‘The Winner From Russia Not Mobilizing Is the West’

"Ideal scenario for the West: Two parts of the Russian superethnos are bled to death"

Editor’s note: Russian pro-war commentator (he speaks of an “Ukrainian Reich”) argues Russia must embark on a total economic mobilization and a partial mobilization of manpower. He argues the great winner from Russia not doing so is the West which thus gets to enjoy the “ideal scenario” of Russian killing Russian in protracted bloody positional warfare.

Source: Военное обозрение (Military Review)

Machine translated from Russian.

Obviously, the Russian Federation is not in the best situation. The unfinished Ukrainian Reich is conducting one mobilization after another, already having an advantage in manpower. It is not a pity for Kiev and the collective West standing behind it to put tens, and possibly hundreds of thousands of Tarasovs and Mykols in the battle for Little Russia. There is little hope of an uprising in the rear of people distraught from losses and a humanitarian catastrophe. Ukroreich, though unfinished, but with strength enough to crush any spontaneous protest. They can also call on Polish punishers, which are already being prepared as part of the project of the new Commonwealth.

Kiev also has a powerful rear – the entire collective West, plus the allies of the United States and England from the east (Japan, South Korea, etc.). That is, there will be no problems with weapons, ammunition, ammunition, fuel for the army. Moreover, deliveries are increasing, and the Ukrainian regime is receiving more and more powerful and long-range weapons systems , including aircraft, helicopters, MLRS, anti-ship missiles, etc. And this threatens the Russian Federation with problems in the Black Sea, intensifying enemy strikes in the border areas.

The West also provided financial support for Kiev, since the Ukrainian economy would simply collapse in a war. That is, Ukraine plays the role of “cannon fodder” of the West, which is waging war with the Russian Federation with the help of the Ukrainian “ram”. An ideal scenario for the West: Russians from Greater Russia are at war with Russians — the Little Russians from Little Russia. Two parts of the Russian superethnos are bled to death. Little Russia, which ideally should become the most important part of the renewed Russia (conditionally the USSR-2 project), turns into Ruin (What to do with Ukraine).

The criminal Kiev regime and the West are quite satisfied that, first of all, the Donbass, which has preserved its Russianness, is being destroyed and the economic potential of the left-bank Little Russia is being buried under the blows of rockets, bombs and shells. That is, the human and economic potential of the regions that one way or another will first of all become part of the new Great Russia – Donetsk and Lugansk regions, Kherson, Zaporozhye and part of Kharkov region are being destroyed most of all.

What threatens “grinding the Armed Forces of Ukraine”?

While there is a slow “grinding” of the Donbass grouping of the enemy, with the inevitable losses of the Donbass militia and the RF Armed Forces, which may drag on, according to various estimates, for 3-4 months or until the end of the year, the enemy does not sleep.

Firstly, the enemy command creates a second-echelon army behind the Dnieper. New personnel units are not transferred to the Donbas direction. Marching reinforcements are sent there, territorial defense battalions – “cannon fodder”. The bulk of the heavy weapons arriving from the West also remain in the western part of Ukraine. Also, the enemy creates new “fortresses” and defense lines on the Dnieper line.

That is, when our troops defeat the Donbass grouping, there were losses (for example, experts report the complete depletion of the human reserves of the Russian Donbass), correcting the mistakes of the military-political leadership, generals of the peacetime era and the liberal, capitalist Russian Federation, then Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk will have to be stormed, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and Odessa, not counting Kiev and other centers of the Right Bank.

Secondly, we see that in the West, where they were previously strongly impressed by the power of the RF Armed Forces, propaganda did a good job, these illusions dissipated. Finland and Sweden are no longer afraid to become NATO members, on the contrary, they have accelerated the movement. Poland is just eager to fight, and by the fall we can already fight with the new Commonwealth (Ukroreich and Poland, plus the Baltic states), with the threat in the Kaliningrad direction and the involvement of White Russia in the war. Romania is beginning to work out the idea of ​​absorbing Bessarabia (Moldova) with a blow to Transnistria.

We also need to restore military units in the northwest direction (they were optimized in an era when they believed in a united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok) in order to fend off the potential threat from Finland and Sweden. There is a danger from Turkey – Syria, the Caucasus and Turkestan. Threat in Central Asia, for example, in Tajikistan. The threat in the Far East – Japan wants to take the Kuriles. That is, the Russian Federation cannot throw even the entire peacetime army into battle on the Ukrainian front. It is necessary to have troops in the Arctic, in the Baltic, to strengthen Belarus, to fend off threats in the south and east.

Thirdly, the prolongation of the conflict is extremely dangerous for the Russian economy, which, as it turned out, although all sensible experts sounded the alarm about it, is not ready for a war of attrition. And import substitution, as it turned out, failed. The economy is too dependent on imports and deindustrialized. At the same time, the Kremlin, in the conditions of the war with the West (!), as before, did not set a course for a new industrialization. The state continues to accumulate dollars and euros (essentially, paper) – windfall profits from the sale of oil and gas. Without investing in the construction of new and modernization of existing plants and factories, production lines, equipment, machines and machine tools. Big capital is still unwilling to invest in the country, withdrawing them to Turkey and the Arab monarchies. And the West is preparing a new major robbery of the Russian Federation – after the official default.

At the end of the year, GDP is expected to fall by 10% and another serious drop in household incomes. Decrease in purchasing power leads to further economic recession. The official strengthening of the ruble will not save. Prices are still rising. This leads to a change in public sentiment. Society and elites are getting tired of the special operation. Hurray-patriotism and hatred moods after a while will be replaced by slogans – “Down with the war.” The “elite” of the Russian Federation, formed in the era of Westernism, liberalism, cannot fight and win, it wants to live beautifully, to be part of the “developed world community”. Hence the desire to reach an agreement one way or another.

Mobilization and transformation of Russia

In general, people who are interested in victory and peace on Russian soil, and not in the next “treaty”, which one way or another will be in the interests of the West, have already shown many times what needs to be done.

First, set a decisive goal and achieve it. Recognize at all levels – from the official to the media and write in school textbooks that Russians and Ukrainians are one people, and Great and Little Russia are one power. That we were artificially divided after the defeat in the third world war (the so-called cold war). Now that the West has again started a war against us, we announce the reunification of Russia – Russia, the Russian superethnos. Accordingly, all Russian regions will be returned to the Russian world, Russified. “Ukrainian chimera” is subject to complete liquidation. All Ukrainian Nazis, new Bandera, war criminals, servants of the West, oligarch thieves will answer according to the law of war. All “wide” Ukrainians who do not want to recognize their Russianness should look for a new home in the Western world.

Secondly, without partial mobilization of a protracted war, an economic crisis in the Russian Federation, which threatens to develop into a scenario of unrest like 1917 or 1991. And the transformation of Little Russia into Ruin-2 cannot be avoided. 

The military-political leadership of the Russian Federation should carefully study the experience of World War II, the victorious campaigns of the Wehrmacht of 1939-1942, the Red Army of 1943-1945. In particular, to manage the operation and transfer the economy to a military footing, mobilization and new industrialization, create the Headquarters of the Supreme High Command and the State Defense Committee.

During the summer period, carry out partial mobilization, expanding the recruitment of contract soldiers and volunteers, calling on former military personnel and employees of law enforcement agencies, forming three Ukrainian fronts – northern, central and southern. The central front in the Donbas direction will continue to pin down the main enemy forces, while the Northern Ukrainian and Southern Ukrainian fronts will have the opportunity for powerful flank strikes, a breakthrough into the operational space.

The immediate strategic task: the liberation of the Left-bank Little Russia. Then – a breakthrough for the Dnieper, the liberation of the Kiev region, the remaining New Russia – Nikolaev and Odessa. As a result, our troops must liberate the entire territory of the former Ukrainian SSR, reaching the western border of the former USSR.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the power of the RF Armed Forces: to return the two-year term of military service; switch to a 4-platoon organizational structure of motorized rifle, tank , landing companies, companies of the marines and coast guard, artillery and mortar batteries; restore a number of previously optimized tank, motorized rifle and air divisions. Create your own units of territorial defense in the Ukrainian, Caucasian, Turkestan and Siberian-Far Eastern directions. In particular, to form real combat, with a run-in on the Ukrainian front, and not “masked” Cossack formations and units. It is possible that militia squads will be required in the border areas.

Thirdly, new industrialization. We need to build a new, modern economy. Multiform. Without corrupt officials, oligarchs-thieves and bankers-parasites.

From this follows the next super-task – the cultural, informational transformation of Russia. Westernism and liberalism are sent to the dustbin of history . The ideology of anti-fascism, confrontation with world fascism, the global mafia, which wants to destroy the Russian world. A bet on social justice, the best achievements of socialism (basic settings) in the field of the national economy, science and technology, education and healthcare.

Unfortunately, it is obvious that at first Moscow will still try to implement the “cunning plan”. Gradually smash Ukraine so that Kiev asks for peace. And dump Europe and the world as a whole into a new Great Depression through fuel and food crises. For Europe to be overwhelmed by crowds of hungry refugees from Africa and Asia. So that without cheap energy resources of Russia, the economic collapse of the West, social explosions in the well-fed countries of the “golden billion” would begin. As a result, to force the West or part of it (France, Italy, Germany, etc.) to an agreement. Like, you just have to wait, and nothing needs to be changed. And China will help in import substitution.

The problem is that all this will take place in the context of the continuation of hostilities on the Ukrainian front, the deterioration of the socio-economic situation in the Russian Federation. Possible new threats in the Caucasus, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Far East. A depression in the EU and the US will cover the world with new waves of severe crisis, which will also affect Russia. Who will collapse first?

  1. YakovKedmi says

    Oh dear ! Strelkov Girkin penetrated the “Military Review.” Or, have they read my comments in February and March ?

    The “Military Review” is also very careful to avoid asking/answering ‘how did we end up in this cluster failure ?’

    1. Abraham Lincoln says

      This site is now a pro Zio empire propaganda mouth peace.

      There won’t be any EU anything like the EU of today by the winter, probably no NATO either.

      Russia can’t get what it can’t make itself from China?? Wow its what use to be the West that can’t make what it needs and must get if from China!

      Russia is clearly and decisively winning the economic and financial war.

      Russia is now clearly winning the real war.

      The only area where the Zio empire is wining is the propaganda war with sites like this. This is starting to change as Zio UKi military loses increase.,

      When the economy of what used to be the West now conquered slaves of the Zio empire collapses this winter they will lose the propaganda war as well.

      Yes Russia has made mistakes who doesn’t, but the Zio empire has made 10 ten plus times more mistakes. Each new round of sanctions helps Russia and severely harms the Zio empire.

      The stupidity of the Zio empire has opened up unexpected opportunities for Russia China Iran to bring down the global Zio empire very quickly.

  2. Arraya says

    Who will collapse first?”

    I’d say the WEF is of the opinion of ‘Why not both’

  3. Nomon says

    It is a choreographed war, designed to help along the Great Reset via a prolonged conflict, prolonged sanctions, prolonged shortages, ever-greater poverty, and ever-greater autocracy. Russia has the same anti-human policies as the West: Central Bank Digital Currency, medical tyrrany, domestic surveillance, and the excuse of external enemies to enact oppression. The true faces of Russia’s oligarchs and siloviki are just as grotesquely pig-like, Animal Farm style, as their Western counterparts.

  4. Arraya says

    Where did Ukrainians come from!

    The development of the Ukrainian language is an interesting and controversial story. For some reason Russian authorities have periodically tried to outlaw it for 400 years going back to the early 1600s

    You can find these types of quotes going back for a LONG time
    Dugin, 1997 “Ukraine should be annexed by Russia because “Ukraine as a state has no geopolitical meaning, no particular cultural import or universal significance, no geographic uniqueness, no ethnic exclusiveness”
    26 February, Surkov stated that “there is no Ukraine. There is Ukrainian-ness. That is, a specific disorder of the mind. An astonishing enthusiasm for ethnography, driven to the extreme.” Surkov went on to claim that Ukraine is “a muddle instead of a state. […] But there is no nation. There is only a brochure, ‘The Self-Styled Ukraine’, but there is no Ukraine.”

    “What Russia Should Do with Ukraine” (Russian: Что Россия должна сделать с Украиной, romanized: Chto Rossiya dolzhna sdelat’ s Ukrainoy),[a][1] is an op-ed article written by Timofey Sergeytsev [uk] and published by the Russian state-owned news agency RIA Novosti.[2] The article calls for the full destruction of Ukraine as a state and the Ukrainian national identity in the ambit of the denazification of the latter. 2022

    Aleksandr Dugin, a philosopher , geopolitical strategist and professor at Moscow State University, “We should clean up Ukraine from the idiots,” he wrote on his Facebook. “The genocide of these cretins is due and inevitable… I can’t believe these are Ukrainians. Ukrainians are wonderful Slavonic people. And this is a race of bastards that emerged from the sewer manholes.”

    “Already long before the Ukraine crisis, at an April 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest, Vladimir Putin reportedly claimed that “Ukraine is not even a state! What is Ukraine? A part of its territory is [in] Eastern Europe, but a[nother] part, a considerable one, was a gift from us!”

    1. Nom de Plume says

      Behind the obligatory mask of chauvanistic rhetoric – a bit of honest ‘soul seaching’ has broken through? Is the author sincerely seeking ‘that which is best’ for his/her nation/nationality/ethnos – or simply beseeching a history devoid of any power to impact the present

      to come to the rescue of a Rus with no recourse? Hard to “know” of course. But guesses are allowed; combine the following –

      “There is a danger from Turkey – Syria, the Caucasus and Turkestan. Threat in Central Asia, for example, in Tajikistan. The threat in the Far East – Japan wants to take the Kuriles. That is, the Russian Federation cannot throw even the entire peacetime army into battle on the Ukrainian front. It is necessary to have troops in the Arctic, in the Baltic, to strengthen Belarus, to fend off threats in the south and east.”

      “Two parts of the Russian superethnos are bled to death.”

      Old demons are wakening. Before the long, brutal crushing of the ‘turkmen’ nomads to the south and east of Muscovy the Principality… the world was a cruel and dangerous place for boyars. Boundaries were rolled back, space gained, the “Russian superethnos” was able to breath for a space.

      Who is this “Russian superethnos?” Sons of “Rurik”, Northmen, other fantastical myths and legends? Mad fantasies. Ukraine is the distillation of centuries long blending – turk, mongol, alan, frank, teuton, greek, & ashken – all together, all the time. For a long time. “Slav” is almost a ‘substratum’ beneath them all – so complete has been the mixing of dna. Likewise with the religious side of things – karaite, ortho-greek, catholic, ortho-rus, talmudist, tengrist, animist, muslim, and a few dozen sectarian offshots of the bunch of em – bundled into a mix which might even have worked – had they been left alone by outsider interlopers.

      Not to be. The last authentic expression of that amazing coalition of humankind took to their saddles to break the myth of ‘red army’ invincibility – and then broke the ‘white armies’ which the same banksters as funded the red, sent in to destroy each other too! (You see! This is but a repeat performance of a hundred years hence “plot against the – he heh he – Russian superethnos!”)

      Those Black Flag militias showed what could be done – if left alone long enough to face each enemy one by one. But the forces of international finance capital – whether in their ‘capitalist’ or ‘commie’ guise will never let such a threat surface again. The ‘will to exist’ must be crushed this time – and their enforcers in Moscow & DC have been given the command to make it so!

  5. Pink Unicorne says

    Russian high command seems to lack basic math literacy these days. Russia accounts for 1/4 of total traded oil&gas top. How exactly do you hallucinate yourself into being the most important seller? Heck, if Russia truly wants to devastate world economy, nuking the Persian Gulf would be a better bet.

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