Training Ukrainians for US Artillery Guns Takes Just 6 Days

I said this could be done “inside a week”:

Operating a howitzer isn’t far different from operating any piece of heavy and precise machinery. Like a lathe operator switching to a new lathe, a person who is already an artilleryman can retrain to a new tube inside a week.

The New York Times confirms it is taking 6 days:

The bottleneck is training. The United States has so far trained about 200 Ukrainian soldiers in six-day courses at bases in Germany. The Ukrainian military divided this group roughly in half, sending some to the front and others to train more Ukrainians. Training soldiers for all 90 guns — the amount that are scheduled to arrive — could take another several weeks, said Mykhailo Zhirokhov, the author of a book on artillery in Ukraine’s war with Russian-backed separatists, “Gods of Hybrid War.’

As long as you have one or two guys per gun who were already artillerymen on a Soviet caliber then 155mm is no big deal. Also having a conscript system Ukraine has access to numerous civilians who are former gun crews.

Teaching them to use the guided rounds would take longer, but those aren’t being provided anyway. (Canada has sent a small number, but not the US. The rounds are $60,000 a pop.)

(Mind you the Ukrainians have their own “Kvitnyk” guided rounds for the 152mm guns so it’s not like they’re entirely unfamiliar. It’s just a matter of learning a new interface.)

  1. YakovKedmi says

    General Strelkov Girkin (war minister of Donetsk) announced that Ukraine in fact is winning this special operation.

    General Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine’s spy chief, told in an interview that before the end of this year Ukraine has to enter Crimea to re-take it. Russia has two choices, a) get rid of Putin & the gang behind and around him, give up all territory attached to Russia in the past 20-40-50 years, and exist as a smaller, quieter, non-imperial Russia; b) keep the siloviki enforcers and watch how the empire is partitioned into at least three entities.

    On the battle-fields of Ukraine, the Russian Expeditionary Force is finally operating without excuses. Since May 10 they are performing and showing what they are capable of doing. Inch by inch, acre by acre, but they are making progress and gaining territory. The (expected ?) Kramatorsk Pocket didn’t happen, but a pocket is forming around SeveroDonetsk, and 25,000 Ukrainian defenders are facing the prospect of being encircled in a week —the recent double-cross and betrayal of the defenders of the Azov Steel Mill by Moldor Zelensky should give them plenty to consider.

    Since May 10 we have also seen what the Army of Ukraine is capable of doing. They are holding up, they are grinding the Russians; but they are losing ground day by day (even though they shouldn’t).

    If Ukraine is losing 100 soldiers a day, how many soldiers is Russia losing ? Is the attacking force not losing as many soldiers as the defending force ? How much equipment has Russia lost in the past 85 days ?

    900,000 rubles for 90 days ! that is close to what Soloviev makes.

    What will be left of the Russian Expeditionary Force by June 15 ? Will there be anything left in them to march on Odessa ? It is clear that the Army of Ukraine is able and willing to do another 100 days of grinding.

    1. asd says

      I ask genuinely, what is the double-cross betrayal you speak of ? Have a link to a good article ?

      1. YakovKedmi says

        >>> “a good article”
        You don’t need someone to tell you what to think, your own brain function is enough. Look up what Zelensky had said in the 30 days prior to the bus-ride to Evacuation City.

  2. GMC says

    Ya well I can land My Cessna on a 600 foot runway in Alaska but that doesn’t mean you can. The Russians are willing to lose soldiers to take out the Ukies/Nato and their proxies – they will acclimate to any situation it takes because they are fighting in their front yard and have the whole back yard to regroup in. It’s an American war – where every good Indian { slav} is a dead Indian { slav{. Unless the US Jews and Nato cowboy up and put boots on the ground to die in significant numbers – Russia can take all the time they need to – since they are in their front yard.

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