Trump Struggles to Say What He Would Do With Another Term for Second Time in a Week

Trump has defeated himself

Editor’s note: Despite the Democrats doing everything in their power to throw the election by nominating a vegetable, tacitly getting behind looting and riots, and carpet-bombing the economy and civil liberties (a severe flu season somehow required it) Trump is still losing. The Democrats somehow managed to put together an even weaker case for their ticket than in 2016, but Trump still looks likely to lose to it.

Why? Because Trump 2016 and Trump 2020 are not the same proposition. Where in 2016 it could only be strongly suspected that Trump won’t stand or fight for anything, in 2020 that is crystal clear. Trump or Biden, what’s the difference? If anything without Trump to rally against the left might be a little less unhinged.

As it is, the Trump presidency has delivered only the expected negative aspects of it (the merger of the Deep State, of the press, and of the liberal establishment into one solid, crusading bloc) but none of the hoped-for good sides (the three or four decent things on his program that he was supposedly going to do).

(CNN) — It was a do-over of a softball question, but US President Donald Trump still seemed to struggle to answer what he would do with a potential second term in an interview that aired Wednesday evening.

The President said he hadn’t heard the criticism of his answer the last time he was asked the question, by Fox News’ Sean Hannity, but said there was still “more to do” in his next term, again without naming any concrete policy goals.

“We’re going to make America great again. We’re doing things that nobody could have done,” the President told Sinclair’s Eric Bolling, before listing achievements from his first term.

At one point, Trump said, “We’ve got to bring back our manufacturing,” before immediately claiming he already had, saying he had “brought it back very big.”

“We’re doing it — whether it’s trade, whether it’s military — all made in the USA. It’s so important. Made in the USA. … We’ve got to bring back our manufacturing, and I’ve brought it back very big,” he said.

“But we have to make our own pharmaceutical products, our own drugs, prescription drugs, we have to make our own things. … So we have a lot of things we can do. We’ve done a lot, but we have a lot of things we can do.”

During Trump’s interview last week with Hannity, he made vague references to “experience” without listing policy items he hopes to see enacted or problems he’d like to resolve over the next four years should he be reelected in November.

The answer encapsulated what some of Trump’s political advisers fear is an unfocused approach to reelection a little more than four months before ballots are cast. They hope he will begin using his platform to define rival Joe Biden and articulate his argument for being reelected.

In some ways, Trump’s approach mimics the way he ran his first campaign, which few expected him to win. In that race, Trump ran on divisive rhetoric and a vague plan to “Make America Great Again” without laying out a clear governing agenda for a potential presidency. After taking office, Trump’s agenda came into sharper focus, yet it often still appears ad hoc.

During the latest line of questioning about a potential second term, the President also said there was “more to do” on trade deals before going on to tout the “incredible” ones he’s already made.

“Our country will be so strong at the end of our first term. It’s going to be great. It would have been phenomenal. We got hit with the plague. At the end of the second term it’s going to be at a level that nobody will have ever seen, the country,” Trump said.

Source: CNN

  1. Mary E says

    The country will be so strong after your first term? Who are you trying to fool, you fool?
    If the electoral college votes as the people will do, (which is the way it is supposed to work), Trump will lose and Biden will definitely win.
    Trump can’t rely on the unethical voting of a rogue electoral college again because the people know how it went in 2016 for Hillary Clinton, who won the popular vote by 3 million. The electoral college should be dismantled and never mentioned again. It cannot happen too soon!
    The US voting citizens were burned too many times and got the opposite of what they voted for -never again…

    1. Brion Adair says

      Wow! Can I have whatever you’re smoking?

  2. V4V says

    One big reason for Trump’s likely loss is that he’s transparently in it for himself. He’s not even good at faking concern for anything other than what personally benefits him. Here’s Trump’s top 3 agenda items for an unlikely second term:

    1. Benefit Trump
    2. Promote Trump
    3. Further Trump

  3. BigDaddy says

    Don’t believe ANY poll that says Biden is ahead. If they’re not complete fabrications the numbers are skewed because people are scared to death to admit to a stranger they’re voting for Trump out of fear of reprisals. The Demonrats know there are at least two Supreme Court seats up for grabs in the next four years. This is the reason they’ve gone so ape-sh*t over this election. They can’t get much of anything done concerning their agenda by legislation so they have to rely on rule by courts to destroy America.

  4. Richard Wahd says

    “I just follow the outsiders influence – oops I mean the Houghtzseidersz influence”

  5. Ideas Time says

    People need to remember that DC is a foreign state and the entire process is a fraud. They fly the captured flag, gold fringed of the sea which has no nation. They rake in billions every year off so called elections. Massive con job every two years and four years against the people who think they decide anything. It does do well to keep people divided. If you support them, you are supporting a corporation who operates under the law of the sea, Admiralty Maritime Law not Common law as required by the Constitution.

  6. Ideas Time says

    None of the problems can be fixed anymore by voting. Maybe this has always been the case. Like Mark Twain said, If voting mattered you would not be allowed to vote. All important decisions are rigged for the elite.

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