They’re Claiming John Prine (RIP, Legend) as a COVID Victim Even Though He Had Pneumonia and Was a Lung Cancer Survivor

A microcosm of what's going on

You’ve seen the headlines, now let’s go beyond them:

John Prine, an American folk legend widely considered one of his generation’s most influential songwriters, died following complications of coronavirus Tuesday, April 7 his publicist said on behalf of his family. He was 73 years old.

On Friday, April 3, Prine’s wife Fiona had posted on social media the beloved country and folk star was on his 8th day in the ICU on a ventilator, and had pneumonia in both lungs.

LA Times:

He had been hospitalized on March 26 in Nashville with coronavirus symptoms, on the heels of previous hospitalizations for heart issues, in addition to treatments for throat cancer in 1998 and lung cancer in 2013. Both affected his singing voice, but he continued touring regularly up through last year.

The NYT:

Mr. Prine underwent cancer surgery in 1998 to remove a tumor in his neck identified as squamous cell cancer, which had damaged his vocal cords. In 2013, he had part of one lung removed to treat lung cancer.

So, a throat and lung cancer survivor, with heart problems, who had a chunk of his lung removed in 2013, and who had an active pneumonia* infection. Yeah that’s an ‘open-and-shut’ COVID-19 case right there. COVID-19 really is a killer!

*Now pneumonia, there’s a nasty disease for you, kills about 3,000 Americans each week almost like clockwork for 150,000 per annum.

  1. Natural_Texan says

    My answer to this column? Find and link your favorite John Prine video or song.


  2. el disgustador says

    A cancer survivor who dies of cancer is what exactly…This survivor business makes a killer out of anything…Everytime you breathe, you are a breathing survivor…Go figure…

  3. Richard says

    The CDC has informed all hospitals to list ALL deaths as “Beer” virus cause to ge the numbers up.

  4. mijj says

    did the virus enable the death via the prior problems? .. if he didn’t have the virus would he be alive?

    eg a parallel illustration .. if a not-very-good-driver has a heart attack, crashes and dies .. was the death due to the heart attack or the car crash?

    1. Mike Stewart says

      What is not mentioned here is Prine had a test for the virus and it came back “indeterminate”, so most news stories say “coronavirus-like” symptoms, the new “flu-like” symptoms.

    2. Stoic says

      A doctor who examined the corpse would be able to tell you that, asking stupid unanswerable questions on the internet won’t.

  5. David Bedford says

    The media are going to scare people witless into trapping themselves in their own apartments to be protected by big government

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