Time for Russia to “Close the Sky”, End US Sattelites

"A few truckloads of gravel" will do it

“It is necessary to litter the near space in such a way that it becomes unsuitable for practical use (including for American observation satellites). A couple of containers of metal balls will close the Americans for at least a few years, possibly for several decades”

Source: Anatoly Karlin

It is time for Russia to give the 🇺🇦 flags and shibas what they have long demanded. #CloseTheSky

American SIGINT is an invulnerable (because can’t have US-Russia war) force multiplier. It is worth factors more than all the Cold War surplus supplied to Ukraine. Just a few truckloads of gravel will put an end to Americans supplying the Ukrainian armed forces with coordinates and nullifying Russia’s shells advantage.

As long as US satellites are not directly targeted, it is also formally deniable, and while the culprit will be obvious, it will in any case be a legitimate response to American sabotage of Nord Stream. It is the US that decided to escalate thus, not Russia.

Since the US has a vast space advantage relative to all other Powers, I expect China will quietly welcome this development. It will greatly simplify any Taiwan operation, without China itself having to go to the very risky step of killing American satellites itself.

Although weaponized Kesslerization is obviously very risky, but much less so than breaking out the nukes, it provides a concrete war-winning military advantage in a way that limited tactical nuke usage doesn’t.

In the event that the Americans do respond to this militarily, then the game is over anyway; “always was.”

In the event that Russia loses anyway, at least other free nations will subsequently be able to confront Western Supremacism on a more even ground.

What do you think Elon Musк? 🚀🚀🚀💥💥💥

Regards Russian capabilities. It has massive spacelift capacity, so that can not be an issue. Though I would consider looking into more exotic propulsion mechanisms (e.g. Orion Drives) to get more mass up there cheaper and faster to start knocking out satellites sooner.

Basic idea: mount spacecraft/payload onto a pusher plate and explode a series of shaped nuclear charges to accelerate the cargo into space. You could explode them in rapid succession if sudden acceleration is of no concern (i.e. no human crew).

Traditionally viewed as a method of blasting payloads into space in a much cheaper and scalable way than chemical propulsion, Orion Drives should be just as efficacious at fast & thorough Kesslerization.

Regards American responses. None of this would be illegal. All satellites destroyed as a result of this will be accidents, strictly speaking. There will be no legal grounds for escalation.

Regards collateral damage. Yes, Russia and others will lose their own low-orbit satellites, but as I said earlier, the US has close to space dominance. In *relative* terms, it will hurt US power and the globalist system it underwrites far more any of its Great Power competitors.

Anatoly Karlin:

Space will be closed for humanity for several decades (if there are no cleansing technologies). But as Putin correctly noted, why do we need a world without Russia? The Russians invented cosmism, the Russians were the first to explore space, and if fate so wishes, it will be fair if the Russians “kill” space. Svidomites, Westerners, and NAFO dogs have been demanding to “close the sky” for a long time. It’s time to fulfill their wishes.

  1. Traveller says

    That’s interesting, but we would really like to see some article on missile onslaught currently been conducted against ukronazi state. You are extremely fast when some minor ukrop ‘offensive’ is underway. Here we have Russia destroying complete ukropstan infrastructure, and pro-empire is deaf-mute. Where is the problem? Not allowed to do so?

  2. peterinanz says

    A major Covidiot contributing here.
    Standards are slipping.

    As for the topic, old news.
    One of many and early into this debacle:

    1. Traveller says

      I agree, you should rest a bit.

  3. Blackledge says

    Didn’t V.V. Putin suspend continued missile strikes against the economic and military infrastructure of the Ukraine, today, saying “further strikes are not necessary?”

    Does this sound like the path to victory to you? Because it looks like weakness and failure, to me.

    1. peterinanz says

      It’s a master stroke by genius, mere mortals like you simply can’t comprehend.
      Trust the plan. Believe.

      Or at least don’t spoil the “vibe”. A lot of people need it. Desperately.

      In the meantime, re the favorite topic of the author, we are starting to get a trickle. Several new cannon fodder items just got killed/maimed after TWO days of training. More to come.

      1. Blackledge says

        Your points are well-taken, friend.

  4. Panos says

    This is a stupid move and Russia will not do it,unless there is an open war with NATO.

  5. Agarwal says

    It’s a “fun” idea and if Kim Jong-un was president of Russia, it might happen, but under Putin or really anyone in the Russian leadership the chances of Russia doing this are a scientific 0.00%

    Did you notice the buildup in Belarus along with Putin saying yesterday that the Ukrainians stopped negotiating as soon as the Russians withdrew from around Kyiv? To me this sounds like Putin took exactly the wrong lessons from Phase 1 of the SMO, and might be looking for another go at Kyiv with almost certainly insufficient forces, to “force negotiations.”

    That guy really doesn’t learn does he? I also think he is curtailing the strikes on Ukrainian electricity from unironic humanism. He might be thinking something like “we have to live next to our brother Ukrainians forever, why destroy them and make them hate us forever.” I don’t think it’s a shortage of missiles for several reasons: 1) even the “tough” strikes right after the Kerch Bridge attack flew over the power plants themselves to specifically target substations (this already shows half-assed “humanism”), 2) Shahed dorito drones seem perfect for substation strikes and Russia seem to have enough of them to do that job if it wanted to

    1. Panos says

      Although i understand that after 8 months it is far,far more difficult i personally hope Surovikin will convince VVP for a “Sherman’s March” to Galicia with Brest as the “Atlanta”.It is in my opinion the only way for RF properly win this war,i.e. to force the Kiev regime and the ukrowehrmacht into an unconditional surrender.

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