This May Have Been the Final Time America Screwed Over the Kurds

If the post-Marxist Kurds now align themselves against their betrayers

I have long been a vocal supporter of the Kurds, even before the Syrian clusterfuck sparked the Rojava Revolution. Part of this comes from my checkered past as a lapsed Tankie-Guevarist. I grew up gorging myself on New Left folk tails of Third World rebellion. The fearsome PKK were one of a dozen or so clans of crimson bearded renegades, fighting like Castro for some post-colonial utopia. I read everything I could find about the Bolshevik adventures of groups like FARC, Hezbollah and the Naxalites. But the thing that set the Kurds apart was their fourth quarter conversion to anarchism which closely mirrored my own.

Abdullah Ocalan discovered the works of Murray Bookchin right around the time I dropped communism for panarchy and syndicalism. And when the wrest of Syria sunk into CIA sponsored Salafi hell, the Ocalan influenced Kurds of the YPG created a successful stateless society that flourished amidst the chaos. It was proof positive that anarchism could work. But it was all over the moment the YPG accepted the poison gift of American military occupation. Anarchism quite simply cannot coexist with the greatest source of imperial tyranny on the fucking planet. The only sick comfort I took in this nauseating arrangement is that I knew it wouldn’t last. That’s because, dearest motherfuckers, screwing over the Kurds is a time-honored American pastime.

The original Kurdish screwjob was the work of that whimsical Bond villain known as Henry Kissinger. During his busy time as Secretary of State and National Security Adviser under Nixon and Ford, respectively, Henry cooked up a devilish little scheme with the help of his flunkies in Israel and the Shah’s Iran. Iraq was becoming suspiciously cozy with the Soviet Union. So they flooded Iraq’s long suffering Kurdish independence movement with Soviet hardware pilfered from the killing fields of Vietnam and the Sinai Peninsula. Mustafa Barzani, the founding father of the modern Peshmerga, didn’t trust the Shah farther than he could squeeze his ham-fist up his pinched little quisling asshole, no sane Mesopotamian did, but he believed in his heart of hearts that America was that shining beacon of freedom on the hill. Mustafa was a sucker.

Once Henry and Co. managed to frighten Iraq into playing ball, we quickly drummed up a deal between them and Iran that included handing over the Kurds on a spit. Not only did old Henry, that Nobel pacifist, refuse to even return Mustafa’s frantic calls for help, he cut all humanitarian aide to the region as Helter Skelter came tumbling down. The Kurds were slaughtered and Kissinger summed up America’s Kurdish policy in a nutshell when he told a disgusted congress that “One should not confuse undercover action with social work.” If only the Kurds took his advice.

Flash forward some fifteen years later, after blitzing our former client Saddam Hussein damn near the brink of oblivion, good old Pappy Bush, that sainted scion of global statesmanship, encouraged the Kurds along with the similarly oppressed Southern Shiites to launch a final putsch against the porno-stached tyrant with all kinds of sunny predictions and empty promises. When the rebellion predictably fell apart, the US once again left the Kurds high and dry to be slaughtered in the thousands.

The whole point of the rebellion wasn’t success. Quite the contrary. It was designed to provoke a vengeful and largely impotent Saddam into slaughtering our “allies” in order to justify our own war crimes in the region, past, future and present. We knew precisely how Saddam would react because we helped him react the last time he faced a Kurdish uprising, shit, we even sold him the goddamn mustard gas. Once again, the Kurds were just convenient pawns used to provoke another bloodbath that put us in a greater position of power in the region. And, once again, if only the Kurds had learned a fucking lesson from this latest act of imperial treachery on America’s part, maybe just maybe, they could have avoided the carnage they currently contend with. But some habits die harder than others.

America didn’t truly get behind Rojava until our dreams of a Salafi no-fly zone went belly up. I’ve long held the creeping suspicion that Rojava was never intended to be anything but a seat warmer for our NATO allies in Turkey. That’s why I suspect we pushed the YPG to the brink, taking territory that had always been Arab. That’s why we pushed them to abandon the very achievable goal of federal autonomy and burn their bridges with an amenable Assad. We were isolating them from their already hostile neighbors and stretching them razor thin, all while establishing a perfect borderland territory for Turkey to invade and launch more Salafi mayhem from. Never mind Trump’s idle threats and empty bluster, Turkey’s “Safe Zone” is being primed to be the new Idlib and the Kurds won’t be the only ones to get fucked.

This leaves the Kurds with no other choice but to beg for forgiveness and make up with their former allies in Assad’s Syria and the Islamic Republic. And this sliver of hope for regional anti-imperial unity is the primary reason I personally support Trump’s latest sloppy Kurdish screwjob.

For decades the Kurds have been trapped in the worst case of battered spouse syndrome since Nicole Simpson. Their toxic tryst with our gruesome empire has crippled their ability to reach their full revolutionary potential. But a new dawn is rising over the battered sands of Eurasia. For the first time since the end of the Cold War, America’s victims have formed a coalition hell bent on ending our hegemony in their hemisphere once and for all. A coalition of half-crippled survivors of the American Century known as the Axis of Resistance. And if the YPG/PKK play their cards right, maybe just maybe, they might have an open place at their table for a stateless clan of bearded renegades with an acquired expertise for taking a stick to NATO’s Achilles heal in Turkey.

Don’t cry for the Kurds, dearest motherfuckers. Their wounds may be self-inflicted but they aren’t terminal. This screwjob could be the last screwjob and the first day of the rest of the Rojava Revolution.

The Kurds may be hurting now but they have been presented with the perfect opportunity to have the last laugh over the graves of their betrayers. I only pray that they take it.

Source: Exile in Happy Valley

  1. JustPassingThrough says

    If the kurds have been screwed over by the murikans so many times in the past and present, they’re not going to get smart in a couple of months. They will, in order to save their bacon follow the company line or they will get wiped out. Simple as that.
    “One should not confuse undercover action with social work.”

  2. DarkEyes says

    Whatever the Kurds have done in the past, First things First.

    IMO, the Kurds have to be saved from the Turkish madness which is moving a bunch of jihadis in front of his army to do the genocide of the Kurds for them.
    This has to be avoided and if true to be stopped immediately.

    The Kurds love their children and grandchildren too.

  3. ArcAngel says

    I lasted right up to, and it was hard, “porn-stached” tyrant…. then I was done.
    News to me- Hezbollah is Bolshevik. hmmmm
    “Final Time”: that is quite the claim. Maybe. But then this International Skullduggery and ANYTHING is possible.
    Nothing new.
    The various Kurdish tribes made their bed…its now time to lay in it.
    One thing is for sure, the authors anarchist, commie loving, looney-left leaning are still evident.
    It is a really bad disease.

    1. Genghis Gobi says

      Kurds hate each other and have routinely allied with Turkey against other Kurds. Funny how the author ignores that.

  4. Genghis Gobi says

    Oh, the poor little Kurds.

    I suggest you ask all the different peoples in the area between the Turkish Mediterranean coast and the Iranian border – Turks, Arabs, Armenians, Azeris, Yazidis, whoever – which ethnic group they hate and fear above all others. You’ll get one answer: the Kurds. Because Kurds, throughout history, have been turncoats, serial betrayers, and for sale to the highest bidder at any given moment. That’s exactly why nobody, Iranian, Iraqi, Turkish or Syrian, will ever agree to give them a nation. Even Iraq will someday take back “Kurdistan”, because that’s a neoplastic growth in the country and is only being held back from secession by the threat of military force.

    Ask the residents of Manbij, a 100% Arab city before 2015, and until yesterday to be part of the Kurdish zionistan of “Rojava” (along with Kobane it has now been surrendered to the Syrian government, and “Rojava” is as dead as the dodo) what they think about it. Ask them what they think of being expelled from their homes, and those who remained compelled to pay Kurdish “taxes” and be looked down on as an inferior race by the Kurds, who are as racist as the day is long.

    In fact, ask a Kurd whom he fears more than anyone else, and more often than not his response will be “other Kurds”. Because Kurds are even worse to their fellow Kurds than they are to others.

    Those poor little Kurds! When President Assad withdrew his forces from the borders to fight the cannibal headchopper terrorist invasion, he armed the Kurds to defend themselves. Those Kurds are only in Syria because Syria provided them citizenship in the 1940s when Turkey threw them out; before the 40s there were almost no Kurds in Syria. So those armed Kurds immediately took the opportunity to….yes, carve out a “country” for themselves, from the nation that had given them a home, which they named “Rojava”. And the Amerikastanis immediately jumped at the chance to invade Syria to “protect” them, something even Barack Hussein Obama had not been able to concoct a pretence to do. Said “homeland” had long been a red line for Turkey, which had repeatedly said it would not tolerate such an entity. So either the Kurds would have to remove their fictional “homeland” or the Turks would do it for them. Everyone knew this was coming, except, presumably, the poor little Kurds.

    Those poor little Kurds! They’re already turning coat yet again, having finally decided to negotiate surrender to the Syrian government (it had long ago promised them amnesty, but they preferred their imaginary zionistan of “Rojava”, now dead as a doornail). Part of the surrender will include handing over Manbij and Kobane, the latter the site of one of the illegal Amerikastani bases in Syria, one which was shelled by the Turks a couple of days ago. So now both the Syrian army and the Turks are racing for Kobane and Manbij, the former with Kurdish support. So what’s Amerikastan going to do now, suddenly decide that the “poor little Kurds” are terrorists after all, just like their actual NATO ally Turkey says? Will it attack them now, and will the liberal Amerikastani warmonger stooge media switch sides as well, something they are so adept at doing?

    Those poor little Kurds! What a mess they’ve gone and made for everyone, those poor little Kurds!

  5. John C Carleton says

    Since the folks here, seem to be having a hard time grasping the reality USA/DC is a Red Shield Crime Cabal, Occupying America/Americans by force, I will give em a close up map of the USA, DC, in the white, less the other colored land they stole from cousin Lee.
    Thats it, the “Mighty USA”. Thats all folks, and there ain’t no more than that white part, which is not America, but the headquarters of a foreign to America, Red Shield Sub Corporation.

  6. John C Carleton says

    The “writers” here at CPA. seem to be stuck trying to blame Americans for the RED Shield’s USA/DC’s evil.
    Ignorance or took the thirty shekels?

    Here is some American History they seem to have misplaced, or never took the time to study.
    Oh well, helping ignorant folks out is a duty!

  7. John C Carleton says
  8. Undecider says

    These people must have not studied the history of the United States. There isn’t a group on the planet, foreign or domestic, that hasn’t been screwed over. It’s par for the course.

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