The Vaccine Taliban Takes a Knee Before Kyrie Irving

mRNA fundamentalists couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag

Like most young blacks Irving wouldn’t get mRNA therapy for the grandma flu, so thanks to the Vaccine Taliban running New York he was barred from playing basketball in New York where his NBA team is based.

That still left him free to play road games in states not run by mRNA Fundamentalists, but the Vax Taliban running his team decided to blackmail him by also barring him from practicing with the team and playing away matches until he subjected himself to unnecessary and arbitrary mRNA treatments. 

Irving still wouldn’t get the shots that his employment contract never mentioned and so Brooklyn Nets vowed to keep the crazy anti-vaxxer on ice until he broke.

Except that yesterday, 29 games into the season, it was they who broke, announcing they will again have him train with the team and play in away games. Kyrie Irving 1, the Vaccine Taliban 0.

Ironically the reason they are bringing him back is that a huge number of their mRNA-treated players are forced to isolate as PCR positives, or contacts of PCR positives.

Irving would make the sacrifice and take the hit to his career for a principle. Brooklyn Vax said it was a bluff they were going to call, only it turns out it was they who were bluffing and weren’t willing to take the additional hit of not playing Irving away to prove a Vax Cult point.

The problem with the Vaccine Taliban is that overwhelmingly they are weak conformism-signaling normies without a single bone in their spine. They are worthless jelly-like sludge and therefore assume no one is too far from that. Not Irving. Irving is an actual man. You would have to pile up the sludgies 50,000 high before they could take on one real anti-vaxxer and win.

Their co-religionists are already losing their minds (or play-acting they are to signal sufficient levels of cult piety/conformism):

That’s right, it’s called having a spine. Try it one time, loser.

God bless the non-conformists. It is to them that we owe 100% of our freedom.

  1. ken says

    So how long does it take a person today to realize he’s playing a rigged game of Three Card Monte?

    A test rigged to find a fake virus and a vaxx that immunizes against freedom.

    So far two years and they ain’t caught on yet!

    1. Andrew Ho says

      Stockholm Syndrome? They have been brainwashed to the point that they literally rejected anything that remotely contradicts the narrative.

      1. Aardvark-Gnosis says

        Such is the case of historical human conditioning by the players of the Rockefeller Foundations dumb down foundation of state education, and the facsimiles of so called higher educational institutions that drown out the consciousness of creative critical though, and it’s intrinsic power of the human mind!

  2. Rebel Forever says

    Why Kyrie Erving plays this farce with the NBA is beyond comprehension. You’re a millionaire several times over! Tell the NBA, Biden, Fauci and Gates to stick that ‘vaccine’ right up their asses!

  3. MGC says

    Vincent Goodwill is clearly a small-time wanna-be dictator totting the line hoping for favors later.

    He’s also clearly an idiot.

  4. Pat says

    God bless the non-conformists. It is to them that we owe 100% of our freedom”

    Thats the best description i have every heard – well said

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