Trump Threatens to Attack Iranian Cultural Sites

As if we didn't know who is the uncivilized one here already

It’s a 4000-year culture

Following Thursday night’s US attack that killed top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, it has been considered a foregone conclusion that Iran is virtually obliged to retaliate in some way. President Trump, however, believes he can threaten Iran enough to preclude any retaliation.

Trump has now announced, via Twitter, that the US has singled out 52 Iranian sites, which he says represents the 52 hostages from the 1979-80 hostage situation, that the US will attack if Iran strikes “any Americans, or American assets.”

Trump was vague on what he intended to attack, saying they were “important to Iran & the Iranian culture.” It is noted that deliberate attacks on cultural heritage sites is illegal under international law.

Trump’s announcement is likely mostly about Iranian Gen. Gholamali Abuhamzeh saying there are 35 US targets in the region, and Trump wanting to have even more targets. It makes sense that more Iranian targets would exist, the US threats centering on Iran.

Iran is in a difficult position on potential retaliation, given the high-profile nature of the US attack, and Soleimani’s importance within Iran’s military. The US and Iran have hit each other in small ways for years, with bigger attacks deterred by the threat of equally damaging retaliation.

Avoiding full war is always an Iranian priority, but the US attack throws their deterrence into doubt. If Iran does not work something out, or carry out a commensurate measure, the risk would be that the US believes they can carry out attacks of this level with impunity.


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  2. Mary E says

    Destroy Iran’s culture?!? What the Hell?!? Just because the US has none to speak of is no reason to decimate another’s culture and history…Iran’s being ancient and very beautiful and important in the world. Why would he want to do that?
    Trump is delusional and should be on the 72 hour involuntary psychiatric hold that many psychiatrists in the US are strongly suggesting! He would fail then he would be OUT (25th Amendment)…

  3. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Trump, that pea-brained moron, can threaten and bluster all he wants, he followed Netanyahu’s explicit orders and now there’s a price to pay. He, like so many Americans, is so removed from reality, so devoid of empathy or sympathy, so debased and amoral that he believes that everything has got a price and that settles everything….money is GOD ! ( he made an insulting offer of removing sanctions……as if anyone would trust the perfidious tongue of an American, even if that was to be considered ). No there’s a price to pay, retribution will come at a time and place of Iran’s choosing. One thing’s for certain, this unbelievably insane murder….yes Trump’s a murderer, will hasten the demise of Zionist Israel by years…..oh Bibi, you’ve no idea what you’ve unleashed !

    1. John Lockett says

      But now Netanyahu has admitted for the first time the “Israel is a Nuclear Power”, so is he threatening to nuke Iran. I suppose he was told that the Messiah is just behind the curtain, ready to make His/her o (200 more pronouns.), so that Evangelicals and Jews can have their Holocaust.

  4. CHUCKMAN says

    America’s work of killing the country’s second most-important man and then threatening to bomb 52 places is just pure state terror.

    Readers may enjoy this just posted:

  5. thomas malthaus says

    The Iranians must be racking their brains trying to determine what passes for an American cultural site.

    I don’t know either.

    1. BillA says

      Little Big Horn

      1. thomas malthaus says

        I suspect what may interest them would be those of a political, patriotic nature: The Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Mt. Rushmore, et al.

        Perhaps some are trained to fly jets. We hope it doesn’t come to that and cooler heads prevail.

  6. John Rourke says

    The problem with International Law is that it doesn’t affect the US in the least..International Law is for all other countries not allied with the US..The US can kill/murder but no one can kill back..Only the US can invade countries,only the US can engage regime change.The argument is that they are the “Policemen of the World” which is BS because they have always acted like the “Mafia”.If you never get slapped down you can be tough and unreasonable especially if you are reckless in your destruction to others..Until the day the World says “Enough”, the US will get away with impunity.

  7. AriusArmenian says

    The US threats against Iran are consistent with past US bloodthirsty warmongering. The US attack on Iraq, a repository of ancient cultures, was an attack on the inheritance of mankind. The destruction and loss in Iraq was immense.

    The US is a sick, demented, self-obsessed psychopath. The big battle of the 21st century is to defeat, exhaust, or neutralize the US. Let’s say what it is: a fascist rogue state. Forget about elections bringing change in the US – elections are to keep the people subdued and stupid.

  8. RussG553 says

    So the big bad bully wants no more threats. Who do you think you are? Let’s face it, you are going to get a bloody nose, in the very least.

    1. David Bedford says

      Let’s hope more than just a bloodied nose

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