These Are the Same Pollsters Who Are Telling You Lockdowns Are Popular

Once again 'models' and modelers cover themselves in shame


Heading into the election the aggregate poll average had Biden up by 8-9 points. This was based on hundreds of polls and had been steady for six months. Yet instead of the landslide for Biden that the right-thinking echo chamber was expecting, we’re looking at a photo-finish.

And this after they had *already* got it similarly wrong in 2016, and had been claiming all along they had learned from their error and had updated their methods so that nothing like that could happen again.

They didn’t just get it wrong. They got it wrong by a massive margin.

They didn’t just get it wrong by a massive margin. They got it wrong by a massive margin twice in a row.

They didn’t just get it wrong by a massive margin twice in a row. They got it wrong by a massive margin twice in a row, *after* they had spent years assuring us they had foolproofed their models.

These are the same people who are producing surveys purporting to show that COVID cult lockdowns are popular.

In reality, all that these polls show is that the pollsters reached out to a sample among which lockdowns are popular, or put more accurately —— to a sample which has memorized the “socially desirable” answer and is repeating it to pollsters.

In reality, even if there was a genuine popular outcry for lockdowns that still wouldn’t mean anything because:

A.) Anyone who wants to barricade themselves in their home is already perfectly free to do so, but doing so does not grant them the right to demand everyone follows suit, whether they are in the majority or not.

B.) Demonstrated preferences trump expressed preferences. Humans are manipulative social animals with dual brains who say one thing and do another. People are perfectly capable of telling pollsters they support a lockdown because they are virtue signaling or are being careful to avoid social stigma, or because they want their neighbors locked down, but at the same time have every intention of skirting it themselves. In reality, almost nobody wants a mandatory lockdown for themselves, which is clearly demonstrated by the fact that almost nobody follows it to a T. The only difference is that one group of lockdown-resisters are hypocrites who will nonetheless claim they approve of it, while the others are principled resisters who want freedom *for everyone* and aren’t afraid to say so.

Pro-lockdown medical practitioners practicing social distancing and mask-wearing

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