Tucker Does the World an Incredible Service, Showcases the Amazing Dr. Bhattacharya of Stanford (VIDEO)

"[Covid death rate] is much closer to the death rate that you see from the flu per case."

Editor’s note: If Tucker can help Bhattacharya’s upcoming research findings find a broader audience that could save thousands, nay millions of lives currently under threat by the Stone Age fans of the COVID Rouge.

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Stanford University professor of medicine Dr. Jay Bhattacharya told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Tuesday that he believes the actual death rate from the coronavirus pandemic is “likely orders of magnitude lower than the initial estimates.”

“Per case, I don’t think it’s as deadly as people thought,” Bhattacharya told host Tucker Carlson. ” … The World Health Organization put an estimate out that was, I think, initially 3.4 percent. It’s very unlikely it is anywhere near that. It’s it’s much likely, much closer to the death rate that you see from the flu per case.”

“The problem, of course, is that we don’t have a vaccine,” Bhattacharya added. “So in that sense, it’s more deadly and more widespread than the flu, and it overwhelms hospital systems, the ways the flu doesn’t.”

The professor predicted that forthcoming research would give scientstists and health officials a “much more accurate understanding of how widespread this is.”

“It really seems like there’s many, many cases of the virus that we haven’t identified with the testing regimens that we’ve got around the world,” he said. “Many orders of magnitude more people have been infected with it, I think. I think that we realize that … means that … the death rate is actually lower than people realize, also by orders of magnitude.”

Bhattacharya told Carlson he was less afraid of the virus than when he began his research, adding that he hoped the improved numbers would help Americans deal with their fear of the virus.

“I’m hoping to get numbers in place,” Bhattacharya said. “We’ll be able to really sort of quell the fear that’s out there.”

Source: FOX

  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    as many experts have noted—existing data is unreliable; why would a govt care about evidence when imposing martial law?

  2. Tom Verso says

    To The Editor,

    May I suggest that you post an article that lists and links to all the CoronVirus articles you have published. It would be a valuable tool for those interested in the contra-MSM thoughts on the subject. It may also be updated as new articles are published and ‘pinned’ at or near the top of the site. At the end of the ‘crisis’ it would be of great value for those interested in the history of the ‘event’.

    Just a thought. This is the only site that I know of that has published regularly and consistently contra-MSM

    Thank You

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      I don’t have a list like that as it would be truly massive, but I do try to keep the list of experts here updated: https://www.anti-empire.com/dear-alt-media-please-come-back-to-the-light-side-here-are-some-resources-that-may-help-you/

  3. ke4ram says

    Watch Tucker,,, You could tell he was taken aback when the Dr. was telling him the alleged virus was no where near as lethal as CDC, WHO and governments are telling us. This scamdemic is a power grab and to give the central banks enough time to spread their poison.

  4. Ilya says

    He calls it Wuhan coronavirus, which is sad – because the two party dictatorship pushes for a fight with Russia from the left, and China from the right, but aside from that lateral quibble, Tucker stands out again!

  5. PioneerPreacher says

    The problem is, people love to play the victim. Look everybody! whoa is me I am such a pitiful wreck! Hoping to get sympathy!

  6. Bob avlon says

    So the freedom articles have much more Truth in it than we thought.

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