There Are Over 100,000 US Troops in Europe — The First Time Since 2005

Hegemon garrisons its colonies


The fighting in Ukraine may lead to a rethinking of the US’s military posture in Europe that could lead to a buildup of US forces in the region not seen since the end of the Cold War.

According to Stars and Stripes, the US currently has 100,000 troops operating in Europe, the highest number since 2005. Troop numbers spiked recently as President Biden ordered more deployments amid heightened tensions and since Russia invaded Ukraine. In January, there were 80,000 US troops on the continent.

Germany still hosts the most US troops in Europe, but US military leaders are looking to send more forces further east. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is due to meet with other NATO military leaders in Brussels on Wednesday to discuss reinforcing the military alliance’s so-called “eastern flank.”

Ahead of the meeting, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said allies should be prepared for a “major increase” in military spending. “On land, this could include substantially more forces on the eastern part of the alliance,” he said.

Stoltenberg said the alliance will also “consider major increases to our air and naval deployments, strengthening our integrated air and missile defense, reinforcing our cyber defenses, and holding more and larger exercises.” Later this month, President Biden will attend an “extraordinary summit” with NATO leaders in Brussels, which is scheduled for March 24.

In recent months, the US has sent more troops to countries bordering Russia and Ukraine, including Poland, Romania, and the Baltic states of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania. According to numbers from US European Command, Poland currently has 10,000 US troops, Romania has 2,400, and 2,500 are spread out across the Baltics.

The US and NATO are reinforcing these countries in the name of deterring Russia. But NATO’s eastward expansion since the end of the Cold War and its presence near Russia’s borders has significantly escalated tensions in the region and is one of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s main justifications for attacking Ukraine.

  1. GMC says

    Like Russia said – they will use their nukes to defend their Country. By now, they probably have non nukes that can do some serious damage, as well as Mini nukes, like Israel uses..And the Russian Army won’t be worried about any civilians west of Ukraine.

    Then again the MIC and Bankers would love to see hundreds of planes, helicopters and arms – destroyed – so they can make more money – rebuilding the Empires military. All for a shit-hole country that’s run from Washington. I can’t believe the western populace can’t figure this one out.

    1. Eddy says

      More sacrificial meat for the grinder. WW 2 blood and bone in the soil appears to be depleted and requires replenishment. troop numbers will have little effect when the Nuk’s start falling. Banks ???? they’ll disappear too. Clearly, someone is not doing to much in depth thinking about this issue.

  2. Hungary Guy says

    After CONvid HOAX PLANdemic QR- Code System Fail;
    these Foreign Troops will secure the Populace in the wrecked Economies of EU by Sanctions: rationing, hyperinflation & co.
    Plus, come a anothercon Scariant Variant- they may assist with the new compulsory Quack- cines as well.
    Enemies of ALL People thes are.

  3. ken says

    Like always the old farts that own the banks and other financials are lining up the young to go into glorious battle with each other. The media (both msm and alt) love it as they now have exciting bs to spread so let’s lay it out.

    Remember,,, if it bleeds it leads. Well they’re going to get plenty of blood.

    For the US…..
    The US broke every treaty and all agreements… not Russia
    The US built all those bio labs in Ukraine that are designing killer viruses… not Russia
    The US was likely assisting Ukraine’s nuclear ambitions… Not Russia.
    The US funded the coup d’etat in Ukraine…. not russia
    The US manipulated the Ukrainian elections… not Russia.
    The US armed Ukraine to the hilt… not Russia
    The US funded and armed Nazi groups in Ukraine… Not Russia.
    The US had Ukraine bomb the donbass just about every day killing thousands… not Russia.
    The US is running weapons to anyone in the Ukraine that will kill Russians. The same shit that got the Lusitania sunk back in the day.
    The US has put troops and missiles on Russian borders…. Russia has none on US borders.
    The US has put warships in the Black sea… Russia has nothing in the Gulf of Mexico.
    The President of the US has called Mr. Putin a killer… Russia has done no such name calling.
    The US and West have put sanctions on Russia and have stolen private property.

    The US has bombed N. Korea,,, Vietnam,,, Yugoslavia,,, Serbia,,, Iraq (twice),,, Libya,,, Afghanistan,,, assist bombing Yemen.

    Now for Russia.

    Russia went into Ukraine to eliminate the WMD and Nazis,,, and that’s bad?

    Today we have dumbshit Americans screaming hate for anyone with a Russian surname and stealing their assets. How easy it seems to be to lead these lemmings by the nose.

    Well,,, we might just get the war those old farts like Dementia Biden and women like Psaki and Pelosi want. Good thing they don’t have to pick up a rifle,,, they just point you at the ‘enemy’ and say “Go get em, big boy!” And your parents bury you as a hero…

    1. XSFRGR says

      You’re correct except for one thing: This time the war is coming home, and Mr. and Mrs. America are going to experience what they so casually thrust on the rest of the world.

      1. Eddy says

        Whilst their FEARLESS and incredibly TOUGH President, together with his sycophant followers like Psaki and the demented spider Pelosi will all be rushing into the deepest bunker they can find as their fellow American citizens get converted to vapour and the destruction of America as we know it. I wonder how the citizens of the U.S. feel, knowing they will be sacrificed whilst their leaders dive down the deepest rabbit hole they can find ?

        1. XSFRGR says

          My fellow Americans are so thoroughly dumbed-down that I doubt if they’ll even notice that their world is being destroyed.

  4. Mr Reynard says

    Operation Barbarossa was German Invasion of Russia (USSR) with 3.8 millions soldiers & we all know, how it did end up ??
    100,000 US Soldiers ?? What their life expectancy would be ?? 15 days ?? 7 days ??

    1. XSFRGR says

      100,000 soldiers aren’t enough to get past the line of departure, but they are the trip wire that the West needs to trigger WW 3.

    2. Eddy says


  5. DannyWhite says

    Target rich environment
    Personally I wouldnt bother hitting the soldiers, I’d hit their families and communities at home
    Wives, children and parents

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