This Is What You Can Do to Protect Yourself From the Mild Threat That Is Covid-19 Coronavirus

Get out of the lockdown and get some sunshine to replenish your vitamin D

Even during the Spanish Flu they intuitively knew sun was good for the patients 

Forget the toilet paper & bottled water – – grab the vitamins & trace minerals to ward off infectious disease given absence of any proven anti-viral drug or (potentially problematic) vaccine for covid-19 coronavirus.

First, recognize fear-driven decision making is counterproductive.  Fear increases demand for vitamin C, so be aware of that.  So do viruses or any infection.  Be CONCERNED, not FEARFUL.

Primary antidote

Recognize these viral epidemics come in winter when vitamin D levels are low.  As a fatty vitamin, your liver should have 3 months of vitamin D stored, but probably doesn’t.

The viruses were always there but erupt when sunshine vitamin D blood serum levels are low.  SO GO OUTSIDE, MIDDAY, AND GET SOME SUNSHINE ON YOUR SKIN to produce natural vitamin D.  Expose arms, legs, face.  Quarantines deprive people of sunshine vitamin D.

Supplement with 8000 units vitamin D3 daily (kids 2000+ units); if ill – – > take 50,000 units vitamin D3 for 3-5 days; then 8000 units daily.  This is not an overdose as physicians inject 300,000 units vitamin D for wintertime storage in your liver.

High-risk individuals, in particular senior adults, need to initiate self-care & utilize vitamins & trace minerals.

Up to a third of hospital workers now harbor coronavirus. So, patients who face hospitalization may be re-exposed to the pathogen.

Home treatment of lungs and throat

If you are short of breath (possibly indicative of your lungs filling with fluid), have a fever, a persistent dry cough, call your doctor first, don’t run to the hospital where germs have learned how to resist life-saving drugs.  Your doctor may elect to prescribe medicines and keep you at home.

You may develop bronchitis – mucus sticking to the airways to your lungs, which induces a cough.  Get in the shower and turn water to extreme HOT and deep breathe in the mist.  This will loosen mucus from your bronchial tubes.  You will cough up mucus.

Colds and flu are sometimes accompanied by earaches and sore throat.  Instill hydrogen peroxide in ear canals.  Garlic oil instilled into the ear is also helpful.

For sore throat, gargle with salt water, or better, with hydrogen peroxide.

If your throat is very sore, go to drug store and get CHLORASEPTIC spray or lozenges (which you should have on hand) to anesthetize a raw throat.

Sore throat is usually caused by Streptococcus bacteria which is acid secreting.  So alkalinity kills it — salt water gargle.

The mortal consequences of wintertime lower respiratory tract infection is that your lungs may fill up with fluid, you can’t breathe, and you drown in your own fluid.  This is called pneumonia (nu-mown-ya).


Sometimes the immune system is over-responsive and creates more havoc in your lungs, resulting in uncontrollable inflammation and lungs filling with fluid.  Vitamin D, vitamin A and the red wine molecule resveratrol normalize the immune response.

Avoid drug store remedies

Do not run to the drug store and purchase aspirin or acetaminophen (Tylenol) which deplete vitamin C and glutathione and may make your infection worse.  Acetaminophen is a liver toxin.

When you go to the drug store, the pharmacist may suggest you vaccinate against the flu.  DO NOT VACCINATE FOR THE FLU WHEN YOU ARE ILL. The vaccine may not work (you may not develop antibodies) if your immune system is weak and the vaccine IS the pathogen (virus or bacterium).

Be aware, you may develop co-infection (common cold + flu).

Blood pressure drugs

There is a warning about a class of blood pressure lowering drugs called ACE inhibitor drugs (angiotensin converting enzyme) that allow entry of the coronavirus into cells.  But what is not mentioned that ACE inhibitors deplete zinc which is required for proper T-cell activity.  T-cells, produced in the thymus gland, generates memory T-cells that produce long-lasting immunity.  Supplement with zinc.

High risk individuals

If you are in a high-risk group (diabetes, overweight, smoker, drinker, or take immune suppressant drugs, or vitamin C-depleting drugs such as cortisone, aspirin, acetaminophen or diuretics), you may benefit from dietary supplements for immune support (disease treatment would likely require intravenous vitamin C and trace mineral treatment).

Underused nutritional therapy: don’t ask your doctor

How long is modern medicine going to go on casting a blind eye to nutritional medicine before millions of lives are lost?  The hope of a vaccine looms, but is months away.  Even with a 100% vaccination rate and 100% vaccine effectiveness, by my calculations it is likely such a vaccine would generate more hospitalizations and deaths than the disease itself because of the weak immune status of the individual.

Risk of infection is low and death is nil.

Among healthy adults the risk for infection is very, very small, and the risk for death is almost nil – – in China 3000 (avoidable) deaths in 58 million or 5 in 100,000).  Infection and mortality rates are much lower in the U.S.  Most of those deaths were among fragile, unhealthy adults over age 70.

The number of reported cases of infection may be far lower than what actually occurs because some patients may never come in contact with the medical care system and recover at home, some only experiencing a mild fever or never even exhibiting symptoms whatsoever.

So, the reported number of infections may be low due to non-reporting and therefore the percentage of individuals infected or who die may be inaccurately high.

At this point in time, in China ~80,000 were infected and some were hospitalized and ~3000 of the 80,000 succumbed.  But just hospitalization alone increases the mortality risk due to medication errors, exposure to antibiotic-resistant germs, and low-vitamin D levels due to sun-deprivation.

Inaccurate testing

Testing is inaccurate and is not instructive as to the type of therapy needed.

The COVID-19 coronavirus test is inaccurate and produces many false positive results.  The COVID-19 coronavirus is very infectious, but among healthy individuals may not even produce symptoms or just a mild fever.

YOU WANT TO GET INFECTED so you will develop natural life-long antibodies.  Then you will not need to be vaccinated with a new unproven vaccine, like what happened in 1976 with the swine flu – the vaccine causing thousands of cases of paralysis (Guillain barre syndrome).

Harvard professor says up 70% of the global population will be infected with coronavirus within the next year.  That is actually a positive because most will naturally develop antibodies.  If one were to say 70% of the world just got vaccinated against coronavirus that would be considered a major achievement but if 70% were naturally immunized against coronavirus without a needle and syringe that would be considered a dire problem.  Why?

Modern medicine continues to talk out of two sides of its mouth.  Put another way, 70-90% of the world may develop natural antibodies against coronavirus without problematic vaccines.

Among high-risk groups (smokers, drinkers, immune-compromised, heart problems, over age 70), the risk for infection from ANY circulating virus or bacterium is considerable, to the point of being life-threatening.

Host resistance

Don’t try and run and hide from viruses.  So, are all the deaths due to coronavirus?  Probably none of them if you consider the problem is not infection but failed host resistance.  Coronavirus was in circulation before the winter flu season.  Low seasonal vitamin D levels triggered eruptions of the coronavirus as well as other viruses and bacteria, including tuberculosis, which is also a lung disease.

This author continues to cite data showing the risk for infection is very low, even in China where there is air pollution, polluted water, and poor health habits (68% of males smoke tobacco; 46% drink alcohol) – – – 1/10th of one-percent or 1 in 1000 infection rate and 3.4 deaths among the 1000 infected persons (which in the population as a whole (healthy and infected) is still only a 0.00005% or 5 in 100,000 mortality rate.

A frightening headline news report cites a university professor’s claim that 96 million Americans could be infected and 4.8 million hospitalized with COVID-19 coronavirus, with a 1 in 10 chance of dying, citing increasing mortality rates with advancing age (3.6% for 60-69 years of age; 8% age 70-79 and 14.8% aged 80 and over).  THAT IS A WORST-CASE SCENARIO that will subside once spring comes and more the earth tilts back toward the sun and our vitamin D blood levels rise.

Those age groups are considered high risk for ANY infections and subsequent mortality.

Overlooking seasonal flu

For whatever reasons, modern medicine is giving the false notion that the only infectious lung disease that is killing adults this wintertime is COVID-19 coronavirus. What happened to seasonal influenza which reportedly kills thousands every year?  Of course, that flu number is specious, used as a fear tactic to get the public to vaccinate.

Maybe only a few hundred Americans succumb to the flu each year.  With coronavirus test kits giving false positive and false negative test results, are any numbers involving infection rates accurate at all?

The Centers for Disease Control claims seasonal flu in 2018-19 caused 35.5 million infections, 490,600 hospitalizations and 34,200 deaths. These numbers are very specious.  Even if valid, and among all who got the flu (35.5 million, only 9 in 10,000 would die — 34,200).  But the CDC mixes flu deaths in with pneumonia deaths to frighten Americans to get vaccinated.  Most of those 34,200 deaths were due to pneumonia.

Mass vaccination

It would be highly unwise to attempt to vaccinate all 7 billion people on the planet to prevent, by my calculations, 1 death in 362,069 people.  Almost 100,000 people (99,995 to be precise) would have to vaccinated to prevent 5 deaths.

Build your resistance to disease

The world has gone bonkers, with the misdirected masses stocking up on toilet paper and bottled water instead of vitamins and trace minerals to ward off an infectious disease.  While looking down its nose at nutritional therapy, modern medicine has yet to fully put into practice therapies that produce what only a few physicians prescribe – – vitamins and trace minerals targeted at high-risk individuals, to boost immunity (what is called host resistance) among high-risk individuals against influenza, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

No vaccine could possibly help vulnerable seniors since vaccines rely on an intact immune system to produce antibodies against infectious disease.

Do the obvious

Vitamin D3 is the most obvious and potentially effective nutrient that can be used against corona and other viruses as well as pathogenic bacteria.

In China, 50 cases of moderate to severe COVID-19 coronavirus infections were given intravenous vitamin C.  Hospital stays were shortened by 3-5 days.  There were no side effects with vitamin C therapy.  ALL PATIENTS IMPROVED – NO MORTALITY!

If ill, increase oral vitamin C to 3000 milligrams every 4 hours.

When ill, zinc acetate lozenges will shorten the course of a cold or flu.


  1. Lou says

    “Supplement with 8000 units vitamin D3 daily (kids 2000+ units); if ill – – > take 50,000 units vitamin D3 for 3-5 days;”

    Wow the first time I have seen the Vitamin D TRUTH in print. Thanks

    The other necessity is VITAMIN C. Vitamin D will keep ANY virus from successfully taking up residence in your body. Vitamin C will defeat any virus that makes it past the Vitamin D defenses.

    Dose Vitamin C at 3 GRAMS/day if asymptomatic. At any sign of symptoms take 5 Grams and one or two grams/hour until you get runny bowels than back off on the C until you stop running.

  2. Emmet Sweeney says

    In 1984 Big Brother took care of the security and health of the people; and if you didn’t like it you were arrested, tortured and executed. The modern world feels increasingly like 1984. I get dirty looks from people when I go out without the stupid face-mask that almost everyone is wearing. The oligarch-controlled media now controls the world and our freedom is disappearing – and most of the population seem happy with it.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      u may enjoy the Russian Rock star, Louna’s “1984”–I believe there r translations to English on the internet…a recent concert is on u-tube; enter Louna Minsk

    2. Marko Marjanović says

      The proles in 1984 had more freedom than we do right now.

      1. Emmet Sweeney says

        You’re right. We’re actually in a worse situation.

      2. CHUCKMAN says

        The proles of 1984 were regarded as harmless, powerless wildlife almost, the same way really ordinary Americans are regarded usually by their government.

        But the establishment is afraid of this virus, so it is actively controlling and channeling things.

        Of course, it could well be something more than that.

        There definitely have been a great many fairly heavy-handed tendencies towards more centralized control in the wake of 9/11.

        That was of course what Lincoln’s Civil War was really about, central versus local, and greatly increased powers for the central government. America was a changed place when it was finished.

        Are we seeing another big movement that way?

        If so, it won’t likely be towards goals many of us would feel overly good about.

        Just an incredibly strange set of events we are condemned to live through.

  3. Jozo Magoc says

    After the CIA biolab-coronavirus, get ready for more plagues and WW3, afterwards, Novus Ordo Seclorum in 2033! A Great Jubilee Year from CRUCIFIXION of Chrjst by the jews! And smaller Jubilee,100 years from 1st US Bankruptcy,by the jewish megabanksters! This year is well fixed on the 1$ bill,US great seal,US galactic flag , US Skyscrapers calendar closely tied to the oficial,zionist 911 Database with the same DATE OF 2033, 11X ( times), not an accident!

  4. Charles Homer says

    Here is an article that looks at the template for the imposition of medical martial law in the United States:

    If a government wants to gain total control of its citizens, the use of health emergency plans is the way to accomplish their goal.

  5. cechas vodobenikov says

    “keep your sinecures and leave me to my sunshine”. Diogenes to Alexandr
    fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh squeezed juice—vast studies show r the best sources of vitamins….as the writer suggests, zinc/magnesium supplements also helpful for viruses
    unless afflicted w a chronic disease, pregnant or aged, vitamins r irrelevant–except A, E—both positively associated c higher rates of cancer….D and C will not harm since they r H2O soluble…and studies suggest that C is depleted when viruses/infection strikes, so if feeling fatigued, likely a good precaution. often vitamin content is fabricated, revealed by testing…I am not able to distinguish high from low quality vitamins–I doubt medical pros can either

  6. David Chu says

    Listen everyone.

    This article has good advice on maintaining and boosting one’s immune system. However, one also needs the simple tools to kill this Coronavirus and any other anaerobic bacteria and viruses (which is the very definition of pathogens or disease causing bacteria and viruses).

    What really works is Chlorine Dioxide at 3000 ppm, it will OXIDIZE, i.e., KILL, ALL anaerobic bacteria & viruses including the Coronavirus and you can drink it (10 ml in 1 liter of water) or spray it on mouth, hands, face, etc. (10 ml in 250 ml of water).

    Plus, it’s very inexpensive to buy if it is available in your neck of the woods (around $20 USD for a 300 ml bottle and it is called CDS or Chlorine Dioxide Solution). Or you can simply make it yourself in your kitchen if you have sodium chlorite and citric acid:

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