Trump Cancels Taliban Meeting After Learning It’s THAT Taliban

He thought it was the Teletubbies

An entirely different group of oppressive Pakistani-backed Afghan Islamists

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Trump called off a meeting with the Taliban scheduled to occur at Camp David after realizing it’s actually the same Taliban known for its brutal treatment of Afghans under Islamic law.

An aide reportedly asked Trump if everything was still on for the Taliban meeting: “Are we still good to have the terror-linked Taliban groups over to the presidential retreat this weekend?”

“Huh?” Trump replied, a look of concern on his face. Then a jolt of realization hit him. “Wait—it’s THAT Taliban!?”

The aide checked her notes and confirmed that it was the same Taliban.

“I don’t think so,” Trump said. “I thought it was those funny little guys in the suits with the purple Twinkie Winkie guy. I was pretty explicit that I wanted to meet those guys. Very funny guys.”

Nervously shuffling her feet, the aide replied that was actually the Teletubbies and that they’ve been off the air for years. She also wasn’t clear as to why Trump would want to meet with them, but she didn’t press him any further and Trump didn’t elaborate.

“Could have sworn they were called Taliban. Huh. Cancel this thing right away then. Who thought this was a good idea? I want that person fired immediately!” Trump shouted.

“And get me the Teletubbies!”

Source: The Babylon Bee

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  1. thomas malthaus says

    You wonder if the Russians and Chinese see a strategic opportunity to negotiate with the Taliban and the Ghani government in light of US refusal to peace overtures or complete US troop withdrawal.

    It might initially involve overseeing upcoming election in a manner that both Afghan parties can agree to without, God forbid, US meddling.

    I’m reminded of US sponsorship of Al Qaeda during the late 70s and 80s, trying to thwart the Soviets will there.

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