Trump Hails “Resettling New Areas With Kurds” as up to 130,000 Flee Turkish Offensive

Senile or pro-expulsions?

What is Trump talking about here?

Everybody understands Erdogan’s ideal scenario is one where the Kurds are uprooted from northern Syria and spread to the winds, averting permanently the danger of a Kurdish statelet on Turkey’s border to act as a Piedmont for Turkey’s own 15-20 million Kurds.

However why in the world would a US President ever sign under that?

Let’s hope Trump doesn’t comprehend what his mouth is saying, rather than actually intentionally hailing evicting the Kurds and preventing them from coming back, aka “resettling new areas” with them.

Understand this is not science fiction. This is exactly what has already happened in Afrin after Turkey took over and unleashed its Islamists so that the area, once an ethnic Kurdish enclave, now no longer has a Kurdish majority.

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  1. CHUCKMAN says

    Does anyone understand fully what this maniac is doing in Syria?

    Perhaps, that’s not possible since I doubt the maniac himself fully understands.

    Now, we even have talk of special forces to be left in the country? In response of course to the other lunatic running Israel, the single most influential person in Trump’s political universe.

    And stuff about securing Syria’s oil fields? They are to be deprived of their own resources?

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