Trump Says May Impose a Naval Blockade on Venezuela

"Military blockades are recognized as acts of war under the Declaration of Paris of 1856 and the Declaration of London of 1909"

Blocking Russian and Chinese ships, what a great idea for a 1961 rerun

President Trump, wandering further afield of his noninterventionist election campaign promise, may soon impose an illegal military blockade on Venezuela.

“Trump told reporters on Thursday that he was considering a blockade or quarantine of the Latin American country, where the U.S. has been trying for months to unseat Maduro. He didn’t elaborate.”

According to an unnamed Trump administration official, the blockade will continue until Nicolas Maduro abdicates and Juan Guaido becomes the neoliberal recognized leader.

In response, Maduro said he’s “ready for battle,” whatever that means.

“The draconian US sanctions on Venezuela have come in two phases,” writes Jeffrey D. Sachs of Asia Times.

The first, beginning in August 2017, was mainly directed at the state oil company PDVSA, the country’s main earner of foreign exchange; the second round of sanctions, imposed in January this year, was more comprehensive, targeting the Venezuelan government. A recent detailed analysis of the first round of sanctions shows their devastating impact. The US sanctions gravely exacerbated previous economic mismanagement, contributing to a catastrophic fall in oil production, hyperinflation, economic collapse (output is down by half since 2016), hunger, and rising mortality.

In short, the latest imperial president will kill an unknown number of Venezuelans in order to get the preferred government installed in Caracas.

Military blockades are recognized as acts of war under the Declaration of Paris of 1856 and the Declaration of London of 1909. The neocons and neolibs don’t do international law unless it works in favor of empire. Congress, naturally, is left out of the equation, having long ago waived its responsibility under the Constitution.

In 1863, when President Lincoln imposed a blockade on the Confederacy during the War of Secession, the Supreme Court ruled it a crime in “The Prize Cases.”

The power of declaring war is the highest sovereign power, and is limited to the representative of the full sovereignty of the nation. It is limited in the United States to its Congress exclusively; and the authority of the President to be the Commander-in-Chief….to take that the law be faithfully executed, is to be taken in connection with the exclusive power given to Congress to declare war, and does not enable the President to (do it) or to introduce, without Act of Congress, War or any of its legal disabilities or liabilities, on any citizen of the United States.

Violations of the Constitution, its articles and amendments, are now routine, so much so, especially following the end of the Second World War and the establishment of the Bretton Woods neoliberal scheme, that the founding document is little more than a quaint tourist attraction at the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom (sic) in DC.

Thankfully, a few Americans are standing up and resisting ongoing economic warfare against Venezuela, Syria, Libya, Russia, and China.

Source: Another Day in the Empire

  1. Vish says

    America wants to starve a country in order to subjugate … sorry, I mean… “democratize” it.

    Whenever the Americans open their mouths and start yammering about “freedom and democracy” or other political deceptions, you can almost see blood dripping from their lips as they salivate over the next nation that they lust to rape.

    Those are the true malign values of the United Snakes of America.

  2. cap960 says

    About time to impose sanctions on the Yanks before they kill us all with their stupidity! Drop the dollar is a good start. It will hurt us but not as much as a nuclear war.

  3. Garry Compton says

    The Washington Anti- Gods never seem to take a break on the World. Every week there is some negative shit coming out of the entire Administration, Congress, House, Senate or the corrupt alphabet or Intel agencies. Someone start a petition to shut down Washington. Please !

  4. John C Carleton says


    USA/Washington DC don’t NEED no stinking rules!!!

    Just do whatever war crimes they want to, like they been doing since they invaded the South, raping, robing, burning, stealing, murdering, occupying.

    Then write the history to make the evil of DC the knight in shiny armor.

    Has worked for them up till now.

    1. James Willy says

      Maybe for this somebody might respond. Or do you think that China & Russia will just turn their ships around and go home when they encounter this off the coast?

  5. Undecider says

    Trump’s time would be better spent reigning in the Communist back in America.

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