The Virus Taliban “Lock Down” the Entire Country of New Zealand Because One Person Tested ‘Positive’ on a PCR

Jacinda shows the Taliban how it's really done

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a nationwide lockdown after the country confirmed one coronavirus case — the first locally transmitted Covid-19 case in the community since February.

Ardern told a press conference Tuesday authorities were assuming it was the contagious Delta variant, although genome sequencing is still underway.

An unvaccinated 58-year-old man in the country’s largest city Auckland tested positive for the virus. The man had traveled to other parts of the country, and had obvious link to the border, Director General of Health Ashley Bloomfield said Tuesday.

New Zealand will be under the strictest level lockdown level for the next three days starting from 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, local time, Ardern said. Under level four lockdown, everyone must stay home and businesses are closed aside for essential services such as supermarkets and pharmacies.

New Zealand was last under its most serious lockdown level a year ago, Ardern said.

Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula — an area of the country’s North Island where the patient traveled — are likely to be under a level four lockdown for a week.

Neighboring Australia, which was also previously praised for its handling of the virus, has been battling its own Delta outbreak for the last few weeks. More than half of Australia’s population are in lockdown — and the country’s most populous city Sydney has been in lockdown since June.

Source: CNN

  1. tunamelt says

    Taliban better than Klaus Schaub and his merry band of corporate Bolsheviks.

    1. yuri says

      tuna brain melted—typical amerikan fascist

  2. ken says

    Past feeling sorry for them…. They are truly sheep. Apparently have the beaten wife syndrome and the men must squat when they urinate.

    By now everyone should know the PCR is bogus. They scream ‘the science’ but the inventor said it could not be used for diagnoses yet here we are.

    That woman and her government are clinically insane and a danger to society. They are totally out of control and need to be removed from office and locked up.

    1. Robert Fry says

      hi ken , no not many people in nz know pcr is crap , i talked to an intelligent man just as we were being locked down , he didn’t know about pcr , ivermectin , vaccine adverse reactions , or anything else one should know to understand where and why we are in this position . he was a teacher . media suppression of information the people should know is ubiquitous , our democracy is gone. and i don’t blame you for not wanting to feel sorry for us , i wouldn’t either . from the land of sheep Baaaaaaaa

    2. Ultrafart the Brave says

      The wheels are slowly turning. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has finally commenced the legal proceedings in Germany to eventually hold the global Corona Chan cabal accountable for their crimes, with class action lawsuits and prosecutions for crimes against humanity hoped to propagate around the world.

      Reiner Fuellmich Launches Legal Action Against the Corona Chan Cabal

      [ ]
      [ ]
      [ ]

      The question is, will this be sufficient to stop the madness, or will it all be too late?

      With all the excitement over the “vaccines” and the “deadly Delta variant”, most people have lost sight of the WEF’s “massive cyber attack” scheduled for later this year, which Klaus Schwab himself has proclaimed will be “like COVID-19 on steroids”.

      Stock up on non-perishable foods, water, medicines and other essentials, folks. Don’t put it off. We’re likely going to need them before this year is out.

    3. GMC says

      Here you go Ken – The List – I see Delta and the new one – coming to a neighborhood near you – from Peru – the Lambda virus. What a scam.

  3. Arius says

    Stupid as rocks. They overrun PCR cycles for a false positive then self-destruct with lockdown.
    Just stupid as rocks.

  4. silver9blue says

    What if they know the PCR test does not work. Then they are faking the need for lock downs to obtain some other purpose to take away freedoms, create peoples depressive states and the rest. Lock downs become a bogus operation but saying they are saving us all. Pretty mean.

  5. GMC says

    Boy, someone needs to tell Ms. jackal that there are many more viruses to come/scheduled and to cool her jets.

  6. Raptar Driver says

    That is what they get for having Irrational women make commands and rules for them.

    1. GMC says

      She worked in the British government before moving to Kiwi-land. We can definitely see the resemblance.

    2. yuri says

      “only in amerika is the father vestigial; the amerikan mind and conscience is feminine”. Geoffrey gorer…..this explains rat driver’s racism, inferiority

  7. Steve Kastl says

    Incompetent, insane, stupid; how do you describe NZ leaders? Exactly like USA leaders. Stupid, incompetent, ignorant,…..

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