There Was an Element of Medical Freedom Uprising to Kazakhstan’s Revolt

It sprung up just as new bans for the unvaccinated (55% of the population) were to go into effect

Inflation, never-ending lockdowns, and compulsory mRNAs as the main causes of social discontent

Editor’s note: Did pan-Turks, Islamists, and Soros try to jump on the train? They would be stupid not to. But social unrest doesn’t start because Joe Kazakh wants more CIA black sites, but because his bread costs twice as much, he will have to lockdown his shop for the fourth time in two years, and he’s having to get experimental mRNA or lose the ability to feed his family. That he has been ruled by the same authoritarian and corrupt guy and network of clans since 1989 doesn’t help things either. The Russian alternative media outlet RIA Katyusha has more.

Machine-translated from Russian. Hat tip to Edward Slavsquat. Dateline: January 5th

Last Kazakh warning to Putin: vaccination and greed of elites as the cause of the revolution in Kazakhstan

Another republic of the former USSR and Russia’s strategic ally, Kazakhstan, found itself embroiled in the classic color revolution. And although it is obvious that the conductors of current events are located in Paris, London and Washington and their goal is to weaken China and implement the old Masonic idea of ​​a “united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok”, the local authorities, which cared exclusively about their own pockets and following the covid instructions of the globalists, hoping to come to terms with the devil. That is, she was doing the same thing as the Russian “elite”. 

Gas prices shouted about by the Russian state media have become nothing more than a pretext for massive protests. The “technocrats” in power in Kazakhstan (hello to “ours” Mishustin and Kiriyenko) brought the people to seething anger with a drop in living standards and mandatory vaccination with QR codes, and also missed the preparation of protests by Soros structures.

This — namely, the stupidity and inability to discern the threat even to one’s own skin — is one of the main differences between technocrats and traditional rulers, of which Alexander Lukashenko can serve as an example. But Lukashenko sat there because he had someone to rely on. Putin and his comrades have no one to rely on – the people and the army with the Church will not defend the servants of the globalists. Therefore, the Russian elite need to study the Kazakh experience very deeply if, of course, they do not want to step on the neighbor’s rake.

Apparently, Russia is on the verge of losing one of its main allies, without which it will lose its influence throughout Central Asia. Power is slipping away from the hands of local technocrats and the former head of the country Nazarbayev in real time, and it is time for President Tokayev to sit next to Yanukovych and start writing the second volume of the book: “How to lose everything and understand nothing.”

Formally, the protests began on January 2 in the west of the country in the city of Zhanaozen, Mangistau region, after the price for a liter of liquefied gas rose to 120 tenge ($ 0.27) from January 1. The protesters demanded to lower the gas price to 60 tenge ($ 0.13), but they were simply not noticed by either the authorities or the media, and therefore calmly spread to the rest of the country. Moreover, the country’s leadership was fully confident that everything would “dissolve by itself,” and TV experts cited the Europeans as an example, where, they say, they walked around and went home. But these experts did not take into account the most relevant things – there is no Soros in Europe, USAID (recognized as undesirable in Russia), which openly work with both government officials and civic activists, and the NED fund, which openly and since mid-December have been waiting for a riot and supported the movement.”

But that’s not the point. The main thing is that the authorities of Kazakhstan, just like the authorities of the Russian Federation, refused to see people’s protests against compulsory vaccination, vaccination of children and pregnant women and QR codes. They were unable to resolve issues with wild food prices, shortages of gasoline and diesel fuel, drought and deaths of livestock, but, like their Russian colleagues, they followed all the instructions of the WHO and the IMF, leading people to the point that any pretext would become the spark that Lenin talked about more than a hundred years ago. As a result, technocrats began to react only when the Kazakh revolt turned from a pure economy into politics, and militants and protesters began to seize administrative buildings and television channels. But the protesters seized the president’s residence in Alma-Ata. The total number of victims in Kazakhstan has already exceeded 700 people, of which 150 are policemen and soldiers. So far, there is no confirmed data on the deceased.

Now President Tokayev has already agreed to everything, even having fired Nazarbayev [and the PM and the cabinet], but the time has passed and no one wants to talk to him anymore. The only thing that can still save his skin is the introduction of martial law and the brutal suppression of the protest. However, he is unable to do this, for he is too tied to the West, which already considers the “buns” from the emergence of a “new Ukraine” under the belly of Russia and China. It is pointless to list everything that is happening there now – events are developing at such a speed that any information by the time of publication will be outdated. It is much more important for us to understand the reasons, because much of what is happening there is too similar to what is happening in Russia.

Let’s start with the main factors that drove people to the streets. The main one is the fall in the standard of living of the population (which is officially not there) and the rise in prices (hello to Rosstat named after the Ministry of Economy of the Russian Federation together with the Central Bank and who else is counting inflation for us). Last year, according to official data, prices for goods in Kazakhstan soared by 8.9%, which is higher than in Russia. The prices for food products rose most noticeably in Kazakhstan: plus 11.3% for the year in October 2021. In July-August of this year, there was a growth in prices for vegetables of long-term storage (potatoes, carrots, beets), which was not typical for the summer months and a record in recent years, against the background of a shortage of their supply by the end of the off-season. Amid depletion of domestic stocks before the arrival of the new harvest, the monthly price increase for these products in June showed record values ​​in recent years, which led to a sharp jump in the annual inflation rate (immediately by 30.6% over the same period a year earlier). In October 2021, the annual growth in consumer prices for vegetables was 25.5%. Meat rose 10.3%, sunflower oil 56.2% year on year and sugar 32.1% year on year.

Also in October, the country faced a diesel shortage. The situation influenced not only the increase in the cost of diesel fuel, but also gave rise to problems for transport companies, KTZ, and also created risks to ensure the stable operation of utilities and road services. Diesel fuel was sold at many gas stations in the country only with coupons during these weeks, some of them did not have it at all. According to official data, the growth in gasoline prices was (+ 15.6% per year), diesel (+ 24.4% per year), or by a quarter. The shortage of fuel was added to the shortage of electricity. In a number of regions, in order to save electricity during peak hours, its supply was suspended. In addition, in the west of Kazakhstan in the summer of 2021, there was an intense heat and lack of rainfall, which led to a large-scale drought. Farmers have suffered huge losses in the Mangistau region and the Aral region of the Kyzylorda region, livestock deaths were recorded everywhere. The network spread eerie footage of emaciated animals, which the owners were forced to feed with cardboard paper. Despite the difficult situation, the Ministry of Agriculture was in no hurry to provide prompt assistance to farmers.

Objectively speaking, the price of autogas in Kazakhstan is several times lower than in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine – even after the increase. But if it was only a question of gas, then there would be no protests. As the inhabitants of the Russian north of the country write, the worst thing in this situation is that the technocrats did not have any positive plan to improve the situation of people, but they had plans to drag people through lockdowns and stab them to death.

In Russia, the state media are trying to keep silent about this, but one of the main reasons for the current protests is not the economy, but new restrictions that were planned to be introduced there from January 5. Due to the rapid spread of the omicron strain, unvaccinated citizens were disallowed from crowded places: banks, post offices, baths, fitness rooms, public service centers, not to mention shopping and entertainment centers.

This is after lockdowns and vaccinations in the worst European and Australian traditions. The news of a new lockdown was the second reason for the riot. For understanding – Kazakhstan has become the toughest country in terms of vaccinations, QRs and restrictions in the ex-USSR, constantly testing its people for strength. Aizhan Esmagambetova, Chairperson of the Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Control of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, stated that since the beginning of the year, workers in labor collectives who refuse compulsory vaccination against COVID-19 will be fined: Administrative responsibility is provided for both individuals – 5 monthly calculation indices, and for legal entities”, – Yesmagambetova said at a briefing, answering the question of what sanctions are provided for refusing vaccination and undergoing PCR testing for coronavirus. She noted that the employer in case of non-fulfillment of the requirements can also be involved to administrative responsibility. The current lockdown, after all the restrictions and vaccinations, would have become the 4th for Kazakhstan since the beginning of 2021although a number of them were not in the entire country. It makes no sense to say how many small businesses were closed because of this, and people were left without a livelihood. And no one will say, because they were not counted.

But in the summer, the local WHO branch, the “interdepartmental commission on the non-proliferation of COVID-19,” recommended the chief state sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan to prohibit more than 20 people from working in the service sector, in industrial enterprises and in labor collectives with an experimental potion.

Since November 15 of last year, schools and medical institutions in Kazakhstan began vaccination against the coronavirus with the Pfizer drug for adolescents, pregnant and lactating women. Since November 22, vaccination has begun in the city of Aktobe [0.5 million people], and only eight breastfeeding women and four adolescents have been vaccinated. In October 2021, the chief sanitary doctor of Kazakhstan, Yerlan Kiyasov, approved the guidelines for vaccination of adolescents with Pfizer. “We are now seeing that everything seems to be going well. We did not see any obvious problems. Babies, pregnant women and lactating women are easily tolerated, ” said the head of their Ministry of Health.

In general, the Kazakh authorities did everything they could to get as many people as possible to hate them and take part in the protests. At the same time, as in Russia, total hatred and distrust of the regime was masked with deliberate lies from the court sociologists, who, like ours, sang the mantras about “Everything is calm in Baghdad.”

Of course, the agents of the United States and Britain, favored by the Kazakh authorities, could not help but take advantage of this. We sweep aside the Turkish trail, because both the current government and the rebels are completely pro-Turan and they win in any case. But for the United States and Britain, destabilization in Kazakhstan is just a gift for the New Year. Create a “new Ukraine” with such a border with Russia and China, start pogroms against the Russians and drive out Chinese business, support the Uighurs not only with words.

With all this, the Kazakh elite helped the sorrows as best they could — just like the Kiriyenko’s department helped and helps organizations-inagents to receive presidential grants, supported all sorts of Morgensterns, etc.

However, in Russia, fortunately, in addition to Kiriyenko, there is a “power tower” that thinned out this residency at least a little – and in Kazakhstan, for a minute, the Soros Foundation, USAID, the National Endowment for Democracy NED and etc. In the last 15 years, the total number of NGOs in the republic has grown significantly. If in 2003 there were about two thousand of them, now there are 22 thousand. About 200 non-governmental organizations in Kazakhstan receive foreign funding, 70% of which comes from the United States. These data were presented in his report at the Civil Forum in Astana by Minister of Social Development Darkhan Kaletayev. “Today, 53 international organizations, 30 foreign government organizations, 77 foreign NGOs and foundations operate in Kazakhstan,” – he noted. Moreover, since 2019, on the one hand, actively working with the elites, especially the regional ones, on the other, they openly worked against Nazarbayev and Atayev, promoting Russophobia (for example, blaming Russia for sugar prices) and campaigning for a “path to Europe.” The Strategic Culture Foundation wrote about this in 2019 in its large article “The United States Increases Pressure on Kazakhstan “. Who was not among the NGOs? Of course, the representatives of Russia. Thus, our country did not react in any way to the arrest of one of the few supporters of Russia – Ermek Taychibekov. She not only did not oppose his arrest, but did not even grant him citizenship last year. Moreover, it was revealingly done while talking about “the friendship of our countries.” However, now the main question is what Moscow will do in the event of the start of ethnic cleansing of Russians in the north of the country. And this scenario, given the activation of nationalists, is far from being so fantastic.

Of course, it was not without the fugitive oligarchs. Thus, Mukhtar Ablyazov, accused of corruption and living in Europe, does not even try to deny that he actively supports the riots, dreaming that Kazakhstan would be like Ukraine and Armenia.

In addition to these reasons, one can find a hundred more ethnic and regional problems, such as the competition between the junior and senior Zhus, the strengthening of nationalists under the leadership of the Turks, the betrayal of the elite under the control of London, and so on and so forth. Coups generally include the sum of all factors, most of which we can see in our country, starting with the coronavirus according to the WHO guidelines and the destruction of the economy according to the IMF patterns and ending with the complacency of the authorities through their own experts and the growing discontent of the “fugitive oligarchs” who continue to hold their agents in the governing bodies of the Russian Federation. And in place of the relevant departments, it would be nice to study the Kazakh experience. But the main conclusion is obvious: the bestial attitude towards their people and the betrayal of national interests for a carrot from the globalists will in any case sideline the authorities themselves, no matter how much they count on agreements with the Rothschilds and other “owners of money.” Do not negotiate with the devil, expel him – this is how the Russian civilization acted during the heyday of its history.

Source: RIA Katyusha (Russian alternative media)

  1. GMC says

    Great article – Pravda always is.

    1. TZVI says

      In the 1990’s Pravda had a slogan “Pravda makes it funny”, too bad this is not the real 90’s pravda, at least we could have a laugh.

  2. London says

    the bestial attitude towards their people and the betrayal of national interests for a carrot from the globalists will in any case sideline the authorities themselves, no matter how much they count on agreements with the Rothschilds and other “owners of money.” Do not negotiate with the devil, expel him – this is how the Russian civilization acted during the heyday of its history.”
    Though Russia has its back to the wall, it is in a stronger position than the Kennedy brothers, William Wallace, Wat Tyler and even Novak versus the worlds richest.
    The shock of Russia’s leaders (Putin) and their experts joining the richest’s WHO and IMF in the destruction of Russia changes this.
    Allowing “fugitive oligarchs” and oligarchs (all ethnic partners, or a few compromised partners, of the richest) to have agents in governing bodies was indeed a terrible mistake.
    Now there is Novak and Kennedy’s grandson. Sad.

  3. TZVI says

    Is there any proof that the list of demands ( by protesters) included eliminating vaccine passports?

    This is the best I could come up with, and no “vaccine” is mentioned…indeed it seems both sides want to depopulate. ( encourage/ force injections)

    From YANDEX Translate:

    Immediate release of all political prisoners

    2. Full resignation and resignation of the President, Chairman of the Security Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Government and Parliament.

    3. Political reforms:
    Creation of a Provisional Government of reputable and public citizens — participants of the resistance in Kazakhstan
    Conducting free elections by the VP forces.

    4. The main condition for political reforms is strict adherence to the values of democracy and respect for human rights, recognition of the years of Soviet rule as a crime against the peoples of the post-Soviet empire, condemnation of military aggression against Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea, withdrawal from the CIS, the EAEU and other unions with the Russian Federation.

    1. GMC says

      Well, #4 has all the language needed to be the next Nato destination. This is another perfect Ukie Maidan attempt to make the Russians look like the bad guys, so the western NWO can come back and convince the Kazakhs that things will change for the better – Ukie style – lol

      The minister of health stated that the Military Biological Lab in Alma Ata was not taken over by the rioters. So I guess that the new US Military Bioweapons Lab, that is scheduled to be built this year – is a Go. It will be an underground facility and possibly # 7 – in a country with 20 million people? Yep, nothing strange about the Kazakh relationship with the US, Brits, Turks, and others. lol

      1. TZVI says

        Thank you for that information about the new lab to be built…something rotten about it for sure.

        Yes this all about optics and alliances….encirclement, etc. NATO / USA are all but outright rejecting Russia’s demands, so we know their will be little chance of peaceful compromise. Unless we have a change of heart, will have more conflict.

    2. Jerry Hood says

      And let the globalists,zionist jews from USrael and Isrealhell to take over…

  4. ken says

    ” the people and the army with the Church will not defend the servants of the globalists”

    “How to lose everything and understand nothing.”

    “The main thing is that the authorities of Kazakhstan, just like the authorities of the Russian Federation, refused to see people’s protests against compulsory vaccination, vaccination of children and pregnant women and QR codes.”

    “Moreover, the country’s leadership was fully confident that everything would “dissolve by itself,” and TV experts cited the Europeans as an example, where, they say, they walked around and went home.”

    Western nations,,, pay attention. Some good info….

    1. gig says

      that is the difference sir. I Putin was whom I thought, he would be subverting Europe and giving AK-47s for Austrian youths. And arming the banlieus of Paris since those are the strongest antivaxx bastions in France. But he is not. Thanks Turkey or SOros or America for the mahcine guns that allowed Kazakhs to shoot several hundred police and army forces

  5. Raptar Driver says

    This is an interesting angle however I believe it to be incorrect.
    I don’t think this had anything to do with the fuel prices or vaccination.

    1. Mr Reynard says

      Agree.. It’s all about Oil, LPG, Minerals which are in Kazakhstan, but belong to the “World” ??
      Do I have to specify, who’s the “WORLD” ??

    2. Jerry Hood says

      In this I agree with you….

  6. HVRT says

    Good to see mention of v@x pass as an issue. Also it’s interesting to note that both sides, Russia and NATO, oddly seem to on this stupidist of issues. It’s almost like they’re both controlled by the same central bankers.

  7. Jerry Hood says

    The truth is elsewhere, but littlebit of everything was ivolved in the people’s revolt!

  8. almost_enlightened says

    Can’t dispute all of that but I live here and work half a mile from the epicentre of the trouble, and I have a few things to say:

    1 – I spoke to some of the people upset and thinking about protesting and NONE of them mentioned the QR codes we are supposed to have, they ALL talked about the cost of living which is some cases is literally now higher than the amount that many people are able to earn.

    2 – We do have QR codes displayed on the doors of various shops & cafes, etc but I have NEVER ONCE seen anybody use them, in about a year (even when they were new). I walk past them and in, and nobody says a thing. The other day I did so and a policeman was standing aside the entrance and he saw me (before I saw him) saunter past the code and didn’t even hint at me to scan it. So it is unlikely that people are protesting against anything that is not enforced. It would be like women in London protesting because it is illegal for them to eat chocolate on a bus, because this is technically illegal too.

    3 – I wish there were some more pushback here regarding these QR codes because they may become enforced in the future, who knows, but nobody takes any notice of them as I said, in villages where the protesters came from (not the violent ones) they don’t even have them at all, nor smartphones to scan them with, so they are unlikely to have caused such widespread public outrage – when nobody ever really talks about them, instead very often lamenting the rising costs of living.

    4 – The protests were ‘successful’ in that within a day the government pledged to reverse the rising prices, but the QR code system has not changed, in fact there was talk of making it stricter (again, nobody bothers with it).

    5 – Banks are NOT telling people that they have no access to their own money. This is simply not true.

    So while I support the protests in the west against medical tyranny, it is hardly likely to have been much of a factor here in the recent trouble, trouble which I add was sorted out in a manner of days.

    1. almost_enlightened says

      PS Most people here supposedly vaccinated are probably not, many people just buy the vaccine pass for a few dollars, and in any case we have Sputnik V here, not the western mRna alternatives, not that I know much about either.

    2. almost_enlightened says

      A few other points:

      Sputnik V is available in KZ for free and as I said, most people just pay not to have it.

      Pfizer is available for a price, I don’t know anybody who wants it.

      Almaty is a far better place to live than London (and I know both very well) in terms of levels of personal freedom. There have been riots in London and medical tyranny there threatened to be (and still could be) quite an issue for many people.

      Many people planning to emigrate from KZ to the west are now deciding to stay in KZ.

      Some people who emigrated to Australia want to come back to KZ. (I know them personally as I prepared them for emigration and have kept in touch.)

      I may be a foreigner but I know the local language VERY well as I have been here 20 years and I had been monitoring the situation and I have NO desire to leave and go back to the ‘free and safe’ UK.

      The issues with rioting happened in a very small area in a city bigger than Milan, Rome (for example). Nobody should confuse this, the whole of Almaty did not go up in flames, it is a very big place.

      I am not prepared to say if I am vaccinated or not (despite the anonymity on here) but since the first vaccines arrived I have never ONCE been asked to.

      This article was extremely well written and researched but it made assumptions about how far theory has extended into practice in KZ life, because as I said, QR codes are just little squiggles in shop windows. What may happen next is anybody’s guess, but to think that thousands of people went berserk because of something that doesn’t even happen, when they can easily get round it anyway, is missing the point.

      Cost of living – 99%, and as I said, I actually spoke to some people who were in two minds whether to go or not.

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