They Sure Have Normalized Kim Jong-Un

North Korea is just another regime now

North Korea withdraws from the Tokyo Olympics (which anyway already bans foreign visitors) citing COVID-19 fears:

North Korea became the first country to withdraw from the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, citing safety concerns because of the coronavirus pandemic and dashing hopes that the global sporting event could provide a forum to engage the regime.

The decision by North Korea’s Olympic Committee reflected a desire “to protect players from the world public health crisis caused by Covid-19,” according to a Monday report, carried on the website of the state-run “Sports in the DPR Korea” outlet. The official name of North Korea, led by Kim Jong Un, is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Tokyo Games, already delayed a year by the pandemic, are slated to begin in July. Japanese officials have expressed confidence in safeguards to protect the Summer Olympics from outbreaks, including blocking overseas spectators from attending. But before North Korea, no other country had publicly stated plans to skip the event.

Funny how North Korea’s self-isolation has gone from incomprehensible to normal. Turns out the Juche regime was just ahead of its time.

Where the media used to see the “Hermit Kingdom’s” totalitarianism with fascination, ridicule and incomprehension it is now defending and fighting to impose and prolong and even more total totalitarianism at home.

Kim Jong-Un withdrawing from the Olympics before would have been viewed as a dictator going to extreme lengths to keep his people cut off. Now — in the world they created — he’s just doing the prudent and responsible thing as a good statesman should.

Okay, enough of this now. Go back to clapping for the NHS and if you refuse the vaccine we’ll lower your social credit score.

The only guy who can pull more than Dr. Fauci
  1. ken says

    Kim at least doesn’t pretend he cares for you or claims he is for liberty and freedom. He is who he is.

    He may be the only honest politician in the world on where he stands.

  2. Mr Reynard says

    Like him, or hate him ? But he’s one of the rare politicians with gonads !

  3. lee says

    he looks well, im glad about that.

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