Top Navy SEAL Admiral Fires Entire Leadership of Eddie Gallagher’s SEAL Team 7

For "breakdown of good order and discipline"

The top admiral in charge of Naval Special Warfare has fired the entire leadership team of SEAL Team 7 over a “breakdown of good order and discipline,” a Navy official told Task & Purpose on Friday.

Cmdr. Edward Mason, the commanding officer of ST7; Lt. Cmdr. Luke Im, the executive officer; and Command Master Chief Hugh Spangler were all relieved of their leadership posts on Friday, said Capt. Tamara Lawrence, a spokeswoman for Naval Special Warfare Command.

The relief was carried out by Rear Adm. Collin Green, the commanding officer of NSW. Lawrence said their relief was “due to a loss of confidence that resulted from leadership failures that caused a breakdown of good order and discipline within two subordinate units while deployed to combat zones.”

The spokeswoman declined to name who would take their place, citing operational security concerns for those SEALs and their families.

The “two subordinate units” may be references to ST7 Alpha and Foxtrot Platoon, though Lawrence declined to name them when asked by Task & Purpose.

SEAL Team 7 Alpha Platoon made national news after SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher was accused of war crimes during a 2017 deployment to Mosul, Iraq. While Gallagher was acquitted on murder charges in early July, testimony at his court-martial revealed that members of the platoon had constructed their own rooftop bar in Iraq and engaged in other alleged misconduct on deployment.

More recently, the entirety of SEAL Team 7 Foxtrot Platoon was pulled out of Iraq last month amid allegations of a boozy Fourth of July party and an allegation of sexual assault. On Friday, Navy Times reported that a master chief in another detachment from Team 7 had been relieved over alleged misconduct.

The relief of the team’s top leaders comes amid these and other high-profile scandals in the SEAL community that has ignited a discussion amongst the senior ranks about ethics and discipline in the small force, which numbers less than 2,500 personnel in a Navy of more than 437,000 active-duty and reserve sailors.

Green sent a letter to commanders in July proclaiming that “we have a problem,” while urging them to detail what issues they see and provide recommendations by Aug. 7 on how to get the SEAL community off the skyline.

“I don’t know yet if we have a culture problem,” Green wrote in a letter to the command. “I do know that we have a good order and discipline problem [and a war crimes problem] that must be addressed immediately.”

“Some of our subordinate formations have failed to maintain good order and discipline and as a result and for good reason,” the culture of the SEALs “is being questioned,” he added.

Source: Task & Purpose

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  2. Jessica Andersen says

    I don’t drink alcohol, but I don’t have a problem with deployed military members using alcohol as a means to relax IF it is imbibed at reasonable levels and during their off hours.

  3. W. Mathew Drumm says

    It’s been suggested by friends/acquaintances in the PMC community that Chief Gallagher was an old school disciplinarian of the rocks and shoals variety, and that sailors in his unit got butthurt over being smacked upside the head, etc for doing stupid shit that could get people killed. Imagine that!

    1. Brian Moore says

      So they went ahead and accused him of murder? Geezus…

      1. W. Mathew Drumm says

        Big target, big bullet. If I had to guess I’d say they probably didn’t see it going as far as it did. Throw in overzealous and unethical JAG prosecutors who saw their next promotion in taking down a much decorated SEAL and the shit they pulled and you have what we saw.

    2. Antonio Vereen says

      Those sound like excuses.

      1. W. Mathew Drumm says

        No excuse. If true the chief was doing his thing to keep his people straight and make sure they had their shit together. The snowflake approach is a non-starter in a combat zone, and if that was why he got hemmed up to begin with then too bad.

        1. Antonio Vereen says

          We are speculating. Not reading my bio but I am a retired Sr NCO with multiple deployments with the 82nd. Got the T Shirt. I think it was more than that. But enjoy that narrative. 👍🏾

          1. W. Mathew Drumm says

            I agree, it is entirely speculation. I have no reason to doubt my friends’ account of what the chief was like in the field though. No one seems to be twitching as much under daylight right now as the JAG corps in San Diego or the former CoC of ST7.

    3. Satchopage says

      I doubt they went through these extremes just because they didnt like the guy. Likely he did what he was accused of and the prosecution threw the case because the president meddled in on it.

      1. W. Mathew Drumm says

        The prosecution screwed the pooch when they engaged in misconduct; suppression of exculpatory evidence/testimony, defense witness harrassment/intimidation and illicit surveillance of defense counsel. All Trump did was tweet about it.

        As for doubting they (Gallagher’s men) would go to such lengths consider the fact that they needed to rid themselves of not just what they considered a troublesome superior, but one of serious renown. A simple “Chief Gallagher hurt my feelings!” wasn’t going to suffice. They needed some serious shit to stick, but the bottom fell out when a sailor couldn’t perjure himself.

        1. Brian Moore says


  4. chris chuba says

    Didn’t you hear, Gallagher was exonerated because a medic said that he suffocated the wounded prisoner before Gallagher’s knife wounds killed him. Great defense.

    1. Brian D Haas says

      Wrong. He said it was because he knew what the Iraqis would do to him. You couldn’t be more wrong.

    2. ylwpgsmn says

      Im glad he was killed…..that same isis militant would kill you and your if he had the chance. When isis hurts 2 of our guys we should send 100 if thise sobs to the morgue! Period!!!!

      1. Satchopage says

        Those guys defending their home. Cant blame those guys either though. Shouldnt be over there. Aint nobody attacking except US and Israel. Coming from a vet

      2. Brian D Haas says

        Amen. Too many people love sending folks to fight their wars, but don’t wanna hear about the monster that has to be released in order to defeat the monsters we are fighting.

  5. Undecider says

    A rooftop bar. That’s something I’d fully expect any American service person to do in any time or place, combat zone or not. Don’t these “leaders” have a sense of fun and humor? Just don’t hurt anyone in the process.

    1. Brian D Haas says

      They think these SEALs have been the only ones drinking on deployments? Jeez, that’s just stupid. Speaking from experience, it couldn’t be more common than changing socks.

    2. Jax says

      Rooftop bar in a war zone, and the supposed to be Special operators with the highest discipline and professionalism? Absolutely Not.. I guess they just got so caught up with their Hollywood persona that they forgot who the represent… They should all be fired. Not just the leadership. They knew better…….

      1. Brian D Haas says

        MANY MANY people and units were drinking when deployed. To the point that I’d say it’s common. This was nothing special.

        1. Messier M41 says

          BS. Drinking alcohol in deployed areas forward is a big no-no. Stop lying because that shit ain’t common and you haven’t deployed.

  6. CHUCKMAN says

    Smiling psychopaths wrapped up in flags, whatever else they’ve done.

    1. Louis Winterbower says

      Heard you were Omars butt wiper. Is that true?

      1. CHUCKMAN says

        God, what a clever comment!

        Just remarkable that you could come up with something like that.

        You provide the fitting punctuation to my words on the subject of SEALS and the like.

        1. Louis Winterbower says

          The fact that you’re nothing but a limpwristed canadian bean counter who probably NEVER been a fight in your life proves that you’re nothing if not less than nothing compared to a soldier even in YOUR OWN COUNTRIES army. Until you and your GAY boyfriend Treaudu experience the same conditions and mental thought processes these REAL men experience, id keep my lips tightly pressed together. Like you do when your blowing your boyfriend. He’s even said you can’t even do that right. Since you live in a feminine pantyliner country ANYWAY I bet youre only mouthy behind the keyboard.

          1. Diancamus says

            Sorry sir, but it is not wrong to criticize if your country is wrong. That’s how accountability works, that way it ensures that mistakes are not repeated. Every country makes mistakes, we are not the exception. I’m a 10 year Marine veteran, before you try to comment anything to undermine what I said.

    2. Steven Hoffman says

      You wouldn’t be equal to camel crap on a dirty SEAL’s boot.
      Go kiss that f@g son of Castro- Truedouche you have for your “leader”.

  7. DarkEyes says

    Cancel the entire dead squad which is so secret that nobody is to know they are erected as being nothing else than alleged warcriminals.

    BTW, there are no bad SEALS-members, there are only bad SEALS-Managers.

    No good Seals Managers, no good Seals-employees.

  8. JustPassingThrough says

    so what?
    a killer is a killer is a killer is a psychopath.

    1. Louis Winterbower says

      And a sissy loving faggot like you is a mommas boy.

      1. JustPassingThrough says

        my, my got your feathers ruffled, rambo.
        you are an example of the “self control” the article implies is missing.
        bravo! lmao

        1. Louis Winterbower says

          And just like your moniker says I see you, just passing through everyday when I flush.

          1. JustPassingThrough says

            louis your so quaint.
            tell us how brave you are.

            1. Louis Winterbower says

              Braver than you more’n likely.

  9. Peter Five-Oh says

    The are the creme de la creme of the US Navy.

    1. Peter J. Fazio says

      Oh BULLSHIT! They have a different mission. That does not mean that outstanding sailors in every area of the U.S.N. are not doing an outstanding job!

  10. John C Carleton says

    The Pentagon has been sending American children, to invade countries which did not attack America, murder their innocent civilians, mothers, children, grandmothers, as well as murdering people of the invaded land who dare to fight back against the USA War Crimes.

    All of this is done for sewer politics, and Anti-American evil owners of criminal international corporations and pedophile Usury ‘bankers’.

    And they are shocked at the moral breakdown in the troops?


    1. Jax says

      Okay America hater… First off, American special operators dont act like that. We dont kill innocent women and children, we protect them when scumb bags use those women and children as shields. We put ourselves between the bad guy and the innocent. So dont go rambling on about shit you know nothing about. You must because liberal that sucked on your mommas titties until you were 12 years old. If America wasn’t in those middle east or African countries fighting evil, the evil would be here in America. Leave your America hating BS at your own dinner table Dont spew that crap on here…

      1. Brian Moore says


      2. L&G says

        Did you read what the article was about???

      3. John C Carleton says

        “America hater.”

        I see you are ignorant of reality.
        USA Is a foreign for profit corporation.
        America is the Land.
        I love America.
        I despise the baby raping puritan zionist and their Russian expat and spawn thereof Non Semitic Khazarian Mafia Masters in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac.
        My country, the Republic of Texas, located in America which I love, has been militarily occupied for 154 years and counting by a bunch of evil Cromwellian zionist Warvangelical puritan witch burning “christians”, and the Non Semitic Khazarians, who are blackmailing the puritan yankee scum political prostitutes with Mossad honey trap pedophile videos.

        ‘WE’RE BACK, AND WE ARE PISSED OFF, Or, Just Plain Tired of yankee Lies’

        1. tomonthebay says

          SNice picture of a bunch of traitors and losers.

    2. Louis Winterbower says

      Which branch did YOU serve in? Bet you were disqualified because of a hangnail.

      1. John C Carleton says


    3. Steven Hoffman says

      You are nothing more than another liberal anqueefa beta whose farts are silent so (s)he takes to ranting on social media against the greatest country on earth because it is unfair socialist countries suck!

      1. Brian Moore says


        1. Steven Hoffman says

          That too.

  11. Zaphod Braden says

    The bad discipline CREATES terrorists …. we have gone from 3-400 terrorists in 2001 to literally 100s of Ks thank to misconduct.

    1. XRGRSF says

      Invading another nation creates terrorists, and a few incidents of misconduct have very little to do with it.

  12. Bob avlon says

    Not said here but that seal above shot and killed 240 women children old people and even took his hunting knifed and killed a sick boy then took a photo of him lying dead with 5 seals behind him like he was killed on a hunt. All shown in an Italian magazine. That’s an American civilian death squad – but lets call it not having good order. Or hate of anyone non American.

    1. XRGRSF says

      So tell me, Bob, were you there or did you read it in a left wing liberal publication?

      1. Bob avlon says

        As I said All shown and photographed in an Italian magazine. Photographed clear as daylight to see. When asked in the US he did not deny it. He said he is a hero. He was accused in the US of war crimes by other seals.

  13. XRGRSF says

    Adm. Green has resigned, but I suppose he needed to have a little revenge to make his failure as a commander more acceptable to his ego.

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