Top Iranian Nuclear Scientist Assassinated, Probably by Israel Using the MEK Terrorist Cult

The point is to ratchet up tension that would make a return to Obama's nuclear deal impossible

  1. thomas malthaus says

    Leave it to the Israelis to create something out of nothing. A piece by Gareth Porter.

  2. thomas malthaus says

    The accelerated creation of an anti-Iran bloc.

    The globalists seem to be looking for WW III in a possible bid to forestall a global economic downturn, install select regimes, and accomplish other depopulation goals.

    “God Bless America” must be the greatest psychological op ever perpetrated against generations of US citizens. The murder of millions through war, regime change, and sanctions with little citizen uproar or congressional disapproval smacks of a collective gone way off the rails.

  3. Sharon Marlowe says

    U.S. State propagandists are asking, “Who could have done this?”, followed by propaganda about the mythical Iranian nuclear weapons program. Actually they don’t even say “weapons”, they just say “nuclear program”, and their listeners/watchers are supposed to have already been programmed to think that Iran has nothing to do with nuclear energy, only nuclear weapons. Obviously Israel did this assassination, unless there’s a mountain of evidence that they didn’t. I wonder what Putin will say about it?

      1. Sharon Marlowe says

        I can’t watch that warmonger speak. Does he say anything of interest?

  4. cechas vodobenikov says

    “of all peoples in an advanced stage of economic civilization amerikans are least accessible to long views, always and everywhere in a hurry to get rich they give no thought to remote consequences–they see only present advantages. amerikans do not feel, they do not remember : amerikans live in a materialist dream”. Moisede Ostrogorski
    the decayed empire is desperate and near collapse—amerikans are too stupid to recognize this

  5. cechas vodobenikov says

    how much did the CIA pay for this?

    1. ke4ram says

      Government never pays anything…. You sir, pay either by taxes or the dilution of your currency by the thieves printing trillions at the Treasury and Federal Reserve or both.

      Most of the intel agencies are into drug distribution, gun running, counterfeiting and various other ‘illegal’ activities to fund their black ops like this.

  6. thomas malthaus says

    Off topic. Biden’s challenges on nuclear issues.

    I don’t know why President Putin would bother negotiating with Biden’s team. Russia holds a great many economic and military aces. His opening gambit would be conditional that the US remove sanctions on Russian entities and the removal of US and NATO troops from Syria, the Baltic nations, and the Caucasus.

    That analysis is probably too simplistic. Too simplistic if America had an iota of peaceful intentions.

  7. Pablo says

    The Iranians seem to be discerning enough to know that his assassination was a provocative act. The Iranians are not taking the bait. They recognize that Israel wants them to respond with a violent act. The Iranian leadership’s position right now is that there WILL be retaliation, but at the right time and of Iran’s choosing.

  8. ke4ram says

    This is the second or third time…. One would think the Iranians would ‘learn’ at some point…

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