Turkey Has F-16s Stationed in Azerbaijan

But claims they have not participated in the Turkish-backed Azeri offensive

Turkey has kept a number of F-16 warplanes in Azerbaijan following a joint exercise in July as a deterrent against Armenian attacks, sources familiar with the issue told Middle East Eye.

“The F-16s have been there as a deterrent against any Armenian attacks on civilian populations and military installations within Azerbaijan,” one of the sources said.

Last week, Armenia’s defence ministry claimed that an F-16 bomber had downed an Armenian SU-25 fighter jet. Ankara has denied any involvement.

“The jets haven’t participated in Azerbaijani operations in the Karabakh region nor they have shot down an Armenian jet as Yerevan claimed,” said the source.

The revelation came as the New York Times Visual Investigations team reported  on Wednesday that there were at least two F-16s deployed in Ganja International Airport, serving Azerbaijan’s second largest city, on 3 October.

Armenian forces and Turkey-backed Azerbaijan have been locked in ferocious clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, a disputed mountainous area, for 10 days. Scores have been killed on both sides.

The source said the Turkish F-16s have been moved out of the airport after an Armenian rocket attack against Ganja on 4 October. “Unfortunately the presence F-16s didn’t stop the Armenians,” the source said, noting that shelling on Ganja have led to a number of civilian casualties.

The Armenian government in Yerevan denied that it was involved in the attack on Azerbaijan. The Armenian administration controlling Nagorno-Karabakh claimed it had destroyed Ganja International Airport, something denied by Azerbaijan.

Close allies Turkey and Azerbaijan have conducted joint military drills for years, and most recently in August, where Turkish officers shared the experience and expertise they have developed in the Syrian and Libya conflicts.

Ankara and Baku carried out a joint air drill on 31 July after brief clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh earlier that month. The F-16s in Azerbaijan were brought into the country then.

Some in Ankara have speculated that Turkey left some of its military staff in Azerbaijan to continue to bolster Baku’s military. Azerbaijan acknowledged for the first time earlier this week that it has been using Turkish armed drones against Armenian targets.

“Thanks to advanced Turkish drones owned by the Azerbaijan military, our casualties on the front shrunk,” said Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev in a televised interview on Monday with the Turkish news channel TRT Haber. “These drones show Turkey’s strength. It also empowers us.”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has repeatedly stressed that his country is ready to provide every means of support to Baku to seize the disputed area, which under international law is a territory of Azerbaijan.

The Turkish leadership has often insisted that no ceasefire is possible in Nagorno-Karabakh until Armenian forces withdraw.

Source: Middle East Eye

  1. Garry Compton says

    Israel has had 2 air bases there for quite awhile – with F 16s. That’s where they torment Iran from . Turkey – Israel = same team.

  2. nick1111 says

    Time to drop some on Erdogan head

  3. thomas malthaus says


    Off topic. Battle of Stalingrad and heretofore unknown details about
    11,000 German soldiers not surrendering.

  4. cechas vodobenikov says

    numerous reports claim turk officers leading azeri forces. it is well established by azeri sources that 60% of azeri drones are israeli

  5. Jihadi Colin says

    Of course the Ottomans are using the F16s. The entire Azeri offensive is an Ottoman undertaking. The Azeris are as much Ottoman puppets as the cannibal headchoppers the Ottomans imported from Idlib to use as shock troops.

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