Their Arms Still Sore From Elbow Bumping G7 Leaders Endorse Hugging the Elderly, Going Maskless Indoors

Do as they do

How does a G7 summit start?

With a lot of elbow bumping (God forbids anyone shakes hands in a DEATHDEMIC), and a “socially distanced” group photo:

How does a G7 summit then proceed?

With a cocktail party (the pubs in Britain are still under restrictions), hugs, and a diaper-free indoors conference:

The drinks
The hugs
The liberated faces

The mainstream media wholeheartedly approves:

But the help is still in diapers even as the lizards breathe freely:

I’m glad the G7 has now publicly endorsed going maskless, having drinks with the elderly and embracing them, even as it comes after an unconvincing and half-hearted theater of COVID piety.

  1. speciem libertatis says

    very telling videos and pictures. The poor must wear masks to serve the elites LOL
    the elbow bumping is for consumption aka that will be the only thing hey will show on the Tunnel-Vision

  2. Progressive Truth Seekers says

    I see, the servants must protect the rulers, by wearing mask, but the wealthy elites are just fine, when behind the camera.

  3. ken says

    Look carefully,,, These are the folks (Pigs) living off your productivity and their criminality. Not a one has ever ‘worked’ in their entire life.

    We do everything they say and pay taxes to them diligently while they splurge and live high on the hog. The military / police (Dogs) are their enforcers which are also sucking the life blood from you, while beating, incarcerating, killing you.

    Yet we (sheep) treat them like the gods they think they are. We even thank them when they give us a little freedom cookie or some of the money we earned back.

    Yes,,, All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

  4. Digby says

    Ironically in the original Pat & Mat the two characters would also shake hands as part of their signature victory handshake (for lack of a better term to describe the analog to a victory dance). (At least in episodes made pre-2020, dunno about newer ones)

  5. Mr Reynard says

    IMHO even the Marx Brothers weren’t that funny ….

  6. April Preston says


  7. saoirse52 says

    Let’s hope this is the last time that these evil psychopaths will be meeting, ( outside of an armed courtroom )

  8. Kevin Barsi says

    And these are the good guys

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