Uncle Shmuel. The Yanks will succeed in getting him yet, with Russian indifference to help them next time.

    1. russ says

      uncle Shmuel… lol… I like it

  10. Robert Mcconnell says

    Erdogan is a lunatic, Trump is a lunatic, frankly anything can happen .

    1. tapatio says

      Erdogan isn’t a lunatic – he’s a vacillating idiot who’s trying to play both ends and will, one of these days, die for his stupidity.

    2. UkraineTiger says

      They are all lunatics. The US is like an idiotic arsonist running around starting spotfires being egged on by Israel. What the hell Turkey is doing in Syria is beyond comprehension.

  11. Mistaron says

    It would do Erdogan some good to remember what Putin said about betrayal.

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