This Is a Photo of the Virus Cult Dropping Religious Leaflets and Faith Trinkets on People From a Helicopter

This is a thing that actually happened

Millenarian cult littering

Editor’s note: Flying COVID missionaries. Airborne cult indoctrination. This is actually a thing that happened in May 2020. Imagine, you’re living your life peacefully in a village and these people come over and start dumping PANIC! PANIC! leaflets and paper face nappies on you from helicopters.

At least the Jehovah’s Witnesses will knock on your door and ask politely if it’s okay to talk to you.

The Philippine Army dropped leaflets on coronavirus disease and facemasks in remote villages of the Agusan and Surigao provinces this week.

Major Francisco Garello, civil-military operations officer of the 402nd Infantry Brigade said they used a Philippine Air Force Huey helicopter and two MG-520 gunships to drop 10,000 leaflets and 200 facemasks on Wednesday and Thursday.

“This was part of our COVID-19 information awareness campaign to remote communities unreachable by vehicles,” Garello said.

He said the airdrop concentrated on the remote villages of the towns of Kitcharao, Jabonga and Tubay in Agusan del Norte, and the towns of Alegria and Gigaquit in Surigao del Norte.

He said they reached out to residents of these remote villages to urge them to observe the guidelines of the Department of Health on the virus.

Garello said they earlier used Army vehicles with loud speakers and distributed the materials in the urban areas of Butuan and Cabadbaran cities, and towns of Agusan del Norte and Agusan del Sur.

He said they decided to use helicopters to reach out to these remote communities whose residents might not be aware of the COVID-19 pandemic. [You mean because they don’t have anyone who is sick?]

He said they are planning another sortie next week.

Source: Minda News

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  1. ken says

    “This was part of our COVID-19 information awareness campaign to remote communities unreachable by vehicles,” Garello said.”

    An Awareness campaign… (Your kidding,,, right?). No,,, It’s a Propaganda campaign.

    The Philippines has one of THE most disgusting tyrants in the world,,, right behind Australa and NZ.

    I have been there,,, the People are really nice. Why they deserve an despot like Duterte is a mystery.

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