To Take Russia’s Side in the War Is a Jailable Crime in Czechia and Slovakia

– 'What are you in for?' – 'I rooted for Russia'

Bory Pilsen prison for dangerous political prisoners 1876-1991

The EU has banned Russian media outlets RT and Sputnik, and US Silicon Valley corporations like Google and Twitter have censored their accounts.

Numerous members of the EU and NATO, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia, have also made it a crime to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, threatening their citizens with years in prison. And fellow member Latvia has a police hotline where people can report neighbors they suspect of being pro-Russian.

Czech Republic makes it crime to support Russian war in Ukraine, punishable by three years in prison

On February 27, Ukraine’s pro-Western, anti-Russian newspaper the Kyiv Independent reported, “Czech Republic makes it illegal to openly support Russia’s war against Ukraine.”

The Ukrainian embassy in the Czech Republic made this new policy clear beyond a doubt, tweeting happily on February 27 that, if Czech citizens express support for the Russian intervention, they can be charged with support for “genocide,” and potentially imprisoned.

The Czech Republic’s chief prosecutor, Igor Stříž, released a statement warning citizens that it is a crime to publicly express support for the Russian war or to praise Russian leaders for intervening in Ukraine. Stříž said those who do could be found guilty of denying, questioning, approving of, or justifying “genocide.”

A local media outlet reported that Czech citizens who violate these laws could face three years in prison.

The top Czech prosecutor claimed that the government supports freedom of speech, but emphasized that there are political limits on that speech.

These authoritarian policies are now encouraging average people to become state informants and report their neighbors for daring to think differently.

Czech newspapers reported on February 27, just three days after the beginning of the Russian invasion, that police were already investigating dozens of complaints against Czech citizens accused of sympathizing with Moscow.

Slovakia threatens 10 to 25 years in prison for citizens who support Russia’s war in Ukraine

Another EU and NATO member state, Slovakia, has threatened even harsher penalties.

Slovakia’s state media outlet RTVS reported that citizens who express support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could be criminally punished, and face 10 to 25 years in prison

The public broadcaster said that endorsing Moscow’s actions could violate section 417 of Slovakia’s Criminal Code, on “threats to peace.”

Latvia creates hotline to report citizens who support Russian war

The Baltic state Latvia, an EU and NATO member that was previously part of the Soviet Union, has adopted a similar policy.

Latvia now has a police hotline to report citizens who support Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine.

Local media outlet Par drošību reported that there are least four Latvian laws that prohibit supporting and justifying the war. These statutes are similar to those of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The website encouraged Latvian citizens to report neighbors suspected of sympathizing with Moscow, providing them with a phone number and email address for the police.

Source: Multipolarista

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    Dr. Russialove

    How I learned to stop worrying and love the New World Order

    The Hot Line Suspense Comedy

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    The EU not that democratic after all!

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    None of these countries seems to have heard the news that the Russian Federation and the Russian people rejected communism a long time ago. I guess they’ve never heard the old adage that a country shouldn’t keep trying to fight its last war.

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    Welcome to the NWO. The sheep will continue to be sheep until they lose everything.

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    ‘What are you in for?’ – ‘I questioned the Holohoax…’

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