Trump’s Foreign Policy Failed in 2019

American First is making Americans less safe

On FPF #435, I discuss how Trump’s foreign policy has been unsuccessful and made Americans less safe in 2019. I break down Trump’s 2019 policy in Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran. Trump has moved the world away from arms control and towards more war. 

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    what foreign policy?

    so far he’s p*ssed off all of europe (except PL and the baltics), RU, CN, KP, KR, JP the entire Middle East (excepting the ghetto golems and the sow-dies) , a good portion of So. America. not much left is there?


    1. Mary E says

      Right! And to make America ‘great again’, they must get rid of that mafia don
      that lives in and rules from the White House. His policies are not his, but ones that have been formed over two decades…by neo cons who are hell bent on the ruination of the US ….don’t you just wonder why???

  2. Rowdy-Yates says

    From 1945 to the 90’s America invested nothing in developing nations to uplift billions out of wretched poverty and instead engaged in wars in 37 victim nations killing 20 million especially from 45 to 1989 during the cold war.

    In spite of the rapid advances Europe and America made they kept that technology to themselves sharing it with only select nations while cutting off the rest to access this technology.

    The only nation to invest billions in the developing world and uplift so many out of poverty has been China. What does America do? declare an economic war on China.

    Keep in mind that Europe got to the level of development because of centuries of the Colonial Age where the same subject nations were exploited for their wealth in natural resources and then when that age ended after ww2 Europe dumped the rest to fend for themselves.

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