The World’s Toughest Lockdown Has Resulted in the World’s Highest COVID-19 Death Toll

Once hailed as a Covid “success story,” Peru is now the Covid case study that lockdown advocates no longer want to discuss

Once hailed as a COVID-19 “success story,” Peru is now the COVID-19 case study that lockdown advocates no longer want to discuss. Lima is on pace to surpass Belgium (another strict lockdown country) sometime next week as having the world’s highest COVID-19 deaths per million. So why is no one talking about it?

Pandemic panic promoters have been quick to criticize neighboring Brazil for its leadership’s more relaxed policies towards the virus, but they’ve been noticeably absent in discussing Peru. That’s because Peru implemented arguably the earliest (for their region) and strictest lockdowns in the entire world, along with several attempted suppression measures with the hopes to contain the virus, and none of it worked.

For months on end, Peruvians were largely forbidden from leaving their homes. The country began its lockdown like many others, by cutting itself off from the rest of the world, closing its borders to outsiders, and shutting down the nation’s economy and society. Similar to policies seen in U.S. lockdown states and Europe, only “essential” businesses were allowed to be open. Peru then took the shutdown a step further. The military has enforced a nationwide mandatory 10pm-4am curfew (some cities have lengthened the curfew to 8pm-5am), most “essential” stores are only open for a handful of hours a day (most grocery stores close at 3pm), and citizens face extreme penalties and legal consequences for failing to abide by the rigid restrictions.

Even the pro-lockdown mainstream press, from the BBC, to The Wall Street Journal, to The New York Times, has acknowledged that Peru has had one of the strictest, if not the toughest lockdown in the world.

In addition to the lockdown, Peru implemented a universal masking mandate in its attempt to “stop the spread.” The country has even gone as far as to mandate the use of face shields on public transportation in some cities, including the capital city of Lima.

Whether it was lockdown, face shields, masks, military curfews, and countless other human interventions, none of it is working. Similar to nations on its equatorial plane, Peru is facing a new surge in cases, and a resulting jump in COVID-19 deaths. Peru’s excess deaths this calendar year is now among the highest worldwide.

Instead of learning from their mistakes, and admitting that the lockdown failed and the several suppression measures undertaken were a catastrophic error, Peru is doubling down on the madness. Last week, the country reimposed and tightened nationwide curfews. The new curfew prevents any citizen from leaving their home on Sundays.

Tragically, the lockdowns will result in even more excess suffering for a nation that does not have the fiscal or medical capacity to handle its side effects. Unlike much of Western Europe and the United States, Peru is much poorer per capita and does not have quality healthcare available to all of its citizens. Most country healthcare rankings systems place Peru firmly in the bottom half of nations when it comes to both capacity and standards. This reality has undoubtedly contributed negatives to Peru’s epidemic.

Here in the United States, we have the benefit of a robust economic engine and sophisticated healthcare system that will help us recover from the lockdown madness. Peru does not have the same luxury, and their COVID-19 data continues to show the tragic consequences of implementing self-destructive shutdown policies.

Source: Substack

  1. Undecider says

    Joe Biden supports the government of Peru.

  2. restless94110 says

    More proof positive that Peru is the worst place on Earth.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      amerikan racism

      1. restless94110 says

        cechas estúpidas

        1. cechas vodobenikov says

          pizdet amerikanski…durak
          payaso—no sabes nada…no me friegas

          1. restless94110 says

            Gooba gooba, tooba tooba. ooga boioga ooga. nugies

  3. quick draw mcgraw says

    I can understand this plandemic nonsense in America, but how did they get the rest of the world to jump on the idiocy bandwagon? It is a virus less lethal than most flus.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says

      unknown—likely worse-only slightly—many nations never declared martial law—and covid deaths far fewer than those that did

  4. Rowdy-Yates says

    I am shocked!

  5. ke4ram says

    The continuing saga of fake virus scam. Yes, folks, everybody screaming “We’re all gonna DIE!” from a virus that has a 99.5% recovery rate and about 50% don’t even have symptoms. Then the useless tests they use to promote the scam. A blood antigen test that triggers on any Corona (cold) virus and the infamous PCR which Kary Mullis,,, the inventor,,, said not to use it for Diagnostics. It’s so good it would probably throw out a positive from testing your pet rock.

    Then we have all the death scams,,, hit by a bus, corona, die of a heart attack, corona, motorcycle accident, corona! And now the cases, Cases, CASES scams. Obviously, to even the dumbest human, but not politicians, if you test more with your little shitty test kit, your gonna have more cases.

    One big circle jerk scamota! But notta matta. Folks donning cloth masks that will only make them sick, antisocial distancing standing on little lines, only so many in a store, one way aisles, and folks freaking out when spotting someone with some intelligence not sporting the diaper. They scream at them, run their shopping carts into them, punch them out, shop owners lock them in, police body slamming young girls on the ground choking them, smashing car windows then dragging them out, throwing hot coffee on them, and just all around showing what assholes humans can be.

    From the pictures above diapered military real men with guns patrolling empty streets, looking to kill someone out looking for food for their family, Idiots in level 4 bio suits administrating the useless tests, and curfews because we all know the bug comes out between 10pm and 6am.

    Here in the States of insanity they’re pumping mail in voting so humans won’t have to stand in line close to another obvious infected human as he coughs every now and then due to an allergy. The major world topic the big boys running for president is who should wear the sickness bandana and how many counterfeit dollars they can concoct out of thin air to help in the fight of the scam virus. Those 99.5% that recover or have no symptoms are obviously typhoid Marys and need the injections. These are to be mandatory as herd immunity is not possible with the scam virus. RFID chips and who knows what other “necessary” concoctions in order to walk outside your front door.

    I am hoping to go to the next world soon as it is embarrassing to be considered a part of this madness.

  6. Charles Homer says

    Here is an interesting article that looks at the methods that will be used to convince Americans that they need to accept a vaccine for the SARS-CoV-2 virus:

    It is very clear that the government is planning to use a “divide and conquer” strategy by using peer pressure to force us to accept what we may otherwise not accept willingly.

  7. David Bedford says

    The lockdowns are on purpose, the same shysters pushing vaccines are the same shysters pushing depopulation 1+1=2 it’s not that hard to figure out they are perpetuating mass murder using the ‘virus’ as their cover. All the politicians pushing this are the same politicians pushing wars around the world, it’s not too hard to figure out if you put on your thinking skills.

  8. Padre says

    “Here in the United States, we have the benefit of a robust economic
    engine and sophisticated healthcare system that will help us recover
    from the lockdown madness.”Is this some kind of joke?

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