Too Bad Afghans Have to Live Under Foreign Military Occupation but at Least They Have Democracy Now, Right?

Afghanistan’s two presidential front-runners plan rival swearing-in ceremonies on same day after another cartoonishly fraudulent election

Editor’s note: Hey, sure war, occupation, night-time raids and wedding-goers getting blown up is bad, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking an egg, and at least now Afghans get to “enjoy” elections that are totally fradulent and don’t actually do anything.

A disputed campaign, a disputed election, and a disputed count has left Afghanistan’s two presidential front-runners, Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah, both declaring victory. That’s roughly what happened in the last election, but then the US brokered a power-sharing deal.

No power-sharing deal is in the works this time, so both Ghani and Abdullah are just moving forward on taking office – the same office to be clear. Both are scheduling an inauguration for Monday.

Both sides issued roughly identical statements on their inaugurations, which will be on the same day and for the same office. It is not clear who will be attending these, or what that means for recognition of either president.

With the Taliban peace deal reached, it’s going to be a challenge to see who will enter into rapprochement talks with them as well. Getting the Taliban’s recognition might ultimately be the biggest deal for both sides, since the foreign forces are on their way out the door.


  1. Bob avlon says

    Always wondered – Afghanistan never attacked any NATO country yet its overrun by NATO. Bin laden, just an individual and born in Riyadh Saudi Arabia may have been part of 9/11. This make NATO and stoltenberg some kind of slip shod gun slingers.

    1. eccles says

      bin laden denied any involvement and was never charged by the fbi
      according to received information

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