These Russian Tank Soldiers Are Doing a Very Poor Job of Hiding Themselves 10 Miles From the Border

Admittedly you would expect a little bit more competence but maskirovka not excluded

Belgorod, the Russian region opposite of Kharkov, near Kursk

Not going to lie, if Russia was planning on a military escalation in the near future, you would expect to see greater operational security efforts being taken. These soldiers aren’t making any effort to prevent the equipment from being seen or photographed.

You would expect them to at least block off that road right next to the train station on that side. Or try to move things at night, instead of leaving equipment there for multiple days (the S-300V).

There can be multiple interpretations:

1) Russia isn’t planning on escalating but is doing this for coercion

2) these soldiers aren’t doing their job properly

3) Russia wants to show a buildup here (10 miles from the border), but the main axis of advance will be elsewhere.

Nonetheless, this is 10 miles from Ukraine and only 35 miles from downtown Kharkiv and there is a substantial force from the 1st Tank Army with district-level 2S7M and 2S4 heavy artillery/mortars and an armed district-level S-300V ballistic missile defense system. Not routine.

I won’t make any strong conclusions yet, but good analysis means considering events that deviate from what you expect and that possibly contradict your assessment. Meanwhile, there are other Russian military movements/reinforcements that are not being picked up on TikTok.

Source: Twitter

Editor’s note: Suppose another interpretation could be that for now this is for show to force concessions, but if that approach fails that escalation could still follow. Either with all 100 BTGs at once, or with a small number of them and the rest held in reserve to show even more escalation is easily possible. But neglect by one unit is also always a possibility.


  1. TZVI says

    They Are Not Afraid.

    I suppose that is the message.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Facing this ?? Will make them shaking in their boots ..

      1. Steve Ginn says

        Yeah, just wait until the fights start over which shitter they can use and who left the seat up again. Nothing to fear from this lot!

        1. Mr Reynard says

          So Steve ?? You don’t think that, they look like the terror of the Russian Army ??

      2. TJ RUBICON says

        On the up side, better to rid the US of these vile people. Russia’s fruit loops will stay home safe and sound. Well, maybe not sound.

  2. Geraldo says

    Russian military isn’t uproffesional so …

    There will be no invasion, the West will have humiliated themselves, NATO has basically collpased in on itself and is now totally irrelevant. NS2 will advance as planned as long as the Germans hold their nerve. The UK/US have been exposed as cowards deserting the battlefield (after swearing to the Ukraine theyve got their backs.) Both Johnson and biden are dead men walking. The Ukrainian oligarchs have also been publicly exposed as cowards who flee their country in its time of need, thus undermining the whole Kiev regime .. and surprise surprise, Zelensky comes out of it looking like the only Statesman and the only elite in the country with any balls. I’d say thats a briliant job done by Putin. I’m beginning to think the Russians have fed the yanks some dud intel which they have fallen for. What a calamity for the West.

    1. Juan says

      I hope it is like you said. The western WEF bozos need this war to consolidate their coup against democracy and freedom. Look what The bastard of Fidel Castro just did in Canada.

  3. Keith says

    Really? 11+/- tanks and misc vehicles to start an invasion? Give me a break. I’ll say it again…Really?

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