Trump Decries NYT Claim of Secret US Cyberwar on Russia as ‘Treason’ and ‘Fake News’

Ehm, which one is it?

For all of Trump’s rage at NYT this didn’t come out of nowhere. Trump’s own National Security Advisor was first to claim this week that the US had moved into the realm of conducting “offensive cyber operations” vs Russia over election interference and vs China over business espionage. The NYT merely added the Russian power grid angle which would be “retaliation” for, and deterrence against, “attacks” on US power grid that Moscow has likewise been accused of. Maybe Trump should look into his own house first?

Editor’s note: That’s good news. If the US hasn’t been trying to infect Russia with STUXNET 2.0 I think we will all breathe a sigh of relief. That said, is it treason or is it fake news? It’s either one or the other.

Following a bombastic report that US government hackers are targeting Russia’s power grid, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to accuse the NY Times of spreading fake news detrimental to US credibility and national security.

“This is a virtual act of Treason by a once great paper so desperate for a story, any story, even if bad for our Country…” Trump tweeted on Saturday evening, before realizing that he forgot to actually dismiss the report of Washington increasingly targeting Moscow in a cyber-warfare campaign as “fake news.”

“…..ALSO, NOT TRUE!” he added in a follow-up tweet, without specifying whether the report was untrue in its entirety – or just the specifics like the targets of US cyber-offenses or their gravity.

The US leader also stopped short of explaining what exactly he believes constitutes treason – the mere fact that the paper unveiled Washington’s presumably top-secret operation, or that the revelation might further erode the US’ image as the world’s moral beacon.

In an in-depth yet frustratingly void-of-details report on Saturday, the New York Times treated its readers to a carousel of security officials talking up their “aggressive” posture, including one faceless intelligence spook who bragged “We are doing things at a scale we never contemplated a few years ago.” Now just imagine the media hysteria if it were the other way around…

Source: RT

  1. che guevera says

    Trump is just not accepting how out of the loop he is. Does he really think Bolton or the CIA informs him ? of anything they might not want to ? Hell no, he is out of the loop. Just like with G.W., the intelligence quotient is so low people just orchestrate behind his back, let him find out by reading the papers. LOL. G.W. was informed of 9/11 while reading my Pet Goat. LOL.

  2. All_has_An _END_. says

    Trump is finding out the hard way (newspaper) is he is just a puppet.
    CIA /MIC/Deep state/Bankers/Israel to Trump: “US Presidents are puppets Mr President”

  3. Canosin says

    the Divided States of Zionist America has lost all credibility…… a disgrace and shame for all decent righteous US citizen…..
    it’s not new anymore, since the presidency of Reagan, H. W. Bush, Clinton, Bush the Lesser, Obama and now Trump…. the united states of hypocrisy has become a laughing stock….. regardless of the military might…. world is just waiting for the inevitable fall…. soon….
    than the payback wiil start…..the list of misdeeds is very very long. …
    imagine what will remain of the Divided States of Zionist America.. .. (after finishing)….considering that the US is just about 4% of the world population…… hmmm…..

    1. All_has_An _END_. says

      I think the US as we know it today will not exist, I can see this country divided into at least 3 new countries easily down the road, Think Texas, Cali, the easy coast etc…

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