Trudeau Claims Truckers Only Hate Him Because He’s Black

A “freedom convoy” of Canadian truckers is on its way to Ottawa in protest of vaccine mandates. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pushing back at accusations of tyrannical government overreach by claiming the truckers just hate him because he’s black.

“As a proud black man, this is the kind of discrimination I have faced my whole life,” said Trudeau in a nationwide address over Zoom. “These truckers are a bunch of racist white men. They’re probably not even gay.”

“They only hate me because I’m black!”

Trudeau, who is currently quarantining in spite of a negative COVID-19 test, also sent off dozens of angry letters to “whoever hires truckers” because of all the racism. While literally shaking, he wrote, “If you oppose vaccines you are racist, sexist, and think a Snow White remake is a good idea.”

His intern passed the letters on to Canadian Mounties who rode to the four corners of Canada to take the message to the people.

Trudeau, who is suspiciously not black looking, was offended when members attempted to spin his statement, suggesting he was merely close to the black community.

“I am not speaking metaphorically,” said Trudeau. “Look at my skin. It’s as black as night. It’s midnight black!”

“If you weren’t so naively color blind you’d understand,” he added.

At publishing time, President Biden lent his support to Trudeau, calling him a ‘surprisingly articulate black fella’.

Source: The Babylon Bee

Text max contain traces of satire.

  1. Raptar Driver says
    1. D FERGi says

      The Link above contains a Virus.

    2. D FERGi says

      The Link above contains a Virus.

  2. Cap960 says

    Black face Trudeau is telling the truth for once! Lol.

    1. Mr Reynard says
  3. Geraldo says

    another neoliberal coward! Did a runner and hid in his bunker. I don’t get what the nazi Ukrainian diaspora who got him elected see in this little pale boy, presumably someone they could boss around.

    1. Helga Weber says

      The RCMP brought him to a safe location, that is the word here in Ottawa

    2. Charlie says

      What an evil man this Trudeau is. How can anyone anyone listen to him. The truckers are great people and represent a large majority of those against these controlling vaccine mandates.

  4. Tom says

    Trudeau is a Communist — His biologic father was Fidel Castro

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Communist ??? Nahh.. Just your usual piece of shit !

    2. Jerôme says

      This is a fact, and truth!

    3. Martillo says

      Mommah was a hookah and would blow a room for a snort of…blow. Well known fact. Just ask Pierre if you can get get a hot line to hell.

  5. Mr Reynard says

    It’s reality & NOT a satire ?

  6. Jerôme says

    Chase that son of a bitch Justin Castro to China’s exile fotever!

  7. TRM says

    These truckers have shown everyone how you attack infrastructure without violence. The Irishman Michael Collins said “Attack the infrastructure” and “Isolate and eliminate the locals going along with it not the higher ups”. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get to part 2.

    Now imagine if hundreds of people took their cars downtown and pulled into the left turn lane or on/off ramp, turned the car off, put the hazard lights, lift the hood and wait 5 minutes then “fix” it and leave before the cops or tow trucks get there. Traffic backs up and causes huge problems.

    If one person does it there is not much effect but if 10-100 do it on one part of the city it grinds to a halt. This is impossible to stop and could be communicated publicly “Wed at Noon Downtown”. Cars come from a dozen random directions and stop/stall. 

  8. Steve Ginn says

    They only hate him because he is a narcissistic, lying, white piece of sh1t!

    1. Juan says

      His face might be “white”, but his heart is a putrid, stenching, black mass of gangrene.

  9. Martillo says

    Whereever you look in the bankrupt “western democracies” you find a gaggle of transgendermutant retard morons like Turdeau, Creepy Joe’s Kamel, Ardern, Barebock, Bozo the Britlander and ilk who could not hold down a job in a library or car wash. The kakistocracy has been pandering in the prurient interest to the idiot low lifers in these societies by grooming immoral freakish shills and retards for 20 years or so. Finally real people, who keep our crumbling, divided societies together (for now) are standing up and taking back our world. Mutant retard clowns are out and so is the pedovore satanic scum that has glove puppeted this vermin every step along the covaid$ path to Klaws Slob’s silly con chip retard dystopia. The truckers and their followers in Canada have the pussy Turdeau on the run and all the vertical pigs in Canada can not save his filthy ass. He is gone already. Now that Canada is awake, Oz is next.

  10. silver9blue says

    You can convince some of the people some of the time but you can’t convince all the people all of the time.

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