‘The US Considers Itself to Be in a Win-Win Situation’

It's hard to see how *more* war between East Slavs doesn't benefit the Empire

From the copious output by US think tankers in the recent weeks, the US considers itself to be in a “win-win” situation. The Brookings Institute was plainly dismissive about Russia’s demands which it considered as too outlandish to merit consideration. The think tankers in Washington are pouring over Russia’s options in binary terms — an outright invasion of Ukraine or a limited incursion plus deployment of Russian troops to Donbas.

The latter option is given weightage in a report complied by the American Enterprise Institute and the Institute for the Study of War in Washington by a team of experts led by Frederick Kagan (husband of Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland).

It anticipates: “Putin will very likely deploy Russian troops into Belarus this winter… Such a move could dramatically increase the challenge NATO faces defending the Baltic States from future Russian attack because it would put Russian mechanised units on both sides of the narrow Suwalki Corridor through which NATO supplies and reinforcements to the Baltic States must run… And it would put additional Russian troops on the Polish border, increasing the threat to NATO’s eastern flank.”

Having publicised on December 17 its demand for written legally bound security guarantee, Moscow is now obliged to stick by it. The US assumption is that Putin is damned either way.

Indeed, if Putin backs down, it will be a massive loss of his public image as the “strongman”, which may even have implications for the 2024 presidential election in Russia.

Worse still, the West would be embolden to retain the option to continue with the present “salami tactic” — integrate Ukraine into the NATO incrementally while pushing military deployments right up to Russia’s borders. Bringing Russia down a few notches in its global standing suits American interests worldwide when it is feeling the heat of Moscow’s contestation in global politics.

Curiously, the US does not take the “China factor” seriously.  While there is no let-up in the US’ confrontational policy toward China and a Cold-War style confrontation is crystallising,  Washington is confident that Beijing will not exacerbate the crisis by risking a military flashpoint through 2022 with the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party due in the second half of the year. 

The consensus among US experts is that Chinese stagecraft almost exclusively focused in the coming months on consolidating President Xi Jinping’s legitimacy and power base within the party and country to steer through the CCP Congress his re-election for a third term, a momentous event in Chinese political history since Mao Zedong.

Herein lies the great danger: With the challenging mid-term elections due in November in the US, which Biden is almost certain to lose, he may visualise a political rebound by playing the Russia card, which enjoys bipartisan support. In strategic terms, the US’ transatlantic leadership also stands to gain.

The Kremlin leadership faces an existential dilemma. On the one hand, having waded into the midstream, turning back is difficult. On the other hand, the status quo may be seized by NATO to complete the unfinished business of training Russia to become a dancing bear. 

However, what is being blithely overlooked is that in Kiev, there is also a savage power struggle brewing, as the recent attempt by President Volodymyr Zelensky to lock up his predecessor Petro Poroshenko in jail on sedition charges suggests.

The Pandora Papers have revealed that Zelensky founded a network of offshore companies and his former business partner and employer, Ukrainian banking and media tycoon named Ihor Kolomoisky (who is also sanctioned by Washington) allegedly laundered $5.5 billion through a tangle of shell companies.

In September, in Kiev, someone tried to murder Serhiy Shefir, a friend and business partner who is believed to have created a network of offshore entities for Zelensky and others.

Meanwhile, the stink involving then vice president Biden’s son Hunter’s direct link to a Ukrainian corrupt company and its owner still pollutes the air. Forbes magazine recently wrote, “It’s consensus now that Hunter’s foreign relations have hurt American foreign policy in Ukraine.”

The internal and external political changes in Ukraine need to be taken seriously. They may turn out to be the “missing link” in the US narrative. Even if Biden Administration pretends not to notice, Moscow must be watching closely.

Source: Indian Punchline

  1. William Haught says

    How does turning over what is left of the nation to reich-wing wackjobs like Ted Crude and Tom Rotton improve the situation???? What is needed is a slandslide for real Democrats, not DINOs, who will then 25th Amendment Senile Joe.

    All the blabbering heads should be told to join the Azov Battalions or at least board the “NATO” Union State of Americanstan, Israel, and Perfidious Albion warships (those without nukes since we do not need something orders of magnitude worse than monkeys playing around with grenades), especially the dead weight media anchors and Congresscritters, or STFU.

  2. Pablo says

     The US assumption is that Putin is damned either way.” LOL!! Who in the US is saying this? The Neo Cons? For that matter, a good question to ask is, “Who is running things in US Foreign Policy?” It certainly isn’t Ol’ Joe Biden. He doesn’t know what day of the week it is. I suppose having Ol’ Joe as US President is somehow fitting. It’s a statement of how far the USA has declined. The USA has a decrepit, senile old fool who was a Political Wh#re for every Special Interest that would give him Money when he was in control of his mental capacity. The “Exceptional Nation”. LOL!! Well they are exceptional, but not for any worthy or desirable reason.

  3. GMC says

    I think we are in a Mexican standoff – for the time being, but Russia has the upper hand , without a doubt.They can level Ukraine and their Nato/US armies when the time comes. The Black Sea is all Russia, if they wish, they can sink everything in it.I hope Israels Navy is there standing up for Ukraine when the time comes, And the other 20+ countries that pledged allegiance to the Ukies.

    China’s in Control in Asia , hell, even the jews running So Korea are looking to unite with No. Korea for cheap labor and unify the country so they can go ahead of Japan , in regards to economies. They will end up being #2 in SE Asia, if this works. But something tells me that No Korea will ask the US to leave So. Korea before this happens. We will see what the Bankers have to say about this all.

    1. TZVI says

      Agreed on the Mexican Standoff, the question is who blinks first and makes peace beneficial to all, or who fires first and ignites fires in Europe? Also keeping in mind dirty tricks are part of the art of warfare one side may be forced into action…

      I beleive the USA feels it can Goad Russia into a limited conflict mostly in the Donbas, then apply more sanctions, and fully arm Ukraine, block Russian Gas ( sell more LNG), and isolate Russia from Europe…that is their idea of a “win win” situation.

      Russia knows this and might not make the conflict so limited…for Russia to “win” they need either real peace ( Autonomy in donbass as part of the Ukraine, protection for Russians living there, a treaty stopping Nato expansion) or real war ( take Kiev) ANYTHING short of this put the screws on Russia. The USA is betting Russia does not have the stomach to do so…

      Russia is making demands, as far as my knowledge goes the first time since the Cuban missile crisis, or the end of WWII…this is not a situation to take lightly.

      China is also a big factor, AKUS is still young, the time to take Taiwan is now, not when Australia has Nuclear subs with missiles to boot…will they do it when the US is distracted with Ukraine / Europe? Many think so…

      As for Korea, I wonder how South Korea can make up for Kim and Company giving up Ultimate God like power, money would not be enough, there would have to be some serious incentive. If they did unite, they would inherit quite a nuclear arsenal from the North. I would think the US would be opposed to that…like they have opposed re-unification efforts in general. Korea would be a serious regional power overnight.

      OTOH pardon my ignorance, I was not aware of a large Jewish presence in Korea, I found on the internet one cultural center, and one Chabad House, and a lot of transient Jews, mostly in the US military, some business people…that number maybe 1000 Jews…


      As far as I know Koreans, they are hardworking, hardcore people who love a good fight. I dont think they need any Jews to run their country, they do that themselves very well. 🙂

      1. GMC says

        Sorry TZVI, but I always link the Jews to the International central banking cartels that seem to be in the background of any country doin well – financially. And with 30,000 US troops still in S K , I always see them as the Banking Security force. Same as Japan, although 10 years ago the Japs did a real No No, and started to deal with Iran. That’s another story tho.

        1. TZVI says

          Not to say there no truth to Jewish people in banking, finance, and business. But also Medicine, Science, computing etc. Traditionally speaking any profession where you could make money and keep the Sabbath was encouraged.

          Looking at the Federal Reserve you had Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen ( now treasury)… the policy of the USA was going to inflate away debt, prop up the Dow Jones, regardless of the face in charge. I do not think it an accident they keep putting ethnically Jewish people on the pedestal.

          One of the worst things that happened in Europe and later former Ottoman lands, was when traditional Jewish courts were not allowed to whip evil doers, and Apostates were allowed to mingle and influence the rest of Europe. That is how we ended up with Marx, Bolsheviks, Conservative and Reform, and Zionist movements.

          Russia Suffered greatly under the Bolsheviks, and now the land of Israel is suffering under Zionism.

  4. Godfree Roberts says

    The consensus among US experts is that Chinese stagecraft almost exclusively focused in the coming months on consolidating President Xi Jinping’s legitimacy and power base within the party 

    US experts are as clueless about China as they were about the USSR. Xi has the support of 96% of Chinese, who form the only power base that matters.

    Nor is their support unwarranted. Here’s what Xi did in 2021:

    • Eliminated extreme poverty
    • Reached 98% home ownership
    • Kept Covid death rate at 0.6% of America’s. 
    • Grew the economy $2 trillion PPP, the fastest growth ever.
    • Became the richest country on earth.
    • Became the world’s biggest overseas investor.
    • Became the world’s largest movie market
    • Produced one new billionaire and 300 millionaires every workday. 
    • Completed new train lines in seven countries, including Laos’ first.
    • Ran 15,000 cargo trains to and from Europe, up 30% YoY.
    • Joined RCEP trade pact, with 30% of global GDP and of the world’s population.
    • Sold $140 billion retail online in 24 hours (Amazon’s record is $5 billion).
    • Launched the first central bank digital currency.
    • Dominated scientific research and issued the most patents of any country.
    • Built three exascale computers to win the Gordon Bell prize.
    • Built a programmable quantum computer 10,000x faster than Google’s Sycamore.
    • Operated the first integrated, 3,000-mile, commercial, quantumcommunications network.
    • Brought  online two gas-cooled Pebble Bed nuclear power plants. 
    • Fired up two thorium-fueled reactors, eliminating uranium from power generation.
    • Released a Covid treatment that reduces hospitalizations and deaths 78%.
    • Made 55% of global energy savings.
    • Generated 1 terawatt of renewable energy.
    • Installed one-million 5G base stations, giving Tibet better 5G service than New York.
    • Communicated between satellites via lasers, 1,000x faster than radio waves. 
    • Operated the world’s most powerful solid rocket engine, with 500 tonnes thrust.
    • Flew three hypersonic missiles around the planet. 
    • Released a fractional orbital bombardment missile from another missile at 17,000 mph.
    • Simultaneously commissioned three warships, becoming the world’s biggest navy.
    1. Pat says

      Amazing performance isn’t it – 

      Most in the “free world” dismiss the little yellow people but I just love to see China power ahead like this. There a great people and Mao has set them free …

    2. raymond lambert says

      I think these are only the ‘big’ achievments, but none will be aknowledged or reported in any MSM

    3. TZVI says

      “US experts are as clueless about China as they were about the USSR”

      Actually more so. The USA predicted the fall of the USSR.

      Xi has wide support, but to get to 96% it is necessary to have the “fear of Xi” put into the Chinese mind, near having total control over life and death, occupation ( wealth), travel and Media / Internet and speech will do that. Who are those brave but foolish souls of the 4% that say otherwise while residing on Chinese soil? (outside of the renegade province of Formosa).

      China is a spring wound tight. It has overtaken the USA and Europe as a center of value added production in almost every area, and has a very well organized and armed PLA, with many modern goodies, not just Hyper-Sonic missiles.

      China would be tough Nut to crack. The USA underestimated them in Korea, today they are much more prepared. I see the USA looking to contain China, I do not see that working out in the long term. Better minds need to come up with an solution that leads to cooperation and not conflagration.

    4. Anon says

      where do you get your information? does it come printed in a fortune cookie?

    5. Drapetomaniac says

      Any country/government can look good with massive deficit spending.

  5. steve kastl says

    The Rothschild/Soros think tanks only employ Talmudic sociopaths. Get Zionist money and Zionists out of our government as they are a cult only loyal to their billionaire paymasters, the Rothschilds. Modern Judaism is like Scientology. Both are cults, one very old and the other rather new.

    1. TZVI says

      “Modern Judaism” ignores the teachings in the Talmud. They are apostates ( period). Reform, Conservative, etc. cannot give testimony in a Jewish court on anything, don’t count for a Minyan ( prayer quorum of ten men), and many would have to convert to be accepted due to patrilineage and their own conversions.

      1. Anon says

        “Modern Judaism” ignores the teachings in the Talmud.’

        Ha ha…. presumably you are mistaken or a mossad operative..

  6. XSFRGR says

    Vlad, old buddy, just do it; get it in there, drive it home, and make it hurt just enough! You may feel a little guilty in the morning, but you’ll be smiling all day long. Men will respect you, women will tremble in your presence, and NATO will fear you forever.

  7. London says

    The people in Kiev who are pushing for conflict between Slavs are not Slavs. Nor are they Americans, Europeans, or Brits. Nor are the people in e.g. America who are pushing them. They are, or are connected with, the richest families in the world. But we have all fallen for it so many times, why not one more (final?) time.

    1. Drapetomaniac says

      Domesticated animals can’t disobey their masters because they will be punished.

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