Trump Pronounces Sanctions on Ayatollah Khomeini Who Has Been Dead Since 1989

Hopefully sanctions will convince the ayatollah to release American hostages from the Tehran Embassy

Mussolini is shaking in his boots right about now


  1. Inferior says

    This pile of shit in white house crack me up so much. Lol

  2. John C Carleton says

    Well, no one ever accused the Trickster Trumpster of having the smallest rear end, or the largest brain.

    1. Carlwilliam says

      There certainly isn’t much difference between the two!

  3. jm74 says

    Happens when you believe you are ‘exceptional’, POTUS actually thinks he is God. The last few years we get fed with US BS has been rather entertaining but is becoming monotonous and hopefully will come to an abrupt end. The stupidity is laughable and one can use a good satire now and again.

    1. silver749 says

      Pompeoos has said he thinks Trump has been sent from God. Pompeoos thinks he is told what to think from God. Non of them know what Jesus said as written in the Bible. The think they are Christian Zionists which of course you can’t be as the Christian religion and jewish religion are not quite the same. Mixed up boys.

      1. DarkEyes says

        What Pompy does is for him the only way to upgrade his personal market value to declare Mr. Trump has been sent by God.
        As if God knows who Mr. Trump is?

        IMO God observes globally and not personally?
        Which is what Pompy does not understand together with his opponent Boltoni who is IMO jewish.

        BTW, the US politicians have something missing in their brains (if any). I do remember a Mr. G.W. Bush who had something with God. I believed he stated he had a direct line with God?
        Again, if God knows who this man is?

        That is the way these people think that they are so important!
        Up till now his IQ-level record is not broken yet by a new US president.

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