This Website Has Too Many Readers

Firm evidence that AE has been kidnapping people and forcing them to read at gunpoint

This site believes in nuance and in exploring complexities.

It’s not a fanzine. It doesn’t see the world as a sports competition where the objective is to pick a team and serve as its worship leader.

It holds that more than one thing can be true at the same time.Β 

And that there are near-infinite angles to everything.

And naturally, that exploring one angle doesn’t invalidate others.

It is a selfish project.

It is a project to learn about the world and give back by sharing some of what has been learned.

It is not interested in endlessly repeating basics that remain true but that have been learned a long, long time ago and are no longer stimulating.

It is interested in the cutting-edge stuff. In the stuff at the very end of complexities, not at their beginning.

These are the reasons the readership of this site is not vast. (250,000 monthly views, compared to the 1-2 million for a different website I was creating practically on my own but where the editorial line was more sports-like.)

Most people can not handle hearing complexities about topics they are invested in and react by experiencing offense.

Once they have picked a side everything about that side has to be super moral and super brilliant, or else you’re just a big meany for showing that the real world is nonetheless rarely so straightforward.

This is not a problem.

I am glad that people who need that kind of basic entry-level message repeated on an en endless loop are on sites that provide that. They know what they want, and they know how to get it. Kudos to them.

What I am more concerned about are people who insist on visiting this site but who clearly can not handle it.

I am seeing people who are regularly upset with the content on here, and signal a great deal of discomfort upon reading it, but who continue to inflict this unpleasantness on themselves.

I have to ask them, why do you keep coming back? Why are you doing this to yourself? This can’t be healthy.Β 

Can you not delete the bookmark and have a nicer life?

I do absolutely recommend that.

It may even help AE to build a community of people who actually can handle AE, if the comment section isn’t drowning in midwit screeching.

If you’re trying to quit this, oh so mean and hurtful site, but you haven’t been able to β€” do feel free to email me your IP and I can make the site inaccessible from your computer.

There is no need for your aggravation. I am happy to help out. AE doesn’t need everyone, and isn’t for everyone. It’s not you, it’s us. Have a happy life, bye-bye.


About anything, a near-infinite amount of things could be said that would all be true.
  1. Amy says

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  2. anon says

    well said… perhaps you should go into politics yourselves… the honesty would be refreshing…

    and sorely needed.

  3. EstibenDelMar says

    u clearly got annoyed by some comments…but u keep reading them!

  4. Ultrafart the Brave says

    Well, on the plus side, you seem to have a shitload of forum posters who are making buckets of money working from home.

  5. Kenny Davis says

    Hey moderater, great content by the way, could you please explain why Russia is still selling gas to Europe and Western countries but are unable to access their money, because I’m having a hard time understanding that?

    1. Kieran says

      I second that. it defies logic. could we have one exclusive headline dedicated to this conundrum

  6. XSFRGR says

    Anti, my dear, I haven’t seen any particular amount of anguish over the content of your articles. Some times I agree, and sometimes I don’t, and sometimes I don’t care, but I’m not going away. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE SPAM THAT’S BECOMING ALL TOO OBNOXIOUS IN THIS FORUM !!!

  7. Thomas Malthaus says

    I like to read the articles because, without the article’s writer attribution, I believe everything that’s penned.

  8. Nobody To Trifle With says

    It’s fun to read this website because a different brain is a fun brain that must be paid attention to.

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