Podcast: Trump Instructs Navy to ‘Shoot Down’ Iranian Ships

The president's foolish threat

On FPF #483, I discuss Trump’s lastest foolish threat to Iran. Trump tweeted that he is instructing the Navy to ‘shoot down’ Iranian ships that harass American Navy ships.

If Trump’s orders are followed it could provoke a shooting war between the US and Iran.

Thankfully, senior Pentagon officials signaled they plan to keep the same rules of engagement in the Persian Gulf. 



  1. cechas vodobenikov says

    the Persians now equip their ships w flying carpets—when they r flying the US will aim their Patriot missiles at them

  2. James Willy says

    This might be good. It would give Iran and China and friends Hez etc. some incentive to finally engage these yankees. Bio-weapon attacks from yankees do not elicit a response from these victims. Nothing else gets a response from any of them. Even after repeated bio-weapon attacks to China, NOTHING. So maybe yankee can make them fight back this way. Let’s wait N see. I bet nothing happens again in response. Anyone wanna bet against me for 2 yuan?

  3. pasha says

    Trump Instructs Navy to Shoot Down Iranian Ships

    Only the flying ones.

  4. Séamus Ó Néill says

    This “inject them with disinfectant” moron has just lost whatever touch with reality he may have had. In the geriatric “race” to the leadership in that open air asylum, there’s this psychotic narcissist, and there’s another, equally belligerent oaf but in severe dotage ….. that’s the cream of America, that’s the best they can produce. It’s fortunate that America’s bankrupt and in terminal decay, but can its demise come quickly enough to prevent a major conflict, which would, as always, be initiated by America.

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