The US Is Now Using Sanctions Threat as a Weapon Against Compliance to Its Own Demands


Just as the US threatened countries buying Iran’s excess enriched uranium and heavy water could henceforth find themselves sanctioned, Iran proclaimed it will stop exporting them and will stockpile them and in the case of uraniaum, enrich it further instead.

In this way the Iran deal signatories (Germany, France, UK, Russia, China) are off the hook. Under the Iran deal they were obliged to buy Iran’s uranium and heavy water as a way of keeping Iran under the limits the US demanded. In other words, the Empire used the sanctions threat as a weapon against compliance to its own demands.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the full psycho level of this. Iran selling off these elements was never a concession to Iran, it was a concession to the US by Iran. Yet US threatened sanctions, including against its western allies, in order to make it more difficult for Iran and the other countries still in the deal to keep that concession to the Empire alive. Insane!

You know the idiots hanging out in parks in the evening who will ask you for a cigarette hoping you will say no so they will have the “excuse” to attack you? That’s what the US is now — if such idiots went out of their way to make it impossible for you to hand over the cigarette.

The calculation for the Hegemony is simple, if it prevents the signatories from taking the excess, Iran will exceed the agreed limits, and the Hegemony will go back to claiming it’s building nuclear bombs and proceed from there.

Instead Iran, which wants to see some return for its concession making, decided to increase the pressure on the Europeans itself. They have 60 days to start actually making some business in/with Iran as promised or Tehran will keep its uranium and heavy water, which until now has been mainly going to Russia. Incidentally that would also spare Russia possible further US sanctions.

  1. Gonzogal says

    “One of the most disturbing aspects of the past two years of Donald Trump foreign policy has been the assumption that decisions made by the United States are binding on the rest of the world. Apart from time of war, no other nation has ever sought to prevent other nations fromtrading with each other. And the United States has also uniquely sought to penalize other countries for alleged crimes that did not occur in the
    US and that did not involve American citizens, while also insisting that all nations must comply with whatever penalties are meted out by Washington.

    “The United States now sees itself as judge, jury and executioner in policing the international community, a conceit that began post World War 2 when American presidents began referring to themselves as “leader of the free world.” This pretense received legislative backing with passage of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987 (ATA) as amended in 1992 plus subsequent related legislation, to include the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act of 2016 (JASTA). The body of legislation can be used by US citizens or residents to obtain civil judgments against alleged terrorists anywhere in the world and can be employed to punish governments, international organizations and even corporations that are perceived to be supportive of terrorists, even indirectly or unknowingly. Plaintiffs are able to sue for injuries to their “person, property, or business” and have ten years to bring a claim.

    “The principle that Washington should respect the sovereignty of other states even when it disagrees with their internal policies has effectively been abandoned.”

  2. David Bedford says

    I have a funny feeling America is going to keep sanctioning Russia for new made up reasons

  3. John C Carleton says

    The is an exclamation for this insanity.

    Cognitive Dissonance.

    The Khazarian Mafia running USA/WASHINGTON DC, are starting to believe their own lies.

  4. silver749 says

    The modern day mafia written by empire. The EU countries say the JCPOA should be kept as long as they don’t have to keep the conditions agreed to. Sign people up to 40 hours a week but demand 60 with less pay.

  5. Gonzogal says

    When will the world start sanctioning the USSA???

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