The War on the ‘Unvaccinated’ Is a Desperate Attempt to Destroy the Control Group

I wanted to turn your attention to a side by side comparison map comparing the COVID pandemic of last year to this year. It is a true “photo is worth a million words” tweet from Rational Ground’s Woke Zombie:

The symmetry is indeed amazing. And the conclusion, after over 600 days of COVID Mania, could not be more clear.

Not a single “public health expert”-hailed mitigation or suppression measure, including the COVID shots, has done anything significant to solve the reality that lots of people get sick during their area’s annual respiratory season. This global war on a virus is going about as well as the War on Afghanistan went when it came to eliminating the Taliban.

The lockdowns failed to stop a virus.

The universal masking regime failed to stop a virus.

The millions and millions of societal restrictions and business closures failed to stop a virus.

And now it’s become pretty clear that the highly-touted “miracle”  mRNA shots are failing to stop a virus.

Instead of accepting this reality, world governments are doubling, tripling, and quadrupling down on the madness. Despite incredibly high compliance rates, with an estimated 7.5+ billion COVID shots delivered in arms, the mRNA “cure” has not lived up to its admittedly impossible-to-achieve standards.

In the span of 6 months, we went from:

“You’re not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations”

And  “vaccinated people don’t get the virus and don’t get sick”

And “all three vaccines are 100 percent effective against hospitalization and death”

To our current reality of another season of lockdowns, restrictions, and the usual, nonsensical “public health measures.”

7.5+ billion shots later, those of us who’ve followed the data closely have found out that all of the aforementioned statements, endorsed by the most renowned Government Health officials in the world, were complete nonsense. Weapons-grade nonsense. They were nowhere near remotely close to even representing a scintilla of truth.

Today we know that the shots serve as something akin to a potential 6-9 month prophylactic with unknown long-term side effects. The expiring efficacy, which was best observed through first-mover nations like Israel and Ireland, brought about the booster shot regime, but no recognition from world governments that the shots seem to be expiring. The boosters have been sold under this weird idea that you can get “extra protection,” even though you’ve been told you were already “fully vaccinated.”

Government Health officials and major pharmaceutical companies have leveraged these half truths, as part of a CYA campaign for elected officials, and a money grab for Pfizer, Moderna, and those interested in injecting 5 year olds with expiring experimental shots.

And the booster, which is the exact same formulation as the original shots, unsurprisingly seems to have the same lack of virus-killing power as the first two shots.

But you and I, we’re not the majority here, sadly. Those of us who are thinking clearly about this issue are a growing coalition, but we still face an uphill battle.

World governments, with the assistance of Big Tech, have convinced the masses, without any legitimate evidence, that it’s the  “unvaccinated” who are responsible for our continuing COVID problem.

Check out the logic used by the leader of Austria, the first Western country to mandate COVID shots on the entire population.

“Increasing the vaccination rate — and I think we’re all in agreement on this — is our only way to break out of this vicious cycle of viral waves and lockdown discussions for good,” Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg, who has imposed a nationwide lockdown on his country, told the media this weekend. “We don’t want a fifth wave, we don’t want a sixth and seventh wave.”

Schallenberg is lying and he knows it. The shots will not prevent another wave of sickness. These “waves” are simply the reality of a seasonal respiratory effect that happens every single year. The global ruling class have been lying to the masses for a long time. They’d rather not admit to all of these sunk costs, so the political elite will continue to uphold the myth that the COVID shots are still some kind of magic bullet that they are not.

Those who did not comply from the beginning of COVID Mania serve to pose the biggest threat to the power of these maniacal politicians. That’s why they’re attacking us so ferociously. The political elite pretend as if they care about COVID, but it’s not the virus that is keeping them up at night. It’s those pesky individuals who refuse to bend the knee – those are the ones in the crosshairs. The control group is the biggest threat to the people in power. They simply can’t survive the political ramifications of a control group outperforming the citizens living under the weight of destructive COVID Mania mandates and societal edicts.

Source: The Dossier

  1. Ying Jun says

    Scandemic brought on by the Freemason Satanists to create a New World Order. Look on YouTube for the trailer to “Gray State” film. Freemason Satanists also caused 9/11 to bring in NWO. After Bush Senior signed Noahide Laws in March 2011, in September on the 11th Twin Towers felled. From then on, people have to go through humiliating security checks to travel. Freemason Satanists have infiltrated all levels of society from the Pope, politicians, judges, celebrities etc…Wake up people and push back. Refuse the poison jab. They are trying to introduce digital currency, digital vaccine passport, digital ID etc…Your life is no longer yours to determined.

    1. Ying Jun says

      Go and fk yourself.

    2. XSFRGR says

      Dude, you’ve lost it !! The average age of a Freemason is over 60, and the average Lodge is starving for member, and money. I’ve been a Mason for over 20 years, and I’m pretty much at the top of the state food chain; there isn’t anything going on. However, if you want to find out all you have to do is petition a Lodge, and become a Brother.

      Freemasonry: Making good men better for over 300 years.

      1. Mitch says

        You obviously weren’t corrupt enough or sociopathic enough to garner attention from the high degree Freemasons. No one “joins” the Illuminati. You are born into it or you aren’t. Is a birthright. The Masons at your little lodge probably do some good things for the community, so kudos for that.👍

        1. XSFRGR says

          There is no Illuminati, and has’t been for several hundred years. The Illuminati, and the evil Masons are just a scary story used to frighten children. So where does that leave you.

          1. Dave says

            Several hundred years????.. lol. Mate, you don’t even know what you’re talking about Freemason SHILL. How about Fuck OFF, your kind and your days are coming to an end. Long live REAL COMMUNAL HUMANITY. You’re in soooo much trouble when the rest of wake up and realise how you’ve been lying, cheating and stealing our lives away. Lololol

            1. XSFRGR says

              So tell me Dave or Mitch or whoever you are, how does it feel to appear foolish ???

            2. Quartermaster says

              Dave is correct.

            3. XSFRGR says

              About what ??

    3. Chacko Kurian says

      You are right. The NWO or the luciferian elite. The very top have sold their souls to Lucifer, the rest are just useful idiots. Controlled through the usual temptations that beset the human-money, power, sex etc.

  2. William White says

    Excellent article, thank you!

    1. Chacko Kurian says

      Today I’m gonna tell you of a place where money drops down from the sky. You don’t have to work at all. Please apply to:
      Lucifer, Hades/Hell. No stamp required.

    2. Chacko Kurian says

      Sorry William White, that response I made was for the scammers who were posting their money making schemes. I’m not sure how my response got directed to you. My sincere apologies. Those scammers posts have been removed.

  3. Rebel Forever says

    Mules love corn and cows love grass, but the Covid Police can KISS MY ASS!

    1. david i carter says

      LMFAO,gonna remember that one,and use it too,THANKS.

  4. ken says

    Same old!

    The manufactures, CDC and WHO have all come out months ago saying the clot shots do NOT prevent ANY disease nor do they STOP THE transmision. Months and months ago!

    From what I gather the “boosters” are the same thing so Einsteins theory of insanity applies.

    So,,, for the learning disabled among us,,, this means The jabs NO WORKEE.

    Apparently the jabs are much better at destroying memory than destroying the fantasy island virus. de virus,,, de virus!

  5. edwardi says

    Halleluah, great information. Couldn’t be more clear. Always remember what the inestimable and incredible mind G.W. Bush once said, ah ‘ Fool me once, and ah, shame on you, and fool me twice and, ah, you know the thing.’ I am copying this article as part of a stack from which with I can argue with fully vaccinated nurses and spouses at my turkey day gathering, with data and charts, whereas all they have to offer is the latest Dr. fauci said.

  6. edwardi says

    Huh ? Why are not the maps and data showing up on the print out ? Not worth printing out w/o it.

    1. Kieran says

      why printout. just save the article link also share the link

  7. guest says

    It is a good article —it would be if there actually were something (like a Wuhan-bat flu) that is going around and making people sick. So far, the promoters of this epidemic concept couldn’t provide enough evidence in a court of law to convict the Wuhan-bat flu of causing anything, much less a planet-wide epidemic.

    (So far every death blamed on covid happened after hospital treatment.! has any of you heard of anyone who died at home ?)

    1. Kieran says

      you’ve hit the nail on the head!! that’s what they found out in India. Most deaths took place in hospitals. Stay at home, get some generics prescribed by your local GP and presto, you’ll recover in no time NO MATTER your age group

    2. Dale says

      Wholesale panic turned hospitals into killing zones.

      1. Raptar Driver says

        I think they were always that.
        If they have the balls to do such a thing as faking a virus pandemic then they could have faked the cancer pandemic and aids and many other things.

  8. Eric the Red says

    We’re battling a religion, whose Holy Writ consists of all the pretty lies that were cleverly told at the outset of this scamdemic. Now that we have facts and truth to counter those lies, the religious adherents who’ve already been consecrated by Rite of Vaccination are not going to want to listen. A lie can travel halfway around the world and etc.

    BTW, I’m more than a little pissed off by articles such as this. They never make any mention of what I consider to be solid unadulterated fact, specifically that asymptomatic unvaccinated people have NEVER, not once, been proven to be contagious. To me, that point, and ONLY that point, should be the primary central locus around which we construct each and every single argument against this tyranny.

  9. Chacko Kurian says

    Dear Admin:
    When you delete scammers’ comments, please also delete the readers responses to them. Otherwise, the response gets directed to the wrong people!
    Thank you.

  10. blueyblogger says

    Do NOT petition any lodges….BURN the bastards to the ground!!!
    ALL Freemasons deserve to get back what they forced upon the public.

  11. Neil Sutherland says

    The only problem with this article is the denial of an open ‘conspiracy’. By reading their documents, we know their names, we know their plan, we know their means. Everyone from state/country Presidents and Prime Ministers down is a teleprompter script reader. There is a global ‘lockstep’, with every state official in the world ‘coincidentally’ saying the same thing at the same time. The only exception is that various states are doing different ‘beta tests’. Although they already have historical data from Cambodia, Rwanda, etc., they need to test the public’s reaction to each new step, and make some modifications before the global rollout. Also, white Christians are marked for death, extermination.

  12. Quartermaster says

    “… a potential 6-9 month prophylactic with unknown long-term side effects.”

    This is patently false. We know what the long term side effects are, and, combined with the known problems that appear quickly, the prognosis for anyone taking one of the vaccines is grim. Anyone taking one of the vaccines is playing with their life.

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