Trump Blasts “Two-Faced” Trudeau to Put Cherry on Top of Farcical NATO Summit

Now here is one summit which truly delivered

Trump’s not wrong on Trudeau
  • Donald Trump canceled his final NATO press conference on Wednesday
  • Cancelation means he wasn’t on TV during Wednesday morning’s must-watch impeachment hearings, being held by the House Judiciary Committee
  • Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson were caught gossiping while Princess Anne stands with them
  • Nobody mentions Trump by name, but they appear to be referencing an impromptu press conference he gave
  • Boris asks ‘Is that why you were late?’ and Trudeau replies: ‘Because he takes a 40 minute press conference’
  • Trump called Trudeau ‘two-faced’ and said the Canadian leader was mad because he demanded Ottawa fulfil its funding obligations to NATO
  • ‘That was funny when I said that guy was two-faced,’ he was heard telling aides later, in his own hot mic moment later

Donald Trump on Wednesday sniped at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, one of the world leaders caught sniping at the U.S. president during a reception at Buckingham Palace.

‘He’s two-faced,’ he said of Trudeau, complaining that Canada is delinquent in spending 2 per cent of its GDP on defense—something members of the alliance all pledge to do.

And then in a hot-mic moment of his own later in the afternoon, Trump was overheard saying after speaking to Italy’s prime minister: ‘That was funny when I said that guy was two-faced.’ 

The remark was heard by a radio reporter who still had access to sound from the room after journalists were told to leave.

Trump canceled his final press conference at the NATO summit on Wednesday after Trudeau and two other world leaders – Emmanuel Macron of France and Boris Johnson of Britain – were caught on their own hot mic roasting him, with Princess Anne, the Queen’s daughter, nodding along.

The president had spoken with reporters for more than two hours since arriving in London on Monday and claimed he had answered enough questions.

He left the NATO summit on schedule, returning to the U.S. on Air Force One with First Lady Melania Trump, who had spent the day with schoolchildren in East London.

He told reporters during a brief press availability Wednesday afternoon in London that ‘[if] you’re demanding a press conference we’ll do one, but I think we’ve answered plenty of questions.’

‘I’ll cancel the news conference. I’ve done so many,’ he added an hour later at a planned luncheon, adding: ‘I think that’s enough.’ 

And in a tweet, he announced: ‘When today’s meetings are over, I will be heading back to Washington. We won’t be doing a press conference at the close of NATO because we did so many over the past two days. Safe travels to all!’

Trump’s cancelation means he won’t be on TV in the now-customary attempt to pre-empt Wednesday morning’s must-watch impeachment hearings, being held by the House Judiciary Committee.

Trudeau, French President Emmanuel Macron, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte were caught at a Buckingham Palace NATO reception Tuesday night, appearing to gossip about the length of Trump’s unexpectedly long press briefings. 

In a clip, the three world leaders seem to be discussing why the French leader was late during the London summit, held to mark the alliance’s 70th anniversary. The UK’s Princess Anne also appears to be involved in the discussion.

None of the men mention Trump by name but Rutte is heard joking with Macron about the ‘fake news media,’ with Trudeau appearing to refer to the U.S. president’s talks with the press on Tuesday.

Trump had spoken at length to reporters in the afternoon after an awkward press availability with Macron, following on from an earlier and equally lengthy morning press chat after a sit-down with NATO president Jens Stoltenberg.

In the clip,  Johnson asks: ‘Is that why you were late?’ as he stoops down and chuckles in disbelief, before Trudeau, swigging from his drink, shoots back: ‘He was late because he takes a 40 minute press conference off the top.’

The video then cuts to a later clip, which is without context, and sees Macron pointing furiously before Mr Rutte exclaims ‘fake news media’ and Trudeau adds: ‘You just watched his team’s jaws drop to the floor.’  He then motions as if his jaw is dropping. However, it is not known if Trump is the focus of that comment as the video has been edited.

Source: The Daily Mail

  1. Mary E says

    I can imagine that many of the US presidents, so many of them dummies in their own right, being laughed at and mimicked in Europe by their leaders! The US is a delusional
    government with lowlifes and idiots running the show…they are seriously big and important only in their own minds..

  2. ArcAngel says

    An idiot fest stabbing each other in the back. An WE have to pay for this vile disgusting psycho fest.

  3. CHUCKMAN says

    Good choice for a Trudeau photo at the top.

    He’s not just two-faced, Justin is Canada’s own burden, different completely in style and content from Trump, but just about as empty and ineffective and unrealistic.

    For those who don’t know, the photo is one of several of Justin performing in blackface that came to light during the recent election. They are from twenty to thirty years ago, a time way past the age of innocence in such matters.

    It was embarrassing for such a pious millennialist voice about equality.

    He was re-elected (to a minority government) by just under one-third of voters, an historic low, and a sad comment on the state of Canadian democracy. Had he kept his original-election word about ballot reform (ending first-past-the post) or had the opposition parties run stronger candidates, he would be unemployed now.

    His father, Pierre, by the way was a truly great national leader with many historic accomplishments. Especially brave in foreign affairs, openly opposing the US on Vietnam and on Cuba. All of his achievements them seem to have been forgotten by the frivolous and rather cowardly Justin.

    1. DarkEyes says

      Mind me saying but you might have a read at the real history of your man Pierre Trudeau and what he really did to Canada. And that was not too good to say it mildly.


      1. CHUCKMAN says

        I never mind anyone’s saying anything they are sincere about.

        Sorry, I lived through it all. And I did read a book or two.

        I am a person who has always taken an interest in current affairs and history. And Pierre’s was a pretty exciting time for Canada.

        I even shook hands with him once when he was campaigning in a crowd.

        Pierre certainly had faults and made mistakes, but they do not characterize him, not at all, and he had towering achievements.

        He was tough, had a razor-sharp mind, and was quite courageous at times.

        None of those descriptions fits Justin.

        He was reluctant for a long time even to enter politics despite the advantage of his famous name – I think because he knew his serious shortcomings,

        The guy was a drama coach and a snowboard instructor. His father studied at Université de Montréal, Harvard, and the London School of Economics.

        But Justin gave in to flattery finally, and the Liberals did win with the Trudeau name and Justin’s smile.

        But he has been in my view close to a total failure as PM.

        You might enjoy:

    2. Mary E says

      The main thing that might be considered cowardly about Trudeau is that he is paying the US for defense of European countries..Why would Canada pay the Mafia US for protection?? .Canada can certainly defend themselves in the event of an invasion, however remote that would be. Unless….it was the US..

  4. JustPassingThrough says

    the baltics including PL must really be in awe listening to the gods that are going to save them from the nasty russians. the art of the no-deal.

  5. Mychal Arnold says

    The warmongers squabble. Putin must be rolling on the Persian carpet laughing his guts out! The end is nigh!

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