There Is Just One Problem With Getting Your Medicine From George Washington

i am just a private kitten and not a surgeon general, but i think that maybe given that george washington literally died because he demanded that his doctors bleed him of 80 oz of heart juice in a single day to treat his “inflammatory quinsy” that probably this is not a health authority you really want to cite.

just a thought.

Source: Bad Cattitude

  1. ken says

    George was commander in chief. The US, US Law, and the Bill of Rights did not exist nor did the Nuremberg Protocols. The ‘vaccine’ did not work,,, many still got sick. It was not an injection it is called a variolation.

    He made them get sick with smallpox via variolation, because they were going to get smallpox inevitably anyway during the war. Variolation is the act of taking scratches from the infected sores and infecting others. It was thought to be less deadly. It was not a vaccine by any stretch of the imagination.

    But its a hell of a lot closer to a vaccine than the killers their pushing today!

    But I expect nothing less from this quack as every gov agent is pushing the poison on every living organism. He supposedly graduated top of his class but it is obvious he learned little. His US History knowledge is a lot to be desired. His knowledge of vaccines is just as limited. He is just a Parrot. Repeat after me….

    So far that safe and effective POS clotshot he is pushing has killed 16,000 (VAERS) 48,000 (Medicare) 30,000 (EU) You think George would have pushed his ‘vaccine’ had the numbers been that bad! Doubtful,,, he needed an army.

    Where the hell is the DEA? With a drug killing that many in the past it was all over radio and tee vee. Now I guess they’re the drug czars.

    And anyway,,, wasn’t George Washington Whitelisted (can’t use black,,, raycist), considered a raycist and White Supremacist? So why is this drug pusher, an immigrant, using poor old George. Are we witnessing culture appropriation here.
    Oh! Forgive me,,, Whites don’t have a culture.

    Maybe he should quote Jefferson…

    1. guest says

      On top of it, what was inoculation in 1780 ? they scratched your in and rubbed some cow puss in it.

      a) small-pox was a deadly desease (not some Wuhan flu); just imagine how the troops would have reacted of Washington wanted to give them a vaccine against flu or chicken-pox
      b) cow puss is organic product (as opposed to this artificial pFizer product which turns you into a Genetically Modified Organism)

      c) we know (just as this legal alien knows) that inoculation very likely had nothing to do with the eradication of small-pox

      A separate question: would the vaccine industry be out of raw material if people stopped aborting children ? It seem every vaccine needs a dead fetus or mercury.

  2. guest says

    This guy is prime example of the mortal danger legal in-migration of aliens presents to the host.

    1. Andra Saltzberg says

      Not to forget that this guy has been given a pass to sidestep the clotshot
      along with all the other “gov’t” hangers-on.

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