Trump Fires Shanahan. Good News! This Makes Feared Attack on Iran More Difficult, Less Likely

Turns out in addition to being a weak choice Shanahan was also uncomfirmable

Goodbye Pat, you will not be missed

Trump just fired his acting Secretary of Defense.

On May 9 the White House announced that it would nominates Shanahan for the Secretary of Defense position. But it never send the nomination request to Congress to have Shanahan confirmed. During the usual FBI background check before a confirmation, a 2010 domestic violence incident Shanahan was involved in came up. It seems that it now ended his short career at the Pentagon.

Shanahan had zero experience in the military. He is a former Boeing manager. A recent Politico portrait of Shanahan described him as a weak leader who allowed the war hawks in Nationals Security Council to directly talk with regional commanders without even informing him. He was no counterweigh for Bolton and Pompeo who are eager to wage war on Iran.

Yesterday ABC News reported that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo would meet with talk with the Central Command and Special Operation Command leaders without Shanahan being there. It was extremely unusual:

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will travel to Florida on Monday to meet with leaders from U.S. Central Command and Special Operations Command on Tuesday. The U.S. is considering “all options,” including military force, to respond to Iran’s reported attack on two oil vessels, Pompeo said on Sunday, raising concerns of a U.S. strike.

Pompeo will meet with CENTCOM and Special Operations Command at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida on Tuesday to “discuss regional security concerns and ongoing operations,” according to Ortagus, after calling several world leaders over the weekend to discuss America’s evidence that Iran was behind last week’s attacks.

There is no information what plans those talks were about.

[Another very unusal sign is that the old war criminal Henry Kissinger visited the Pentagon yesterday and today.]

Trump already had difficulties to find a new Secretary of Defense. Shanahan was not his first choice. To now find a new candidate will be difficult.

It is unlikely that the U.S. would launch a war without a Secretary of Defense in place.

Bolton and Pompeo obviously want a war on Iran and they try their best to instigate it. They need a new SecDef in place as soon as possible.

Pompeo served five years as officer in the U.S. army. He has extensive political experience. Would he want to become Secretary of Defense?

That would leave the Secretary of State position open for John Bolton to move in. The confirmation would be a bit difficult but the Senate is in Republican hands and might go with it.

One of Bolton’s cronies could then take over the National Security Advisor position.

From the war-hawks’ point of view it would be the ideal configuration to launch a big one.

Source: Moon of Alabama

  1. Undecider says

    The FBI does background checks? How did Hillary pass?

    1. ravenise says

      Is this the same Pentagon official who received death threats from the JCC bomber in Israel, against his children?

  2. JustPassingThrough says

    try this for further insights into the iran situation:

    Declassified: The Sino-Russian Masterplan To End U.S. Dominance In Middle East

  3. thomas malthaus says

    If military experience mattered, John Bolton is unqualified for his position.

    Esper went to West Point. My opinion is that he’s as militant and Deep State as they come. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s close friends with Pompeo.

    I don’t think Shanahan wants any part of the upcoming Iran ops.
    Not being present at meetings with other generals and admirals seems to reflect his status: persona non grata.

    1. Styx says

      “Not being persona at meetings with other generals and admirals seems to reflect his status: persona non grata.”

      or he simply can’t stand the guts (in the apparent absence of thereof) of them ..

  4. All_has_An _END_. says

    This is a must read , very very scary. By Dr Giraldi

    Israel never loses an opportunity to promote what it perceives to be its
    interests. That any nation would do just that most of the time should
    surprise no one, but Israel is perhaps unique in terms of how
    assiduously it works at creating situations that favor it through the
    use of corruption of foreign governments and subversion of existing
    institutions. For most countries, the actions of a minority that seeks
    to advance the interests of a foreign nation would face strong
    resistance, but Israel manages to get away with what it does due to the
    presence of powerful and wealthy diaspora communities, most particularly
    in the Anglophone countries, but also in France.

    The Israel Lobby in the United States has been subjected to some scrutiny
    thanks largely to the impetus provided by Professors John Mearsheimer
    and Stephen Walt’s groundbreaking study The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy.
    More recent revelations have come from undercover journalism undertaken
    by al-Jazeera, which has demonstrated how British Jewish groups and
    parliamentarians have worked together with Israeli Embassy intelligence
    officers to remove public officials believed to be critical of Israel.
    Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, has been on the receiving end
    of a campaign to replace him for his alleged anti-Semitism solely
    because he has condemned Israeli oppression of the Palestinians. A
    second al-Jazeera investigation demonstrated how The Lobby, cooperating
    with the Israeli Embassy, has been controlling discussion of the Middle
    East in the United States, which should have surprised no one.

    Europe indeed appears to be a hotbed of anti-Semitism, or so Israel and its
    friends would have us believe. Leaders in France, Germany and Britain
    feel compelled to frequently address the issue, making the equivalent of
    a war on anti-Semitism a principal objective of government. The United
    States has joined this effort, appointing a Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism whose job includes reporting other countries’ treatment of Jews and Israel.
    The newest wrinkle comes under the category of Lawfare. It consists of hate
    crime laws that are directed against anyone criticizing Jews and,
    increasingly, Israel. In fact, any criticism of Israel is frequently
    being seen as a criminal offense, a trend that is also evident in the
    United States at the national, state and local levels, where Jewish
    groups have also been quick off the mark in claiming that anti-Semitism
    is surging. Freedom of speech in the western world has been diminished
    as a result.

    Diaspora Jews are well entrenched in the media, which has enabled them to
    promote a narrative favorable to Israel no matter what it does, to
    include a repetitive dose of holocaust guilt that plays out from
    Hollywood and elsewhere in the media. The assiduously cultivated message
    for the public is that Jews are always the victims, never the
    aggressors, even when IDF snipers shoot Arab children and medical
    workers during protests.

    Perhaps more seriously damaging are the technology thefts and deliberate export of American jobs to the Jewish state
    by Israelis and their diaspora billionaire friends, as well as general
    interference in and spying on the U.S. government at all levels. But
    perhaps the most outrageous initiatives engaged in by the Jewish state
    are the direct attempts to manage U.S. policies by subverting individual
    Americans who are or will be well placed to influence U.S. government
    decision making. It is well known how new Congressmen and spouses are
    treated to an all expenses paid trip to Israel by an affiliate of the
    American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which is little more
    than a propaganda exercise designed to influence their thinking about
    what is going on in the Middle East while at the same time impressing
    them regarding the power and wealth of The Lobby. The pandering to
    Israel is frequently extreme. Late last month, Florida’s governor Ron
    DeSantis, who has declared himself the most pro-Israel governor in the
    U.S., held a possibly illegal meeting of his state’s governing cabinet
    in Jerusalem.

    A recent article in the Jerusalem Post ( demonstrates another aspect of how extensive Israeli efforts to
    infiltrate and corrupt American institutions to their benefit actually
    are. The article describes how “Close to 40 American cadets and officers
    wrapped up a two-week long trip to Poland and Israel on Monday, meeting
    with high-ranking military officers to learn about the Jewish State and
    the reality of its security situation. The trip, organized by Our Soldiers Speak
    (OSS), left a deep impression on the visiting service members who hail
    from the West Point Military Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the
    Virginia Military Institute, with some even voicing their readiness to
    fight and if necessary die alongside IDF troops.”
    It was the third such visit to Israel by a group of representative military
    cadets. The travelers were treated to )guilt first with stops at
    concentration camps in Poland. They then were subjected to the Israeli
    point of view through “high-level briefings from current and former
    policymakers and commentators from across the spectrum in the areas of
    security, strategy, international relations, law, politics, and more.”

    Make no mistake, the entire exercise was a scarcely concealed bid to set up
    what one might regard as the recruitment of future Israeli spies within
    the U.S. military. Such spies, who will plausibly be able to promote
    policies favorable to Israel, are referred to as “agents of influence.”
    Benjamin Anthony, the Director of OSS, admitted as much, saying that
    “This unparalleled experience enables American cadets to learn about
    hot-button issues and matters of utmost strategic importance in the
    Middle East firsthand. By forging bonds between the cadets and Israeli
    military officers, we are laying the groundwork for future understanding
    and productive interactions. We wanted to impact people who will be in
    leaderships positions a short time after the trip to Israel. All of them
    will be in command positions two or three years after this trip and
    they will be better informed about America’s greatest ally in the Middle
    East and the world.”

    The cadets, who apparently received no pre-trip briefings from their
    respective institutions regarding Israeli spying, naively accepted
    everything they were presented with and appear to have believed they
    were hearing the unvarnished truth about the Middle East. They even
    compared the Jewish state favorably to their own country. One cadet,
    Stephen Marn of the Virginia Military Institute, enthused that “Israel
    has so many enemies knocking on their back door yet the people in
    Jerusalem were happy, enjoying life… it was an amount of true patriotism
    that I don’t see in America today. I got pretty emotional.”

    Marn, who will receive a commission in the U.S. Army, said that he can
    “absolutely” see himself fighting alongside IDF officers. “No question,
    without a doubt,” he said with a smile. West Point cadet Travis Afuso
    agreed, saying “Absolutely. We have a shared understanding of the
    threats, a shared set of values based on freedom and democracy and those
    are the things which will allow us to fight together and if necessary
    to die by each other’s side if that’s what it comes to. If that is what
    my country asked of us, if I was sent here, I would be proud to stand by
    the soldiers of the IDF.”

    Afuso also admired how “Every soldier we spoke to had a deep need to serve.
    They understand that there will be no Israel unless people are willing
    to die for Israel. A lot of people in America need to understand that
    nothing is free and you have to work for it.”

    The comments of the cadets are regrettably similar to the effusions by U.S. Air Force Lieutenant General Richard Clark, who has enthused that
    American soldiers are “prepared to die for the Jewish state” and also
    added that they would “probably” be under the command of Israeli Air
    Force General Zvika Haimovitch, who would decide on the involvement of
    U.S. personnel. Haimovitch commented “I am sure…we will find U.S. troops
    on the ground…to defend the state of Israel.” The two generals were
    referring to the fact that the U.S. already has airmen stationed
    permanently at Israel’s Mashabim Air Base in spite of the fact that the
    two countries have no defense agreement of any kind. The Americans,
    though few in number, would serve as a trip wire to guarantee that
    Washington would become involved in any war that Israel chooses to

    The fact that future military officers are so naïve as to accept a dog and
    pony show presented by a foreign government that urgently needs
    uncritical American support is discouraging. The VIP tour they took was
    no doubt escorted by good looking young Israeli male and female
    soldiers, the food they ate was probably exceptional, and one might bet
    that the high officials they spoke to actually pretended to care about
    the cadets on a personal level. Once those cadets become military
    officers in responsible positions a few years down the road good buddy
    Benjamin from the IDF will show up with a dinner invitation to talk
    about old times. At dinner, Ben will ask for a favor. That is how an
    intelligence operation targeting certain groups or demographics works.
    Relax, we love you.

    But what is really surprising is how the trip was organized and paid for. In
    spite of all the activity by the organization being focused on Israel
    and its interests, OSS is not Israeli. It is American, funded by the
    usual Jewish oligarchs and organizations. The “Our Soldiers” referred to
    are Israelis, demonstrating one again where the actual loyalty of some
    American Jews resides. OSS is somewhat similar to the odious U.S.-based Friends of the Israel Defense Forces, which routinely raises millions of dollars in gala events in Hollywood and New York City.

    Both of the Israeli front organizations are IRS approved 501(c)3, a status
    normally granted to groups that are either educational or charitable.
    Donations are tax exempt, which means that the American taxpayers are
    footing part of the bill for organizations that are plausibly recruiting
    spies within the United States government and also supporting a
    military that is in no way allied with the U.S. It would be very
    interesting to ask a Congressman how that came about, but he or she
    would be too terrified to respond, while inquiries to Treasury would
    undoubtedly land on the desk of the same Jewish bureaucrat who granted
    the exemptions in the first place. Unfortunately, in Washington some
    things never change.

    Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the
    National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation
    (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S.
    foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

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