There Is Only One Reason for US Navy to Sail in the Black Sea — to Look for Trouble

Just as if the Russians were sailing the Gulf of Mexico

CNN notes the Black Sea sits between Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Western Asia – doesn’t conclude anything from that

Most Americans don’t know anything about the Black Sea because it means nothing in their daily struggles. It is roughly equivalent to the Gulf of Mexico for the USA.

As an example of American warmongering and aggression, our Navy insists on sending destroyers and spy aircraft into the Black Sea to sail along the Russian coast to agitate the Russian military.

The Russians could send aircraft and ships into the Gulf of Mexico. They could sail near Houston as a show of force. Would this upset Americans and agitate the US military?

Might American military aircraft fly close by to observe and possibly harass the annoying Russians?

You don’t get this insight from corporate media like CNN. Watch this short broadcast about evil Russians reacting to American military aircraft threatening their borders:

On Saturday the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Carney joined the USS Ross in the Black Sea to “conduct maritime security operations,” according to a statement from the US Navy’s 6th Fleet, which oversees US naval operations in the region. It’s the first time two US Navy warships have been in the Black Sea since July 2017.

A US military official told CNN that the decision to deploy both the Carney and the Ross to the Black Sea was part of an effort to “desensitize Russia” to the presence of US military forces in the Black Sea, which sits between Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Western Asia.

President Trump, tighten the leash on your Admirals! Tell them to stay out of the Black Sea because there is no reason for American military forces to operate there. They are just looking for trouble to get in the way of and increasing tensions.

Source: g2mil

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