VIDEO: Lukashenko Publicly Calls Out Putin for Blundering With Lockdown — Putin’s Reaction Says It All

Tsar Lukashenko at Eurasia summit: Prolonged quarantine and self-isolation didn't help superpower Russia

At the latest summit of the Eurasian Economic Union, Lukashenko of Belarus also had something to say about covid-19 and lockdowns (be sure to switch on the subtitles):

Putin’s posture and shuffling of papers says it all. I’ve never seen him look smaller.

The current situation in the world and the post-soviet region is very dynamic.

Despite this, it is obvious that its perception in most countries is beginning to change dramatically.

Prolonged quarantines and self-isolation of the population have clearly shown that even the superpowers do not have a margin of safety, which allows in conditions of closed borders and non-operating enterprises any significant time to stop the decline of national economies.

Increasingly, we hear the most negative forecasts of experts for individual states and even continents for the short and long term perspective.

One of the most distinctive problems they call the issue of providing the population with food.

Therefore, today it is extremely important for us to find ways to preserve the agricultural and industrial sectors of our countries while taking all measures to protect people.

We hope that Russia, as the locomotive of our integration union, will correlate the measures which are taken to resume economic growth with our agreements within the union to ensure a free access of goods to the markets in the EAEU.

This was a summit that Lukeshenko himself technically hosted albeit it was held as a video conference. Clearly the Belarusian President and TV technicians came prepared.

Nonetheless, he may have opened up with a barb but the Belarusian leader ended it with a brotherly call for Russia to re-open and be the leader the Eurasian space needs.

  1. C D says

    Putin is not showing publicly the reason he at the second wave of Covid has locked-down the country.
    There were many biological attacks against Russia and they could not risk to stay open.
    In the other hand Belarus was speared by attackers to make Lukashenko look like a hero.
    The Chinese and Russians were attacked many times with different versions of Covid, but not to scare the population is kept secret. Biological war is on going.

  2. Melville Pouwels says

    very eloquently put

  3. thomas malthaus says

    “Putin’s posture and shuffling of papers says it all. I’ve never seen him look smaller.”

    Are you accepting funds from Langley, Marko? I didn’t see that at all.

    I don’t know if US death rates are comparable to Russia’s or if one can even make such comparisons. Population densities differ from country to country and city to city. That would include how the elderly populate within a given or specific area (square miles or square hectares).

    Honest numbers from Belarus about their mortality rates may shed light on their “success.” It doesn’t compare to Russia in terms of industrial productivity, so I’m not surprised Lukashenko didn’t close Belarus down.

    I don’t know whether it’s good to be a Belarusian, because I get the distinct impression it’s better to live in Russia.

    The days of cut-rate or subsidized energy deals between them may be a passing fancy.

    1. RagingAfrikan says

      To see some of you pathetically render excuses for Putin regardless, doesn’t help easy understanding. He is not perfect and, this whole SCAMDEMIC has shone a very bad light on him. Some have accused him in the past of being an opposition tool in the hands of the globalist and they were denigrated. How do you describe Russia with some of the best virologist and immunologist signing up to this covid charade? So does Putin live for western approval or what? He is good at fighting terrorism but even that now is debatable. You all should learn to be a bit sensible in your praise and worship of him.

  4. Canosin says

    my admiration for the couragious and truly open words of Lukashenko to Putin…..nobody is perfect…..hope that Putin shows to be humble enough to admit it was all a huge mistake…..that would be true leadership….and beautifully human…..

    1. LS says

      Or Putin, who is regularly briefed by Russian intelligence, made the correct decision for reasons we will never know.

      1. Styx says


      2. Canosin says

        possibly too……could be the case, but than here too, explain this to the Russian people and consequently also to the world….let’s see what’s gonna be

      3. fluttershield mlp says

        My feeling is that if Putin has not done this, the Western media and Hollywood would have labeled him as a “murderer using the Covid virus.” The USA media would have had a field day smearing him unjustly. Hopefully, Putin will open Russia soon. The sooner your country opens, the less economic damage will be done.

        1. Le Ruse says

          You are talking, like Russia & V Putin give a s**t about Pedowood & western media media whores ???

      4. jm74 says

        One of the reasons could have to do with foreign NGOs taking Russian, Chinese, Mongolian DNA samples back in 2015/16 and were eventually evicted when discovered.

        1. NWOD says

          Why would they need to do that? Plenty of expats of all groups in the West, not to mention plenty of them submitting their DNA to various Western “DNA sites” of their own volition.

          1. jm74 says

            It has been confirmed by Russia and China; google it.

            1. NWOD says

              You dodged my question. I don’t care who claimed (not “confirmed”, Mr. Propaganda) it, that is not what I asked. Read my question again, and try to answer it, instead of resorting to unsubstantiated allegations made by Russia’s $500,000 wristwatch propaganda minister.

            2. jm74 says

              Eff off you idiot.

            3. NWOD says

              LOL, you are truly a pathetic loser.

      5. Le Ruse says

        Maybe, you could be right ???
        But I see what Putin has done & what Lukashenko has done ??
        Lukashenko told the west & WHO go & get sodomised elsewhere …

  5. Inferior says

    Putin’s decision to lockdown may also have been directly influenced by the fact that China is right on its borders. In any case, the mistakes were made and we can only admit it and try to correct course.

    1. thomas malthaus says

      Nearly every country, state, province, oblast, krai, etc. have implemented some lockdown order.

      Whether you agree or not, the delayed notifications from China have compromised how other nations initiated containment policies.

      I’m now more concerned about availability of masks, social distancing, Zinc Sulfate, Azithromycin, Hydroxychloroquine, and adequate CV testing.

      I agree with Mr. Putin that the lockdown within Russia should end, if only because of adverse economic consequences if prolonged.

  6. voza0db says

    Anyone that was duped by Bill Gates WHO & Co. in regard to this regular Flu Season, is for sure in need of a serious Brain Format and install some FREE and OPEN SOURCE Software…

    Reject SAND!

    Pursue Knowledge and Responsibility.

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