Podcast: With Covid-19 Around Elliot Abrams Thinks He Can Finally Get Rid of Maduro in Venezuela

He can't

On FPF #473, I discuss the US attempts to exploit coronavirus outbreaks to overthrow governments.

In Venezuela, the US already has a ‘maximum pressure’ campaign going. The over a year-long campaign has failed to force the countries president, Maduro, from power, but has killed 10,000s of civilians.

Rather than seeing COVID as an opportunity for diplomacy and saving the lives of Venezuelans, the Trump admin is viewing it as a chance to force Maduro from power.

The scheme will likely fail, as all sanctions campaigns do. Maduro will likely be more empowered, and the politicians supported by the US will be marginalized as the people of Venezuela understand that their suffering is exacerbated by the US.

  1. james richardson says

    Something will have to be done about these people eventually.

  2. Jozo Magoc says

    What about to kill that zionist ash-ke-Nazi Abrams?

    1. james richardson says

      What a wonderful idea

  3. Al Carbone says

    that demonic jew bastard like a vampire in a coffin waited 35 years in obscurity to make a comeback to loot destroy and kill just like his devil god in the OT tells him to

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