Trump: Let’s Invade Mexico!

Great idea...if you want millions of refugees to jump the wall

I suppose that by now everyone has heard of Trump’s offer to send the American military to “wage WAR on the drug cartels and wipe them off the face of the earth,” which he asserts can be done “quickly and effectively. “

Trump phrased this as an offer to help, not a threat to invade, which is reassuring. AMLO, Mexico’s president, wisely declined the offer.

While the President seems to have made the offer in good faith, he has little idea of Mexico, the military, or the cartels. The American military could not come close to wiping them off the face of the earth, much less effectively and quickly. Such an incursion would be a political and military disaster. The President needs to do some reading. [Good luck with that.]

If AMLO were to invite the Americans into Mexico, he would be lynched. Few Americans are aware of how much the United States is hated in Latin America, and for that matter in most of the world. They don’t know of the long series of military interventions, brutal dictators imposed and supported, and economic rapine. Somoza, Pinochet, the Mexican-American War, detachment of Panama from Colombia, bombardment of Veracruz, Patton’s incursion–the list could go on for pages. The Mexican public would look upon American troops not as saviors but as invaders. Which they would be.

The incursion would not defeat the cartels, for several reasons that trump would do well to ponder. To begin with, America starts its wars by overestimating its own powers, underestimating the enemy, and misunderstanding the kind of war on which it is embarking. The is exactly what Trump seems to be doing.

He probably thinks of Mexicans as just gardeners and rapists and we have all these beautiful advanced weapons and beautiful drones and things with blinking lights. A pack of rapists armed with garden trowels couldn’t possibly be difficult to defeat by the US. I mean, get serious: Dope dealers against the Marines? A cakewalk.

You know, like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. That sort of cakewalk. Let’s think what an expedition against the narcos would entail, what it would face.

To begin with, Mexico is a huge country of 127 million souls with the narcos spread unevenly across it. You can’t police a nation that size with a small force, or even with a large force. A (preposterous) million soldiers would be well under one percent of the population. Success would be impossible even if that population helped you. Which it wouldn’t.

Other problems exist. Many, many of them.

Let’s consider terrain. Terrain is what militaries fight in. Start with the Sierra Madre, which I suspect Trump doesn’t know from Madre Teresa. This is the brutally inhospitable mountain range in the northwest of Mexico, from which a great many of the narcos come.(Sinaloa is next door.) Forestation is dense, slopes steep, communication only by narrow trails that the natives know as well as you know how to find your bathroom. Nobody else knows them. American infantry would be helpless here. The Narcos would be found only when they chose to be found, which would not be at opportune moments.

The Sierra Madre Occidental, home of many of the drug traffickers. I have walked in these mountains, or tried to. It is impossible for infantry, worse for armor, and airplanes can’t see through the trees.

The Tarahumara Indians live in the Sierra Madre. They frequent the trails, sometimes in groups, and carry things not identifiable from the air. In frustration American forces would do what they always do: start bombing, or launching Hellfires from drones, at what they think are, or think may be, or hope might be, narcos. Frequently they would kill innocents having nothing to do with drugs. This wouldn’t bother the military, certainly not remote drone operators in Colorado or somewhere. They get paid anyway. The Indians who just had their families turned into science projects couldn’t do anything about it.

Well, nothing but join the narcos, who might call this a “force multiplier.”

Some other northern Mexican terrain. The Duarte Bridge between Sinaloa and Durango. A company commander, looking at it, would would have PTSD in advance, just to get a start on things.

Of the rest of Mexico, much consists of jungle, presenting the same problems as the Sierra Madre, and of cities and villages. Here we encounter the problem that has proved disastrous for US forces in war after war: there is no way to tell who is a narco and who isn’t.

In cities and towns, narcos are indistinguishable from the general population. How–precisely how, I want to know–would American troops, kitted out in body armor and goggles and looking like idiots, fight the narcos in villages with which they were unfamiliar? The narcos, well armed, would pick off GIs from windows, whereupon the Americans would respond by firing at random, calling in air strikes, and otherwise killing locals. These would now hate Americans. The narcos know this. They would use it.

Culiacan, Sinaloa, Chapo’s home city. It has a high concentration of narcos. Suppose that you are an infantry officer, sent to “fight the cartels.” You have, say, twenty troops with you, all with hi-tech equipment and things dangling. How do you propose to fight the cartels here? Which of the people in the photo, if any, are narcos? You could ask them. That would work.

Don’t expect help from the locals. Most would much rather see you killed than the narcos. And if they collaborated they and their families would be killed. This would discourage them. Bright ideas?

Now a point that Schwarzehairdye in the White House has likely not grasped. The narcos are Mexicans. So is the population. You know, brown, speak Spanish, that kind of thing. The invaders would not be Mexicans. This matters. Villagers usually do not hate the narcos. These provide jobs, buy their marijuana crops, often do Robin Hood things to help the locals. Pablo Escobar did this, Al Capone, Chapo Guzman. There is a whole genre of popular music, narcocorridos, celebrating the doings of the drug trade.(Corridos Prohibidos, by Los Tigres del Norte, for example). Amazon has the CD.

Which means that they would side with the narcos instead of the already-hated soldiers, putos gringos cabrones, que se chinguen sus putas madres.

Further, much of Mexico doesn’t much like its government.

And of course the narcos will have the option of fading into the population and waiting for the gringos to go home. This means that the invasion would become an occupation. The invading forces would thus need bases, which would become permanent. Bases where? All over the country, which is where the narcos are?

Getting the American military into one’s country is much easier than getting it out. The world knows this. Mexicans assuredly do. They know that America has wrecked country after country in the Mideast, always to do something good about democracy and human rights. They know that America is squeezing Venezuela to get control of its oil, squeezing Iran for the same reason, attacked Iraq for the same reason, has troops in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait for the same reason, and has just confiscated Syria’s oil . Mexico has oil. So when Trump wants to send the military to “help” fight drugs, what do you suppose the Mexicans suspect?

Another point: Roughly a million American expats live happily in Mexico. These would be hostages, and they–we–are soft targets. The drones kill five narcos, and the narcos kill five expats. Or ten, or fifty. What does Washington do now?

Finally, consider what happens when you bomb a country, make life dangerous, kill its children, destroy the economy and impoverish its people? Answer: They go somewhere else. With Mexico being made unlivable, Mexicans would have two choices of somewhere else, Guatemala and….See whether you can fill in the blank. Maybe four or five million of them.

Nuff said. May God protect Mexico from Yanquis who would do it good, from advisers, and then adviser creep, and then occupation, and then from badly led militaries who have no idea where they are.

Source: The Unz Review

  1. thomas malthaus says

    With the “informal” melding of America from Mexico and Central America, why wouldn’t a NWO ambition be for these nations to be co-opted into the United States when the moment is primed?

    Not my preference, but it seems rather obvious that’s the goal, though not without great bloodshed and US constitutional violations.

  2. David Thiele says

    From someone not living in America, to all Americans and the people you put into power, stop interfering in other countries affairs. You have killed over 20 million people since WW2 buy invading other countries and forcing your will onto others. You are not the world’s Sheriff. And we are sick of getting dragged in to help you, eg Korea, Vietnam, Iraq1&2, Afghanistan, etc.
    Ex Australian solder

    1. Mary E says

      Right, not the world’s sheriff, but the world’s biggest terrorist and plunderer- of oil, the reason it goes to war! Criminal and rogue country that has to be stopped
      and it will be…time is getting shorter for the Evil Empire

  3. stevek9 says

    I can see why you would feel you need to write seriously about this (since you are an expat), but this is just another preposterous Trump brain fart … don’t worry.

  4. Mario García says

    This is true. I laughed when I read that “quickly and effectively“ nonsense. Their track record indicates quite the opposite.

  5. Garry Compton says

    Go ahead and do it – it’ll help wake more people up to the dysfunctional bunch of idiots that run at least one of the American governments. The MSM couldn’t lie their way of it ,this close to home, like they do about Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Ukraine, Syria and a dozen more occupied countries. Ya’ll can’t take Trump and his antics that serious – he’s nuts.

    1. Mary E says

      Oh yeh! But his ‘antics’ are proving to be disastrous for the United States and its people and environment..

      1. Garry Compton says

        Trump is the least of the worries – the states have been over run with modern day Bolsheviks and a hundred agencies are on board.

        1. Robert Ferrin says

          Lol what an idiot the enimies are within the gate they are called the 1%.!!

          1. Garry Compton says

            It all depends on what country – one is in. 1% = the rich ? the drug addicts ? the Wall Street gang ?, the Globalist Corporations, the Zionists?, the Illuminati ? the N Y Jew Mafia ?

  6. Feudal Peasant says

    That’s just great, and we can use Afghanistan as a successful template.

    1. Maria Madrid says

      Yep … and Iraq, Libya and Syria (to mention a few) none of them Trump’s doing!!!

      1. Robert Ferrin says

        And we are still there,aren’t with stealing Syria oil and of course the poppy fields.!!!

  7. Jorge Trevino says

    I just loved the sense of humour of this article, awesome! A great combo of analysis and sense of humour

  8. JustPassingThrough says

    Gringos = funny fat narcisstic flatulants.
    hey magaman get to the source, hamstring the CIA.

  9. CHUCKMAN says

    Well, we can never be sure about Trump’s being serious with any proposal he makes.

    The man talks incessantly, and without thinking.

    And he just loves to put himself in the hero’s role in any of his mutterings and meandering tales.

    Decisive. Strong. Fearless. Ready for action.

    All while slurping McDonald’s and coffee from his bed, watching three televisions.

    1. Maria Madrid says

      President Trump does not drink coffee, or alcohol or smoke.
      Never judge a person by what they say … judge them by what they do! Look.what the idiots O’Barmy. Clinton and Bush did !!

      1. Robert Ferrin says

        Or judge them by what they have done,in Trumps case 6 bankruptcies,lawsuits by his employees to get their pay,putting small business’s into bankruptcies because he would’nt fulfill his contract,sue me he whined for I’ve paid enough,and yet the brain dead electorate voted the orange headed canary into office to twit and twitter in his golden cage while shitting all over the working class.America’s goose is cooked stick with a fork its done,perhaps serve it up to the homeless while Trump and kind fly around in a trillion dollar aircraft with a $500,000 dollar helmet.Moral of the story is never vote for anyone who’s party has an ism to it.!!!

      2. Mary E says

        The presidents of the US – yep, including Clinton and Obama – are puppets of the Pentagon and the powers that be who really run the US..
        Trump is just another puppet – only 10 times as bad.

      3. Séamus Ó Néill says

        ….Nor think, nor have a conscience, he’s a war criminal like every American President before him

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