The War for the Build-Back-Better Digital Biometric Wallet ID

It's taking place right now

Saving or enslaving humanity?

SPR and other independent geopolitical analysts have been warning since the early days of the coronavirus pandemic that the pandemic might be used as a pretext or catalyst to impose a global digital biometric identity system, introduced as “vaccine passports”, that may later be expanded into a Chinese-style “social credit” population control system.

In particular, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden warned already back in March 2020 of the “permanent destruction of rights” and the creation of an “architecture of oppression”. Japan-based geopolitical analyst, James Corbett, highlighted the fact that governments around the world have been busy building extensive technical infrastructure that is unlikely to get dismantled anytime soon.

While “vaccine passports” have of course been entirely ineffective and indeed counterproductive at the medical level, this doesn’t really matter at the strategic level, if their primary strategic purpose is to introduce QR-based or even RFID-based identity systems that may later be linked to other personal health and financial data as well as to digital currencies and payment systems.

A Global Campaign

Indeed, in February 2021, digital identity lobby group ID2020, funded by the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, created the “Good Health Pass” collaboration that currently includes 125 member corporations from the fields of technology, health, transport and payment systems. In September, the collaboration urged US President Biden in an open letter to “recognize the need for verifiable digital health passes as a precursor to large scale vaccination and testing mandates.”

In August, the WHO published a document, sponsored by the Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation, detailing technical specifications for the global implementation of “vaccine certificates”, as outlined already back in March 2020 by Bill Gates himself. Of note, the five WHO project managers developing the technical specifications previously worked for the Gates Foundation or the Rockefeller Foundation or for other projects funded by one of these foundations.

French government and defense industry contractor, Thales Group, described “vaccine passports” as “a precursor to digital ID wallets, offering citizens unparalleled convenience and security.”

In the European Union, which had been planning the introduction of “vaccine passports” since 2018, EU Commission president von der Leyen argued that the EU “must consider mandatory covid vaccinations”, despite the fact that EMA still hasn’t fully approved the vaccines, and the use of all of these vaccines has already been suspended or restricted in several countries over safety concerns.

In general, the fact that millions of “unvaccinated employees” are threatened with losing their jobs – regardless of their actual immunity status and the fact that natural immunity provides far better protection than vaccination – is another indication that strategic objectives appear to be more important than actual medical or epidemiological considerations. For instance, English care homes recently had to suspend 50,000 unvaccinated employees, jeopardizing the care of 30,000 residents.

Sweden and Russia

The global nature of this campaign might explain why even in a country like Sweden, which has managed the coronavirus pandemic without any major restrictions, the government in November suddenly decided to introduce “vaccine passes” for some indoor events (even excluding recovered people). In fact, Sweden might quickly turn from a bastion of lockdown resistance into a pioneer of “more secure and easier” RFID-based identity systems (i.e. implantable microchips).

Finally, the Russian Federation, seen by some as a geopolitical alternative to the Western system, is also rapidly moving towards vaccine mandates and national QR “health passes”. The main difference appears to be that in Russia, vaccine certificates are more likely to be fake – despite the fact that Russia has already reached a total pandemic excess mortality of about one million people.

Overall, it looks like many governments are focused not primarily on a rational and evidence-based response to the pandemic, but on maintaining the narrative of a heroic fight against the pandemic and “the unvaccinated” – a narrative that may later be written into history books. The digital identity agenda is using this “public health” narrative as a shield to neutralize or break resistance.

Opposition and Protests

Nevertheless, in many countries significant civilian, political or legal resistance has formed against the introduction of vaccine mandates and “vaccine passports”. Many Western countries have been seeing some of the largest political protests in decades, though often ignored, downplayed or vilified by corporate and government-controlled media (see social media channels below).

However, in contrast to general strikes or civilian “color revolutions”, mere protests have often been rather ineffective politically. In fact, an Australian professor, writing on the Global Agenda blog of the World Economic Forum, recommended framing “vaccine passports” as “freedom passes” to “divide the opposition” while simply ignoring “noisy protestors” (the article was later removed).

In some countries, though, opposition to vaccine mandates or “vaccine passports” has reached the highest political or judicial sphere. Some notable examples include the United States, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, some Eastern European countries, and Brazil.

In the US, federal judges have blocked or suspended four of five national vaccine mandates that would have affected federal employees, government contractors, companies with more than 100 employees, and most healthcare workers. In addition, several US states have prohibited the use of “vaccine passports”. On the other hand, states like New York have enacted far-reaching vaccine mandates, and foreign national air travelers to the US are required to be “fully vaccinated”.

In Canada, the Premier of Ontario had to rescind a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers, admitting that it would have resulted in the “potential departure of tens of thousands of health-care workers.” On the other hand, the Canadian government recently made “full vaccination” a mandatory requirement for all air and rail travel (beginning at age 12) – again ignoring the medical evidence that vaccination simply doesn’t prevent infection and transmission.

In Spain, federal courts have rejected several proposals to introduce regional or national “vaccine passports”, calling them “ineffective and unconstitutional”. Spanish courts also declared the 2020 lockdowns as unconstitutional and ordered the government to return all fines to citizens. However, some regional “covid passport” schemes have recently been approved by Spanish courts.

In Switzerland, there recently was a national referendum on “covid passports”. While citizens below 40 mostly rejected them, citizens over 65 overwhelmingly supported them, having been told by the government that they would help protect them. Thus, the new law was accepted by 62% overall.

In some Eastern European countries, interest in covid vaccines was so low that governments had to suspend their vaccination campaigns, despite some of the highest covid death rates in the world. On the other hand, the Baltic state of Lithuania introduced one of the strictest “covid passport” schemes in the world. In Croatia, 2500 former military and policemen have formed a “volunteer battalion”, to “send a message to the ruling party that they oppose vaccine passports.” (video)

In Brazil, president Bolsonaro appears to strongly oppose “covid passports”, having described them as a “leash” and adding that “I would rather die than lose my freedom.” However, it looks like Bolsonaro has limited influence over some major cities like Rio de Janeiro, which have decided to introduce a vaccine mandate for various places, including tourist attractions.

Overall, it seems evident that this is a fight not over some public health policy technicalities, but over fundamental political conceptions and the future of Western and indeed global society.

Covid: A “Plandemic”?

Does the “vaccine passport” strategic agenda indicate that the coronavirus pandemic itself is in fact a pre-planned “plandemic”, engineered simply to enforce global biometric identity systems while claiming to protect citizens from a virus? From a purely scientific perspective, this indeed remains a distinct possibility. The genetic evidence shows that the novel coronavirus is likely lab-engineered (about 90% probability). Such a lab-related scenario is consistent with either a Chinese lab leak (similar to many previous lab leaks), or with a premeditated release disguised as a Chinese lab leak (similar to the 2001 “anthrax letter” operation, already linked to covid), or some combination thereof.

International protests

Dedicated social media channels that cover international pandemic-related protests:

  1. Live World (56k subscribers)
  2. Anonyme Citoyen (64k subscribers)
  3. Nicole Elisei (26k subscribers)
  4. Radio Genova (21k subscribers)
  5. IAC Israel (1k subscribers)
  1. ken says

    The problem in the world as I see it is many believe the fairy tale virus exists,,, many just use it to make a buck and both could care less how many end up injured or dead since the entire exercise is for power and depopulation,,, something many articles hint at but are too cowardly to actually say, fearing gov/medical system reprisal.

    A article on Rockwell explains what I have been saying for two years. Since anything a pleb like me says is considered neither here not there I thought this well laid out article would help those sitting on the fence. It’s a bit long but very, very informative,,, most of all, facts!

    1. Maiasta says

      Agreed. The ‘virus’ enables the perpetual stringing-out of this whole narrative. Whenever one “solution” is seen to fail, it’s inevitably blamed upon another mythical variant is inevitably wheeled out (a variant of something that was never demonstrated in the first place!). It’s disappoingting that Swiss Propaganda research cannot see through this, especially when their work has been so stellar in every other respect.

      Global research, on the other hand (the source of your Lew Rockwell link) has been spot-on over this issue. I think Chossudovsky’s rigorous scientific attitude combined with his long experience in pulling apart false flag events have allowed him to see right through it. His site was also one of the very few radical left sites to give positive coverage of La Quinta Columna and their work on graphene oxide.

      All of the virus-believers should address the Statement on Virus Isolation by Kaufman, Cowan and Fallon. Until they can address this critique on viral isolation, they really should stop yammering on about chimeras, gain of function, lab leaks and so on.

      As a meet-me-halfway measure, they could start by reading from the mainstream virologist Karin Moelling and her superb 2017 work “Viruses: more friends than foes“.

  2. Sally Snyder says

    Here is a study which compares the infectiousness of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals:

    This research is not particularly good news for the ending of government restrictions on our behaviour. Universal lockdowns here we come yet again.

    1. ken says

      This is what I mean in my post above,,, Sally’s post insinuates the virus is real when in ‘fact’ the virus does not exist. You can’t seem to stop this stuff. Everyone talks science then ignores the science completely.

      You cannot create a working vaccination when you do not have the actual sequence of an actual virus. The Sars 2 virus is a simulation. Insilico in CDC speak. It does not exist.

      1. Ultrafart the Brave says

        “Sally’s post insinuates the virus is real when in ‘fact’ the virus does not exist.”

        The key to the whole charade is the fake PCR test.

        Anything over 25 cycles generates a convenient “outbreak” wherever and whenever the “authorities” require one. They “detect” that naughty Corona Chan virus in anyone and anything, even though there’s not actually anything there to detect.

        Australia’s “authorities” have been very deliberately using between 40 – 45 PCR test cycles from day one, and still are. This despite the American CDC and the WHO admitting months ago that the PCR tests are f*cking useless and spew out false positives (ie, it’s a fake test, and everyone in a position to know already knows this).

        Even more curious, here in Australia, the same fake PCR tests are used to “detect” the original Corona Chan, the “deadly Delta variant” and now the scary “Omicron variant” (which South African doctors have repeatedly stated is just a harmless throat cold) – even though the Australian PCR test laboratories have publicly admitted that the PCR tests have never been recalibrated for any “variant” and don’t actually identify whatever it is that they’re supposedly “detecting”.

        Folks, this isn’t “science” – it’s not even science fiction, even a typical B-Grade movie like 8-Legged Freaks is more plausible with less holes in the plot.

        The alleged Corona Chan “pandemic” is a storm in a teacup – they basically just hijacked the regular old influenza bug and every other mode of disease and mortality (including traffic accidents and gunshot wounds) and rebadged it as Corona Chan, and incidentally use the fake PCR test to choreograph the staged “outbreaks”.

        That’s how Corona Chan rolls in Australia. As our “health authorities” like to publicly declare, this is what the “New World Order” looks like.

        Now they are trying very hard to rebadge the very real and deadly effects of the fake “vaccines” as new Corona Chan “variants” to leverage more hysteria and push an endless cycle of “booster shots”. Seems to be a workable strategy, seeing as how the hospitals are now filling up with the sick and dying “vaccinated”.

        It’s not “science”, it’s mass psychosis, and it’s being meticulously managed by a cabal of Satanic Globalists to accomplish our progressive extermination across nations and across the planet.

    2. Maiasta says

      Ken is correct that this entity does not exist outside of computer modelling. But even if it did, it would be irrelevant. The real-world actually-existing “viruses” are called exosomes. And there is nothing pathogenic about them. Rather, these extracellular vesicles serve as messenger systems, transfering nucleic acids amongst our own bacterial colonies, along with a great many other functions. “Infection”, however, is not one of those functions. We have been hoodwinked into viewing viruses as if they were microbes (with some kind of independent existence) but seeing a particle go inside a cell (endocytosis) does not imply any knowledge of what goes on once its inside. This idea of a virus “hijacking” cellular machinery is just that: an idea.

      Here is a far more realistic picture of the reality, by an evolutionary biologist teaching in Madrid:

  3. Mr Reynard says

    REMEMBER ! Your money, in your pocket,is your money !
    Your money in the Bank is the Bank’s money !

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