Trump Threatens Higher Taxes for Americans If Xi Jinping Does Not Attend G20

Only the Chinese Communist Party leader may now save Americans from a Republican raising taxes on them

US President Donald Trump said on Monday that China will make a deal with the United States “because they’re going to have to.” China has lost trillions of dollars since he was elected president, added Trump.

In a telephone interview broadcast on CNBC Trump said that additional tariffs on Chinese goods will go into effect immediately if China’s President Xi Jinping does not attend the upcoming G20 meeting.

Trump defended his threats to slap tariffs on Mexico and China, which he said put the US “at a tremendous competitive advantage.”

“The China deal is going to work out. You know why? Because of tariffs … Right now, China is getting absolutely decimated by companies that are leaving China, going to other countries, including our own, because they don’t want to pay the tariffs.”

China is “going to make a deal because they’re going to have to make a deal,” Trump said.

The president criticized the US Federal Reserve for raising interest rates too quickly and giving the Chinese an upper hand in trade negotiations.

“They devalue their currency, they have for years: It’s put them at a tremendous competitive advantage. And we don’t have that advantage because we have a Fed that doesn’t lower interest rates,” Trump told CNBC. “We should be entitled to have a fair playing field, but even without a fair playing field — because our Fed is very, very disruptive to us — even without a fair playing field we are winning.”

The US president added: “Don’t forget: the head of the Fed in China is President Xi … he can do whatever he wants.”

When asked if he viewed Chinese telecom giant Huawei as a national security threat or leverage in trade negotiations with China, Trump said it could be both.

“I do see it as a threat,” he said about Huawei. “At the same time, it could be very well that we do something with respect to Huawei as part of our trade negotiations with China.”

Source: RT

  1. Mary E says

    Hoping that President Xi stays his course and does not attend the G-20, which gives Trump a grandstanding opportunity to trash China and other countries that don’t cave in to the US demands by humiliating themselves on the world stage….Just Dont Do It,Xi!!

  2. Michael Morgan says

    If taxes go up Trump is finished.

  3. Séamus Ó Néill says

    Does America not realise the the whole world is laughing at this imbecile and the morons that he has surrounded himself with. Like a street gang in the 1970’s , they move from territory to territory , threatening anybody and everybody. Did Putin’s and Xi’s recent meeting, where they basically agreed to dump the US dollar, not ring an alarm bell…where they lead ,others will follow. With the US debt of approx $230 trillion, a debt they could not and will not repay, and the dollar as reserve currency the only thing preventing certain bankruptcy , should he not be extremely sagacious with his threats and pronouncements. He should also be a bit more prudent with his illegal sanctions ( sanctioning food and medicine are war crimes )…..whether he recognises the ICC or not, he can still be tried for his crimes and arrested anywhere ! The entire world , with the dishonourable exception of Britain, France, Israel and Saudi are exasperated and extremely angered by America’s bullying, its lawlessness and its total disregard for international laws and treaties and I don’t think they’ll tolerate it for much longer !

    1. Mary E says

      The White House gang of criminality does not care one iota about how they are perceived by the world…HEY! They are the United States (which means absolutely nothing except evil anymore)….and they showed off their total ignorance of decorum and common courtesy while in the UK…totally embarrassing for the citizens of the US….

  4. All_has_An _END_. says

    My God We are ruled by imbeciles. You dont publicly threaten the Chinese or Russians. it simply does not work

    1. Mary E says

      Now you’ve got it! And the Imbecile in Chief is the criminal Donald Trump.

      1. All_has_An _END_. says

        now I got it ? You sound like you know me . Let me tell you something about me. ALL PRESIDENTS ARE PUPPETS (I knew this since 2006)

  5. CHUCKMAN says

    Well, Trump’s done the very thing you simply cannot do with China, threaten or belittle the country, in public no less.

    It is simply unbelievable that he understands so very little.

    I’m not an expert, but I did get to know a number of bright, young Chinese students studying in Canada over a period of about three years.

    1. Marko Marjanović says

      Maybe he does understand but if it works to his personal advantage in 2020 what does he care? From listening to the clip I think he’s all about the election now.

    2. pooi-hoong chan says

      Unbelievable that US can have Trump as president. Shows the US political system is rotten.

  6. Grand Nagus Zek says

    it’s like watching a screaming, dribbling, retarded toddler with a twitter account…..

    Well done Tronald Dump ROFL

    all credit to the man – he is destroying the American Empire at record pace

  7. Mary E says

    This man (trump) doesn’t know what he is talking about…really, he has been proven to cause crises then in a short period of time, HE fixes them! Like a kid playing with matches, starting a fire and letting it burn until its too big to control and puts it out.
    The world has to understand (and most likely does) that the president of the United States is off the rails and is going into an irreversible mental breakdown…and the Republicans back him!!! That is the shock of it all.
    With Mexico, there is NAFTA which would not allow tariffs against Mexico!
    With China, tariffs would hurt the American consumer and NOT China….but the Dullard
    Con Man doesn’t know anything about economics or international trade – and neither do
    any of his ‘advisors’……..

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